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Description :

WiiCoverDownloader par Actar est une application Windows qui permet de télécharger les covers (jaquettes) de vos jeux Wii et GameCube il placera ces dernières directement là où il faut pour (dans) votre/vos loader.


Nécessaire :

PC with .NET 2.0 installed
Your devices with games and loader connected to your PC

Utilisation :

Start the program
Select the device where there are the Loader (are supported USB Loader GX, WiiFlow and Configurable USB Loader).
The application automatically check which Loader are present in the selected device
Now select the device where are stored your games.
Then start the Download and wait. :lol:
The application will download the images and then put in the correct folder for each Loader detected.

If you want to change the language, go to "Language preferences" and change it.
In case you have already modified/customized paths for covers in Loader settings, change them also in this appilication: "Loader Path Preferences".
You can see the used paths for games (Wii games, Gamecube and Emulated Nand) in the "Device Path Preferences". If necessary change them according to your needs.

v3.7 (28/04/2013)
Simply add a message while application read devices at startup

v3.6 (28/04/2013)
Fixed an issue in case of bad download (wrong MD5) for tools file from code.google

v3.5 (26/04/2013)
Added auto/detect of device at startup
Improved speed for check ID for Wii games
Added another path for Configurable USB loader boot.dol/boot.elf (some user have it on apps\usb-loader)

v3.4 (23/04/2013)
In previous version there was a not correct MD5 check for tools.zip, sorry.

v3.3 (23/04/2013)
Now WIT isn't more used: but now GC covers will be downloaded only if in Dios-Mios format ("device:games\ID\game.iso")
Fixed an issue with minimize button
Fixed an issue when selected an empty WBFS partition
Other little changes

v3.2 (17/04/2013)
Changed function for execute external program

v3.1 (10/04/2013)
Now application will take admin privileges at start-up

- tab-stop and tab-index corrected where necessary
- Changed function for check and verify titles (more faster)
- Also titles.txt will downloaded for selected gametdb language
- Code clean and some little fix.
- Now everything should be as I wanted: I hope you like it
- Until no one will report me a problem: NO MORE RELEASE. ;)

- wiitdb package will downloaded only for a determinate language, not for all

- Now also path for Loader is editable

- Removed changelog form application (more space for credits and info)
- Some little graphics change

- Removed use of dropbox (now all is hosted in google code page)
- Now application is multi-language

- Fixed an issue (reading wbfs partition) in previous release.

- Fixed an issue with devices having more than one partition (and one of this with WBFS file system)

- Ops : Info, credits and changelog wasn't in read-only mode... fixed.

- Graphic adjustement.

- Fixed some typo errors.
- Changed check for wiitdb package (now will downloaded only when there is an update on gametdb).

- Implemented use of WIT.EXE (thanks to Wiimm) for check gamecube ISO.
- Added some check reading devices.
- Added some info at the end of the report.

Note : Si vous avez déjà WiiCoverDownloader en version inférieure, il vous suffit de le lancer et la fonction automatique se chargera de le mettre à jour.

http://code.google.com/p/wii-cover-downloader/ Site officiel : http://code.google.com/p/wii-cover-downloader/

Télécharger Télécharger WiiCoverDownloader v3.7
Les fichiers avec l'extension 7z se décompressent avec winrar ou 7zip.

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^ Déconnecté harryposter
#1, posté le 02/03/13 à 16:44:51
8 messages
Petit nouveau
Zéro pour les covers gamecube, cgwin.dll manquante.
Mais pas mal pour les covers wii.::teach::
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^ Déconnecté matthieu007
#2, posté le 02/03/13 à 20:50:15
966 messages

Dernière édition le 02/03/13 à 20:50:27 par matthieu007.
^ Déconnecté abdoumansouri55
#3, posté le 24/03/13 à 11:31:12
1 messages
Petit nouveau
^ Déconnecté fredkienamardes
#4, posté le 24/03/13 à 18:01:12
2 messages
Petit nouveau
Question toute bête, le fichier manquant vous le mettez où? ::wtf::
^ Déconnecté Attila
#5, posté le 27/03/13 à 02:09:43
23125 messages
Dieu des dieux
a côté du .exe
^ Déconnecté Actar
#6, posté le 29/04/13 à 15:33:14
8 messages
Petit nouveau
Quote harryposter:
Zéro pour les covers gamecube, cgwin.dll manquante.
Mais pas mal pour les covers wii.::teach::

With the last version (3.7)
WIT (and cgwin.dll) isn't more used for check gamecube titles.


Sorry for the problem with previous version
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^ Déconnecté Attila
#7, posté le 02/05/13 à 01:08:03
23125 messages
Dieu des dieux
thanks for letting us knowing that there's a new version !
i'll update it

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