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Voici nintendont par crediar (et repris par d'autres personnes), un homebrew qui permet de lancer des backups de jeux gamecube depuis une carte SD ou clé USB.
Comme devolution, vous pourrez utiliser une manette GameCube, une Wiimote ou une autre manette USB (manette PS3) pour jouer.
Ca marche sur Wii et WiiU (mode Wii).

Voici la version reprise avec le code source de Crediar. Vous pouvez donc lancer d'autres jeux que Zelda.
Cette version est mixée avec une autre version compatible USB et vous pouvez donc a priori lire vos jeux depuis une carte SD ou une clé USB/disque dur USB.

Pour lire la longue liste des changements, vous pouvez aller aller voir ici.

Version 5.460
Major Changes

Skip USB drives that don't have a valid MBR or UStealth MBR signature. This usually happens on Wii U setups where the user has both a Wii U drive and a FAT32 drive for Wii and GameCube. This allows the user to keep both drives connected when running Nintendont.
Support for injected Wii VC on Wii U. This allows use of the Wii U GamePad as Player 1 in addition to storing GameCube disc images on Wii U storage.
New option to skip the GameCube IPL.
Support for Wii Remote rumble when using Classic Controller.
New "Game Info" screen that shows information about the selected disc image.

Other Changes

More patches for various games, including timing and video mode fixes.
Fix BMX XXX 480p mode, again. (Broken since v4.428, commit e6e1c6a)
Datel AGP fixes.
The Game List now shows the filename of the selected game. This is useful for distinguishing between e.g. different revisions of the same game.

Version 4.448
added support for more virtua striker 3/4 versions

Version 4.447
added support for the JP version of mario kart arcade gp 2 (check out triforce-nand-iso-extract)

Version 4.446
-added patches to allow the japanese versions of pso 1&2 (retail and demo), pso 1&2 plus and pso 3 to boot up, note that the demo of pso 1&2 wont actually be playable since it actually requires a currently not emulated internet connection

Version 4.445
-added patch to Swingerz Golf NTSC-U to allow forcing other video modes

-extended getTiming patch to fix a few more games when forcing other video modes (such as Crazy Taxi NTSC-U)
-clearing out more cache of controller inputs to allow controllers with bigger messages to work properly

Version 4.430
[kernel] DI.c: Fix an off-by-one in the 2disc code.

This prevented *.iso from being used with 2disc mode. (*.gcm worked fine.)

This bug was reported by Zonta85 on GBAtemp.

This fixes a regression from commit 7671f98.
([kernel] DI.c: Fix disc swapping if Disc 2 is started initially.)

Version 4.425
-forgot to update segaboot ambb checksum in tri arcade mode

Version 4.424
-added a new option called "TRI Arcade Mode", enabling this will remove all timer patches and the free play patch from triforce games giving it a more original feel, to insert coins in this mode just move the c-stick into any direction
-fixed a bug which made nintendont crash on startup with no FAT device found, now it will properly exit

Version 4.423
-when launching games through another loader nintendont will now boot silently so it will just stay on a black screen until the game comes up or an error occurs

Version 4.422
-allow pal60 flag again, but only when actually forcing a video mode other than pal50

Version 3.334
-this will be the last google code commit, everything else will be on github.com/FIX94/Nintendont, the internal updater will now grab files from there too
-updated download function to allow https downloads
-fixed a small bug in Patch31A0 which might've affected a few games

Version 3.333
-slightly decreased the wiiu pro controller stick sensitivity to more accurately represent the original gc controller
-added /codes/gameid.gct as possible cheatpath as requested

Version 3.332
-added a workaround for 007 from russia with love controller issues, it now just reports the game to be always connected
-modified the cheat file detection, now it checks in this order:
if a cheat path is given by a external usb loader it will try that first
if nothing was found in that path or it wasnt provided it will see if a "game.gct" file exists in the same folder as the "game.iso"
if no game.gct was found it will try to look for the gameid.gct (for example "GALP01.gct") in the same folder as the "game.iso"
if nothing was found it will look in "games/gameid/gameid.gct" (for example "games/GALP01/GALP01.gct")

Version 3.331
-properly fixed freekstyle timer, this way it should run more fluent

Version 3.330
-skipping __GXSetVAT patch for "butt ugly martians zoom or doom" so it doesnt blackscreen

Version 3.329
-added a dirty workaround for freekstyle running too quick, this is not an actual timer fix but more of a slowdown effect

Version 3.328
-restricted the aggressive timer patching to the hobbit, fixes various side problems such as pikmin 2 crashing and the gc bios slowing down
-changed the exi interrupt times a bit to further prevent lagging in the gc bios and in triforce games

Version 3.327
-added hunter the reckoning exception
-added missing audio stream playback check, fixes tony hawk pro skater 3 never pausing its audio stream

Version 3.326
- Aligning Version string to fasten file parsing (GreyWolf)

Version 3.325
-added back manual memory invalidation because some games (turok evolution) dont seem todo it on their own

Version 3.324
- Fixed autoboot with arguments if HID controller is connected (Thanks Airline38)
- Added version string for version detection by external loaders (Thanks GreyWolf)

Version 3.323
-cleaned up cheats code and made them work when booting games via bios

Version 3.322
-made the RADTimerRead more dynamic, fixes backyard football

Version 3.321
-added more timers and made the timer patches more agressive, fixes hitman 2 and hobbit
-added disneys haunted mansion to the arstartdma exception list

Version 3.320
-added back a slighly modified version of Patch31A0 because it appears to be needed in certain situations, also made some small modifications with the memory usage of patches
-slightly modified the game start process to make sure everything gets inited in the correct order

Version 3.319
-removed f-zero ax initial overscan so the menus dont look weird when pressing start before title screen
-better anti-crash hack for f-zero ax which doesnt require constant value overwriting

Version 3.318
-added ReadROM patch when emu memcard is used, fixes issues with multiple reads in games such as mr driller drill land

Version 3.317
-fixed a tiny mistake in the read speed code
-added the resident evil 4 demo to the arstartdma exception list to fix it

Version 3.316
-further worked on the disc read speed emulation, now it (more or less) emulates the disc drive caching which quite alot of games were dependent on, those should now run at a more proper speed again

Version 3.315
-added a patch for GXLoadTlut, fixes "rainbow sky" in burnout and possibly more

Version 3.314
-some adjustments to the patching system in order to further increase stability

Version 3.313
-limited the amount of fake interrupt checks to 120 times a second, this should still give a rather quick overall loading speed and should prevent certain games from creating a read overflow and freezing itself with that

Version 3.312
-relocated interrupt and audio streaming registers into mem2 to avoid problems with real memory cards in certain games

Version 3.311
-wrote a special arstartdma exception for the last 2 broken games, ghost recon 2 and rainbow six 3, now both should run just fine

Version 3.310
-added wait patch for sonic riders so on loading screens the game doesnt try to copy non-loaded files, should fix the game crashing at random file loads

Version 3.309
-added a code fix for certain crashes in x-men legends 2
-excluded sonic fighers from the arstartdma list

Version 3.308
-added a small disc read delay which should make sure that the read speed is somewhat equal to the original disc drive, this should fix some weird game issues such as suddenly stopping music in kururin squash
-added the japanese wind waker demo to the __gxsetvat list
-added sonic mega collection and moved sonic gems collection arstartdma exception

Version 3.307
-worked more on the code from the previous version to get it more stable overall

Version 3.306
-fixed some broken pad rumble code and added a missing pattern
-changed up some disc code, it should still work just like before, the only difference is that no actual disc drive needs to be in place to work from sd/usb
-added widescreen patch for super monkey ball

Version 3.305
-if no extension is plugged into your wiimote it will disconnect automatically after 20 seconds
-in the triforce games you now need to hold the test button for 2 seconds in order to enter the test menu

Version 3.304
-made HID controllers run without the need to set any options, you can just plug in a hid controller whenever you want and it will automatically be used if a controller config is found, this will work in the nintendont loader and inside the game itself, please note that as of right now only 1 usb device at a time will be used so plugging in multiple controllers will not work
-added internal controller configs, if you dont happen to have a fitting controller ini file nintendont should automatically fallback to its internal storage
-updated the internal nintendont version to v3 because of all the recent changes

Version 2.303
-updated the nintendont kernel to support all the characters in the filenames that the loader supports, this way you cant get sudden error messages about nonexistant files anymore

Version 2.302
-fixed some drastic thread bugs in the kernel, this should fix various freezes and startup problems for alot of people
-added code to disable WiiConnect24 before running a game, some games got interrupted by it and froze that way, now even with WiiConnect24 enabled the game should run fine
-cleaned up and corrected various IOS module usages in the loader so now things should work properly again as they used to in 296 and older
-added a small 10 seconds timeout for USB so even slow devices should now be picked up
-fixed burned discs on old wiis werent working anymore

Version 2.301
-updated the pso patches to now work with all pso1&2 and pso3 pal and ntsc versions even when compressed

Version 2.300
-heavy cleanup in the usb code, its now really small compared to before but should still do the same

Version 2.299
-silly change in usbstorage.c

Version 2.298
-added missing h files
-modified HID code the same way USB was modified so it should work again
-updated fatfs to the latest v0.11
-made various usb sync changes to hopefully work more stable

Version 2.297
-completely rewrote the way nintendont starts, now the kernel is directly loaded on startup meaning there is no more usb reloading, this should increase the usb compatibility by quite a bit
-set the usb refresh rate to 2 minutes and 30 seconds
-added a patch to mario kart gp2 to disable the red item button so if you go into 1st person it doesnt shoot the item away anymore
-added sources for the custom libfat version

Version 2.296
-added some security checks for triforce CARD and settings writing
-added missing code in ax CARD support which made it impossible for the game to read data if a settings file is in use

Version 2.295
-somehow managed to write 2 different numbers for the exact same thing, whoops

Version 2.294
-wrote up hacks to allow exiting the test menu in the 4 triforce games
-fixed a bug in SIInit which always lead to the test menu booting up twice because of a not cleaned up status
-wrote up hacks for ax and vs4 which will allow the game settings you set in the test menu to actually be used ingame, it will even write a file so on the next boot it will remember these settings
-set the random hdd read time to 4 minutes instead of 10 seconds, that should still be more than enough time to not spin down
-moved the Mario Superstar Baseball arstartdma exception

Version 2.293
-activated CARD support in f-zero ax, please note that on saving and loading the screen will be frozen until its finished but you can hear on the audio the game still runs
-slighly slimmed down the triforce game data being constantly sent to nintendont to make it more smooth
-added a "Free Play" patch to SegaBoot so started triforce games will now use that

Version 2.292
-removed the timer patch for virtua striker 4 again cause it seems to produce crashes and instead set the menu timer to about 51 days which seems to work fine and should get rid of crashing

Version 2.291
-removed some menu timers in virtua striker 4
-added a proper widescreen patch to virtua striker 4
-reworked the controls code for the 4 triforce games, now the controls are going properly through the devices they should go through which should overall run really well now
-slightly modified the anti-crash code for gp1 and gp2, now its possible to enter the test menu of them, please note they both have the same problem as vs4 and ax which makes it impossible to exit the test menu for unknown reasons

Version 2.290
-removed menu timers from f-zero ax, thanks dj_skual
-removed the rest of the menu timers in gp2 and made them invisible
-changed the item and cancel button reading to a non-hacked version in both gp1 and gp2 so button presses wont happen multiple times in a row anymore

Version 2.289
-added proper widescreen patches to mario kart gp1 as well as gp2
-removed a few menu timers in mario kart gp1
-fixed the killer7 pal version running too fast

Version 2.288
-added widescreen patches to 1080, pikmin and pikmin 2
-patched a few more menu timers in gp2 and also made a few invisible

Version 2.287
-added unlimited card uses patch to gp2

Version 2.286
-fixed a drastic bug in triforce code which randomly broke all sorts of commands, this should help out various problems such as JVSIO errors and not working controls
-enabled CARD support in both GP1 and GP2 because they now seem to work on a usable level, to save into them you just need to say "no" on continue after racing, just wait a few seconds after that until you exit nintendont

Version 2.285
-if memcard emu is disabled skip the gc bios for now because it doesnt work -added a missing EXI call, fixes f-zero ax starting via segaboot if OSReport is disabled
-made it possible to press service and test button in triforce games, the test button is Z and the service button is X, please note that as of now there is no way to exit the test menu

Version 2.284
-added basic support for the triforce bios obtainable from virtua striker 4 (segaboot.img1), simply place it into your device root and rename it to segaboot.bin, triforce games now should start using it, if you want to enter its test menu press start while the media board init message is on screen

Version 2.283
-made __GXSetVAT patch a bit more dynamic and added smugglers run into its list, should fix the freezes it had

Version 2.282
-removed sonic adventure dx again from the pad exception list, that game must've been fixed with some previous change
-added a proper f-zero ax widescreen patch, thanks CosmoCortney
-removed a few mario kart gp2 menu timers, thanks conanac

Version 2.281
-added PADControlMotor security check to prevent the patch from applying to a wrong place, fixes Resident Evil 0 and NFL Street 2
-added pad state switching exception list for Call of Duty, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2003, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2004 and Sonic Adventure DX to try to fix their control problems

Version 2.280
-added Piglet's Big Game to the ARStartDMA exception list to fix sound issues ingame
-added an additional DOL file security check before patching, fixes WrestleMania X8

Version 2.279
-added missing file which makes it impossible to compile
-corrected triforce virtua striker offset check

Version 2.278
-slightly updated ARStartDMA code, fixed a small mistake in it and made it easier to debug
-fixed up progressive video mode flag and added a exception to skip it on BMX XXX so the game doesnt freeze when using a component/hdmi cable
-added a new img patching method which gets NBA 2k2, NBA 2k3, NCAA College Football 2K3 as well as NCAA College Basketball 2K3 fully working
-added ARStartDMA exceptions for NBA 2k2, Army Men Sarges War, ESPN MLS Extra Time 2002, Monster 4x4: Masters Of Metal and SD Gundam Gashapon Wars to fix various issues with these games
-skipping the GC BIOS if one of the 4 working triforce games gets detected
-slightly increased our kernel memory

Version 2.277
-wrote up a small pal gc ipl patch to try prevent its startup crashing
-make sure that the timer memory info is always set to the correct values

Version 2.276
-added gamecube bios support, please note that this is still very early in testing so it might not fully work, to let a game start using the original gamecube bios place iplusa.bin, ipljap.bin and/or iplpal.bin onto your device root, if nintendont finds the bios fitting to the game region it tries to start it, as of right now this feature has no use whatsoever and only exists for pure demonstration purposes

Version 2.275
-hopefully improved the audio streaming code to not crash certain games on the end of the audio file
-added triforce video mode patches so all 4 triforce games can be patched to run with force progressive

Version 2.274
-added a proper audio streaming resample check so games with too fast audio should now sound correct
-moved the Street Racing Syndicate exception to hopefully fix the game

Version 2.273
-Added new boot status message "Cheat path is empty" when cheats are on and cheat path is on and the cheat path isn't set
-Changed boot status messages "Initing devices..." to "Initing storage devices..."
-improved gamecube adapter for wii u bongo support

Version 2.272
-commented out some debug patches for ax which should let it start if OSReportis not enabled
-forgot to actually use a updated function, made sure its used now

Version 2.271
-changed out some buffers in jvsio and changed some flushing code in order to help out triforce random crashes, missing controls and problems
-changed the default triforce ingame coin count to 9 so just in case it doesnt automatically refresh the coins you dont run out directly and may get lucky on the next coin update to get new coins
-commented out some possibly problematic debug code which might crash games on bootup
-added ARStartDMA exceptions for both Multi-Game Demo Disc 18 and Street Racing Syndicate

Version 2.270
-added proper memory flush security as well as proper ARStartDMA data copying if the data to be copied is not properly aligned already, fixes various games such as happy feet, legends of wrestling and gun

Version 2.269
-fixed up gc disc reading of multi-iso discs created with very old tools
-more security updates to try to fix return to loader freezing

Version 2.268
-cleaned up some patching, triforce games now have a bit less patching in order to run
-added a bit of security when reading data

Version 2.267
-Added Trio Linker Plus II controller.ini (Thanks gillhaj02)

Version 2.266
-fixed up the triforce game virtua striker 4 so it should boot and also added basic controls code for it
-small changes and bugfixes

Version 2.265
-Added Support for some generic Classic controllers (Thanks Abz)

Version 2.264
-if nintendont gets loaded with the wrong IOS it will try to load IOS58 by itself
-added code which makes sure we have permission to use the disc drive
-added a missing redraw when you change settings

Version 2.263
-added multi-iso disc support, it has been verified to work from burned discs, wode and as direct iso on sd/usb
-slightly adjusted the loader game selection, the controls should be a bit better now

Version 2.262
-Added Nunchuck support

Version 2.261
-fixed a little bug in disc reading which now fixes reading burned gc discs on old wiis

Version 2.260
-cleaned up disc support for original wiis, for developers: to tell nintendont to load a disc just set the game path to "di"
-fixed a small mistake in PatchFuncInterface, that will fix various bugs such as games not booting or enemies are not killable in prince of persia warrior within

Version 2.259
-resetting wiiu widescreen setting after the game finished to make sure we are on the right one
-added some basic disc reading on wii which supports the most basic features, its the very first "game" for wii users and supports pretty much everything which is supported from normal sd and usb reading, its not quite finished yet
-updated all registers needed to not use the original disc drive registers anymore

Version 2.258
-added option for wiiu widescreen, if its off your wiiu will resize the picture to be 4:3 and if its on it'll stretch the picture to fullscreen

Version 2.257
-made the constantly refreshed HID messages part of the nintendont kernel memory instead of always newly allocating it to try help out stability

Version 2.256
-allow the DSP patch to get applied multiple times for games which have multiple DSP ROMs, this should fix broken audio in the remaining games with audio problems

Version 2.255
-missed .h file

Version 2.254
-added some code which will create pre-formatted memory cards for the memcard emu on file creation, that means you dont need to format it manually ingame anymore

Version 2.253
-added proper memory syncing in the jvsio code which might lower the chances of triforce games not having any coins or having other issues

Version 2.252
-added a patch for f-zero ax which replaces the motor init screen directly with the controller setup in order to greatly reduce the initial loading time
-made triforce game patching a bit more dynamic
-removed unused triforce code

Version 2.251
-Do not recenter axes when using Bongos with the WiiU Gamecube Adapter.
-Make Datel timer patching use a pattern instead of hard-coded offsets.

Version 2.250
-Fix Datel AGP to use the simpler DVD patching in r249.

Version 2.249
-removed most DVD patches except __DVDInterruptHandler and GCAMSendCommand and replaced it with a full register search, this update might break games, it needs quite some testing to be sure

Version 2.248
-further refined DVD function check in order to properly patch games, should fix things like disc switching again

Version 2.247
-Added Donkey Kong Bongo support to the gamecube adapter for wii u

Version 2.246
-Hack for 007 Nightfire for cache invalidation. Needs further investigation.

Version 2.245
-added security check to PatchFunc, should fix frogger ancient shadow

Version 2.244
-Skip Datel patches for non-Datel games.

Version 2.243
-added security checks for DVD patches and added DVDLowSeek patch instead of using DVDSeekAbsAsyncPrio patch

Version 2.242
-Remove second PSO memcard emu hack. This was also made unnecessary by r227.
-Add support for Datel AGP disc. This disc does not use the Nintendo SDK, so many functions are done in different ways are have different patterns. Currently only supports Native SI and MemcardEmu off. The actual hardware reading is not yet functional.

Version 2.241
-cleaned up and optimized audio streaming code, that made it possible to remove the AIInitDMA patch completely
-removed DVDInquiryAsync patch and replaced it with a proper low level one, this lets mario kart gp2 boot
-optimized triforce EXI interrupt code, helps mario kart gp2 to get a bit more stable, please note that it still freezes pretty often on the camera screen

Version 2.240
-reworked audio stream base to go through the actual disc interface code instead of a hacked one, that way starfox adventures should have enough time to properly enable its subtitles
-use the same fatfs settings as we did in the past
-minor cache sync corrections

Version 2.239
-Reworked part of how the update system works
-HID files are now saved to the drive with games, not the drive that Nintendont was launched from.
-You are now given a choice to redownload the latest version in case someone forgets to update NintendontVersion.h
-Changed the update menu to be scrollable.
-Menus use an actual arrow now instead of a greater/lesser than symbol.
-Got rid of the loader.h/loader.c files since they haven't been necessary for I don't know how long
-A little minor cleanup.

Version 2.238
-added a libfat version to the nintendont loader which supports ustealth and updated the kernel fatfs version to the latest 0.10c

Version 2.237
-added proper luigis mansion widescreen patch for all regions to solve random crashes with the default one

Version 2.236
-changed up HID reading to not rely on a timer anymore, this way it should run more precise

Version 2.235
-Fixed lack of responsiveness on HID controllers. This fixes the problem several of you were having trying to dash dance with the gamecube adapter for wii u

Version 2.234
-some general cleanup, changed the kernel build mode which makes it run a bit smoother overall

Version 2.233
-merged SD and USB kernel into a single one
-fixed a very small bug in both DI and SD code, probably a very few people will have a benefit from that
-removed loader.elf and boot.dol since everything only takes the loader.dol anyways, lets not waste any space
-general code cleanup

Version 2.232
-corrected iso reading and cache syncing to properly work with games which read alot of data with one call like luigis mansion

Version 2.231
-added timeouts to both USB and HID detection, this way init errors should be greatly reduced

Version 2.230
-reworked HID and USB drivers to fully use IOS58, thanks to all the original writers of usb.c and usbstorage.c, this version might completely changed compatibility and loading times and allow HID controllers to be used in the front ports on the wiiu
-made the HID readings use the main thread to gain stability
-added more delays between reads so the new HID and USB drivers have enough time to complete their jobs, this might lead to some audio clicks on some occasions

Version 2.229
-Fixed gamecube adapter for wii u wavebird support with gray cable unplugged
-Disabled rumble on gamecube adapter for wii u wavebird when the gray cable is unplugged
-Fixed boot status error message display
-Increased boot status error message display time before reboot
-Added boot status error "Gamecube adapter for Wii u init error"
-Added boot status message "Init HID devices... Using ONLY NATIVE Gamecube Ports"

Version 2.228
- added init code and rumble support for the wiiu gc adapter, thank you ToadKing for providing the magic numbers and GreyRogue for testing everything out

Version 2.227
- Fix Entry load cache invalidation. This was causing PSO 1&2P/III EXIImm issue, so removed the patch for that.
- Commented out 31A0 patch until we know of a case where it's needed.

Version 2.226
-optimized ISO reading and caching code, might be a bit faster in certain situations
-removed cache.txt support because in most cases its slower anyways
-added super smash bros melee widescreen patch

Version 2.225
-Added support for Nintendo Wii U GameCube Controller Adapter (Thanks Adeka, Khar00f, Sakitoshi, joefz2) You currently need to enable the adapter in a game that supports it. Exit that game. Then start Nintendont without powering off for it to work.
-Added MultiIn=3 for multiple controllers from the same adapter all using the same message. When MultiIn=3 MultiInValue= needs to be set to how many bytes are for each controller.
-Added error message for missing kenobiwii.bin when it is required
-When cheats and cheat path are on. Booth are now turned off when you change games. (cheats were being applied to the wrong games)
-Added error message for missing file specified in cheat path when cheat path is used.
-Added error message for file specified in cheat path being to big when cheat path is used.

Version 2.224
- made nintendont compilable with the latest devkitARM r43

Version 2.223
- made it more simple to modify the memcard emu timings, added timing exceptions for starfox assault and luigis mansion in a simple way
- when you selected a device to load your games from nintendont will display a small loading message to confirm that it is loading the game list, this should hopefully help to avoid confusion if nintendont actually regonized the button press

Version 2.222
- further worked on the per-game widescreen patches, now also animal crossing and all mario party games have proper patches
- added code to hopefully help recent blackscreens with memcard emu enabled

Version 2.221
- Fixed previous status messages disappearing if there is an error
- Fixed the menu info appearing one frame after the games/options
- 251 blocks is now listed as recommended in the "Memcard Blocks" option
- Set the groundwork for a timeout if the drive doesn't respond. This doesn't work yet, and I can't finish it until I receive a drive that doesn't work (it's coming)
- Moved the options up 13 pixels for people who had the bottom cut off
- A few minor cleanups.

Version 2.220
- did some more work on the game specific widescreen hacks, making at least 7 different games (mkdd, super mario sunshine, crash bandicoot, nfs hp2, wind waker, twilight princess, paper mario) in all their regions get widescreen patched properly

Version 2.219
- make sure that for extremly slow hdds the bluetooth controller stays updated when reading a random sector every 10 seconds
- changed up the widescreen patches C_MTXPerspective and C_MTXLightPerspective, should fix weird patch bugs in games like pokemon xd and colosseum
- added a few selected game specific widescreen patches, credits for those go to Ralf from gc-forever for making the original ocarina codes

Version 2.218
- Fixed update menu and "Return to Loader" not always showing.

Version 2.217
- Reapplied the new UI with a truetype font
- Increased the number of games shown on one screen
- Increased the number of characters shown per-title
- Slowed down scrolling up/down and sped up left/right
- Fixed Nintendont not running without an SD card inserted
- Fixed a warning in Patch.c if DEBUG_PATCH was disabled

NOTE: Don't bother asking for a full GUI, coverflow, or anything else graphics related. This is as good as it's going to get. Use another loader if you want something nicer. The purpose was to make the text easier to read on small screens, and to add flexibility for the devs by making font size customizable.

Version 2.216
- make sure that SetInterruptMask from the debug sdk cant write to EXI Channel 2 when memcard emu is disabled (fixes batman vengeance from real memory card)

Version 2.215
- cut memcard emu access time in half since after testing it doesnt seem to cause any problems
- when playing from usb, let the drive read a random sector every 10 seconds to stay alive

Version 2.214
- Fixed Logitech RumblePad 2 and Rumble Gamepad F510 controller.ini Triggers
- Fixed Auto video mode for region I & removed region G (Thanks Cyan)

Version 2.213
- Fix game region detection when video mode set to Auto or None.

Version 2.212
- Great, now PAL games don't work. I'm reverting the UI until I can order a PAL game and test it out.

Version 2.211
- Gave Nintendont a nice polished interface. It now has a background and a truetype font (no more jaggies)
- You can now see more of the game title.
- Fixed a warning if DEBUG_PATCH is disabled.

Thanks to ccfman2004, VinsCool, and Shiranui-san for the valuable input they've provided on this release.

Version 2.210
- (binary please)

Version 2.209
- added __CARDUnlock patch to fix original nintendo memory card support, thanks tueidj for pointing at it
- only set a progressive video mode on game boot if force progressive is enabled, should fix some PAL games to start normally on wiiu
- removed old include which doesnt exist anymore to fix compiling errors

Version 2.208
- Fixed loaders inability to set video modes introduced in 2.204 The first time you start this version If you are starting it from the homebrew channel set the video mode. This should fix black screens people were seeing in 2.204 - 2.207 that didn't occur in 2.03

Version 2.207
- controllers.zip can now be downloaded and extracted in-app

Version 2.206
- Changed up game loading in order to make the loader dol size much more expandable

Version 2.205
- Added Nvidia Shield controller.ini (Thanks bobmcjr)

Version 2.204
- correct force video mode setting in the loader menu, it should now navigate properly
- added a security patch reset when the game is about to reset itself, fixes sonic cd exit
- added a better GXInit search, should fix virtua striker 3
- added disney hide and sneak ARStartDMA exception

Version 2.203
- heavly optimized patching system, depending on the game the bootup time can be more than twice as fast now

Version 2.202
- Fixed the update system (still don't know why it wasn't working for some people)
- Updated controllers.zip

Version 2.201
Two PSO MemCardEmu hacks. Both of these work, but need more investigation:
- If Emulating MemCards, one of the calls to EXIImm is not working correctly. The hack copies the patch for EXIImm to the 0x80001800 patch scratch area and calls it from there. This should be identical behavior to skipping this hack, but it only works from the scratch area. This needs further investigation.
- Immediately before the PSO fake entry patch, a function call that looks like its doing Initialization stuff (DSP, SI, etc.) is called. For emulated MemCards, this causes a hang-up. Further investigation is needed rather than just skipping the whole thing like this hack does.

Version 2.200
- added an option to enable/disable video deflicker when using force video mode, basically disabling deflickering will make a sharper image but might not work properly on your tv and enabling deflickering will be a bit more blurry but should be smooth on all tvs

Version 2.199
- Added CronusMax Xbox360 Adapter controller.ini (Thanks Khar00f)
- Added Microsoft Sidewinder Precision 2 Joystick controller.ini

Version 2.198
- added a different approach to fix ARStartDMA issues for certain games, check the Patch.c diff to see which games are affected

Version 2.197
- Most of the update system has been rewritten. On the surface, the only change is that you can now download titles.txt in-app

Version 2.196
- Add hack for PacMan World 2 to force the SiInit true.

Version 2.195
- Made PSO hacks more generic (work for PSO III).
- Added new PatchBuffer code for PSO III.

Version 2.194
- Fixes for PSO 1&2 Plus
- Move access from 0x80001800 to 0x931C0000
- Apply dol entry mod after switch.prs extraction to dol
- Don't mod psov3.dol entry point. Used after DVD load. Patch entry hack.

Version 2.193
- Added Trust Predator Gamepad controller.ini(Thanks L0r3n20)

Version 2.192
- The controller files now use the VID and PID.

Sorry, you need to redownload controllers.zip

Version 2.191
- Your controller will now be detected and the appropriate .ini file will be selected. Extract the contents of controllers.zip to a folder named controllers in the root of your FAT device (so you'll have FAT:\controllers\0001.ini).
- Added exceptions for Virtua Striker v4 2006 (GVSJ9P, GVS46J, GVS46E) in the title database. This doesn't include ISO's that, for some weird reason, have had the title ID modified to match the 2002 version.
- Removed "Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut (Preview) Prototype" entry because it was useless and conflicting with some custom titles.

Note: The old controller.ini method still works, so if you only use one controller you don't have to change anything.

Version 2.190
- Fix Native Control/PATCHSI backwards logic.

Version 2.189
- Make PATCHSI a menu selectable option (Native Control On means PATCHSI is disabled).

Version 2.188
-Added support for special (Triforce) games in database, which were previously identified incorrectly
-Removed some duplicates from titles.txt (you don't need to update your local copy)
-Updated the meta.xml file just so the online version has correct credits

Note: Thanks to Xenith and sonictopfan for testing

Version 2.187
-only apply Patch31A0 if the entry point is below that, fixes 007 from russia with love
-if PADInit cant be found use SIInit instead to start reading pad inputs, fixes alien hominid controls

Version 2.186
-Woops, forgot to remove a sleep command

Version 2.185
-Added database support for those unsightly game names. Copy the included titles.txt to your Nintendont directory
-The loader now updates the meta.xml file prior to checking for AHB access, so you don't have to fix the meta.xml file manually.

Note: To save space, the database doesn't care about region.

Version 2.184
-searching much more detailed for PADInit so we dont miss it
-reworked Patch31A0 to work with negative offsets too, fixes for example namco museum and midway arcade treasures 2

Version 2.183
-heavly changed the way games will get patched, this file will dynamically replace the game entry point to a custom loader instead of patching the game while reading it, this way games like the 007 series will no longer crash because of changing file locations
-wait for PADInit to be called before reporting data in PADRead, fixes games like ghost recon

Version 2.182
-making sure to clear the current stream position after the audio stream ends, fixes xg3 stream looping

Version 2.181
-added 8 new patch patterns for the debug sdk
-dynamically calulating the location of SIInterruptHandler instead of using patch patterns using SIInit, this should reduce false positive detections
-added a way for the FIFO patch to apply to the debug sdk functions and also fixed a bug in it
-added a hack for batman vengeance to skip old debugger code, this should fix it

Version 2.180
-Nintenont updater now shows what revision is being downloaded, and makes sure you don't already have the latest version
-Additional minor changes to the updater

Version 2.179
-added safety check for GCAMIdentify patch, fixes mario kart gp1
-other tiny optimizations

Version 2.178
-fixed tiny mistake in f-zero ax pad read function, messed up the dpad, also slighly reduced its pad updating to save some time

Version 2.177
-added a small patch security check to make sure we actually patch a game loader and not some random data, should fix games like resident evil
-added a few more hacks from quadforce for f-zero ax to make it bootable (thanks crediar)
-added pad read function patches for f-zero ax to make it controllable

Version 2.176
-moved resident evil 4 and sonic gems collection into the paper mario arstartdma exception list to fix their sound issues
-added yet another timer check, this time for the cpu speed, might help out more games

Version 2.175
-added a very general game timer patcher which should cover up most games which run too fast

Version 2.174
-Added in-app updater, accessible through Settings menu

Version 2.173
-added micro machines to the ARStartDMA exception list to help it stabilize
-assume on ELF loading that the header is already loaded in the buffer, fixes sonic cd

Version 2.172
-made the FIFO patching much more dynamic by actually using the pointer set by the game to find usage instead of hardcoded patterns
-general patching cleanup, especially the debug messages are easier to look through now
-split the triforce patches from the regular game patches since they will never be found in normal games anyways

Version 2.171
-did some more patchwork, now most of our required patches get applied dynamically, this should fix up some problems with games using the debug version of the sdk
-commented out the multidol loader code for now, with this update all those game should work properly on their own with the corrected patches

Version 2.170
-added a security check for the EXIDMA callback value, this fixes billy hatcher memcard emulation waiting forever because of a wrong value
-did some small memcard emu patch cleanup
-added memcard patch for the japanese version of pokemon colosseum

Version 2.169
-added hardcoded patches for pokemon colosseum pal and ntsc which will report the memory card is always inserted with memcard emu enabled, this way you can actually save and load

Version 2.168
-added a bit of code to actually allow usage of a real memory card on wii when memory card emulation is turned off
-added a small compiler option in global.h, PATCHSI, if you comment out this option and recompile nintendont it will use the original gamecube pad ports
instead of emulating them, allowing accessories like gba and bongos but will remove things like hid, bluetooth and return to loader

Version 2.167
-added new PI_FIFO_WP patch pattern for pokemon xd and changed up ARStartDMA reading, this makes xd fully work for the first time
-moved atv quad power racing 2 and pn03 into the paper mario ARStartDMA exception list to get them stable

Version 2.166
-added a new ARStartDMA patch which hooks itself into the original nintendo code instead of completely replacing it, this patch will be used by burnout 2, viewtiful joe, animal crossing and megaman x command mission

Version 2.165
-greatly increased controller read updates for interrupt read based games, this should help people with slow controls
-changed up patching system a bit, made the debug prints more unified and added a safety check for EXIUnlock to make sure we write to the right function, this fixes music in both collectors edition menu and twilight princess
-added a small debugging option which makes it possible to compile nintendont with a very small amount of patches, note that this will only help developers to understand certain problems better

Version 2.164
-moved most audio streaming and interrupt relevant info into unused hardware registers
-skipping SIGetType patch for sonic adventure dx to fix its double presses
-started adding more patterns and patches for games using the debug sdk, none of them work yet though, alot needs to be done still

Version 2.163
-Fixed HID controller analog triggers being broken since v2.158

Version 2.162
-sending interrupt messages through unused EXI device 2 hardware registers
instead of main memory, saves some time and space
-added starfox assault ntsc save exception and commented out baten kaitos save
-made all gc relevant patches static, this might fix a bunch of games

Version 2.161
-Fixed Bluetooth TR remotes requiring an expansion controller needing to be
disconnected and then reconnected to sync.
-updated Thrustmaster Dual Analog 4 controller.ini to support ZL button (Thanks

Version 2.160
-added libwupc, now you can use the wiiu pro controller in the loader and not
just ingame

Version 2.159
-Fixed wii classic controller analog triggers getting stuck slightly in when
connecting using bluetooth

Version 2.158
-Added new controller.ini button LZ
it adds the same functionality the bluetooth controllers have when DigitalLR=1
for half pressed AnalogR and AnalogR triggers when L or R are pressed at the
same time as the LZ button.
-Changed game selection menu Dpad Left and Right buttons to advance a screen at
a time
-Updated Logitech Thrustmaster Firestorm Dual Analog 2 controller.ini to support
the LZ button

Version 2.157
-calibrating the bluetooth controller analog sticks now when you sync the
controller, the first value it reads will be taken as the analog stick middle,
to recalibrate just reconnect the controller
-if you press "-" on your wiimote it will enable/disable rumble
-if you press "-" on your classic controller/wiiu pro controller, it will change
the control scheme to be rotated a quarter clockwise or to the original control
-if you hold "L" on your classic controller/wiiu pro controller, your inputs on
ZL/ZR will be used as half pressed L and R buttons ingame

Version 2.156
-Enhanced Internal game menu to default to the most recently selected game
-Increased internal game menus ability to handle up to 500 games
-Added new boot status messages for what controllers are enabled
-Enhanced to allow gamecube and hid controllers to be turned off at the same
-Fixed Multiplayer using MultiIn=2 again. (bluetooth changes keep breaking it)

Version 2.155
-changed up interrupt message reading a bit, fixes startup of luigis mansion
-changed SI error message when no controller is connected, fixes burnout 2 and
pandora tomorrow
-added army men and cel damage to the multidol exception list, cel damage still
doesnt work though, state of that game is unknown
-increased rumble of the wiiu pro controller
-improved the calculation accuracy of the wiiu pro controller analog sticks

Version 2.154
-Added shutdown combination (B,Z,R,PAD_BUTTON_DOWN) to bluetooth controllers
-Fixed Multi controller adapters using MultiIn=2 working in conjunction with
blutooth controllers
-Added Hori Real Arcade Pro 3 SA controller.ini (Thanks galneon)

Version 2.153
-added bluetooth support, so far you can use the wiiu pro controller, classic
controller and classic controller pro, the controllers need to be synced with
the system menu to work just like it is with other homebrew applications,
credits to the original author of lwBT, the people behind the libogc port, the
creators of the wiimote wiki entry on wiibrew.org and to TeHaxor69 for the wiiu
pro controller documentation
-added raw rumble data support to controller.ini files, so far
controller_ps2.ini and controller_Genreic_USB_Gamepad_PID=0079_VID=0006.ini have
rumble support
IMPORTANT: The bluetooth code is very long so it is highly possible that they
are new bugs coming with this version, dont be surprised when you encounter new

Version 2.152
-Fixed auto boot from some loaders when maxpads is set to 0
-Fixed PS4 controller.ini digital triggers
-Fixed JPN and non JPN saves trying to use the same multi save file. If you were
saving JPN saves in a multi save file you need to rename ninmem.raw to
ninmemj.raw when upgrading to this version.

Version 2.151
-Added Multi player support for the following usb adapters (Thanks Coreyw)
Mayflash CCPro USB Adapter - PC045
MayFlash Wii CC USB Adapter - PC052
Mayflash WiiU Pro Controller Adapter - W009
To enable it in the controller.ini change MultiIn=1 to MultiIn=2
It wont work for anything that doesn't use the MultiIn command.
Special notes when using it on a wii
It is incompatible with a wavebird being plugged in.
If you have gamecube controllers plugged in once you have an empty gamecube
connector the next port must also be empty for the cc and cc pro adapters. the
wiiu pro adapter can not have any gamecube ports used after the first empty one.
some users reported setting maxpads to the number of actual gamecube
controllers plugged in gave better results
-Added Support for Microsoft Sidewinder Force Feedback 2 Joystick
=Fixed joystick sensitivity in the controller.ini for Mayflash CCPro USB Adapter
- PC045

Version 2.150
-fixed a small problem with audio streaming, this should remove most clicks and
pops in the decoded audio
-small asm and multidol loader changes, nothing really worth pointing out
-added a patch for PADControlAllMotors, this should get rumble working for most
games which didnt have rumble yet
-changed up the patching system to have critical patches always loaded up at the
same place, this should fix bootup of the 007 games
-heavly modified the video patching system to now work without complete video
modes, this should allow games to be patched which were not changeable before
-added a new FIFO and a new __CARDStat patch, didnt have any effect though on
pokemon xd, the problem of this game is still unknown
-added a timer fix for the japanese majoras mask version

Version 2.149
-Added support for Mayflash Classic controller Pro USB Adapter - PC045 This
requires updating nintendont and the controller.ini (THANKS CoreyW)
-Fixed Dpad=1 not allowing the dpad and some other control to be used at the
same time (Thanks CoreyW)
-Fixed MayFlash Wii CC USB Adapter - PC052 controller.ini triggers

Version 2.148
-if language is set to auto, actually set the language according to the system config (fixes games like batman begins)

Version 2.147
-Fixed ps3 controller in Super Mario Sunshine, Luigi's Mansion and any other games that use a combination of analog triggers and digital trigger buttons. (REQUIRES booth boot.dol and controller.ini be upgraded)
-Added a new controller.ini setting to DigitalLR
DigitalLR=2 for controllers that have analog triggers with no button to indicate when they are fully pressed. Set
L=<offset>,<trigger value>
R=<offset>,<trigger value>
<offset> is the location of the analog trigger
<trigger value> is set so that when the value pointed at by <offset> are >=
<trigger value> the digital trigger button is considered pressed

Version 2.146
-slightly optimized the asm behind audio streaming, also added updater for the current offset, games like crazy taxi will always play the same song otherwise
-added audio streaming support for FST games
-crash bandicoot timer fix

Version 2.145
-added audio streaming, works well in most games, updated nintendonts major version to v2
-fixed xg3 running too fast
-general patcher optimizations

Version 1.144
-Fixed when reading a version 2 nincfg.bin the version number is updated as well otherwise any changes to the config result in an unusable file on subsequent boots

Version 1.143
-Added Support for Thrustmaster Dual Analog 4 (Thanks nastysdsi)
-Fixed reading old version 2 of nincfg.bin so loaders that havent been upgraded will still work.

Version 1.142
-added new patches to emulate the wii reset button by pressing the buttons R+Z+Start on your controller

Version 1.141
-rewrote the mechanics of the multidol loader, now it can load everything from zelda collectors edition including the nes games and the movies
-slighly changed the code behind the patching system, shouldnt make any difference
-returning ORed bitmap of pads which can rumble as the official nintendo function does, this might fix games having no rumble

Version 1.140
-added hardcoded timer patch for majoras mask pal and ntscu

Version 1.139
-removed disc read limit
-pre-reading data when no cache is specified and the game wants to load something with the same data size, this highly reduces the time of animal crossing bootup for example
-added a proper patch for RADTimerRead, with the help of this patch games using Bink Video will play back videos properly (for example megaman collection and scaler)
-removed some unneeded code for the SI interrupt
-using a general ISO reading function which makes sure we dont seek unneeded, this increases general reading for slow HDDs
-slightly increased the sectors you can read from the HDD at once, this helps further to increase reading speed from HDD

Version 1.138
Undo unnecessary complicated memorycard memory processing and just avoid overwriting kernel memory.

Version 1.137
Move the DI_Buffer back to 0x11200000.
-Seems to cause crashes if not located here.
-This is in the middle of Memcard memory. This makes memory card processing much more complicated.

Version 1.135
Add support for multiple saves in a single memory card file.
Add support for selecting memcard size.
Prevent disc reads beyond the end of the buffer.
Check for controller.ini.ini if can't find correct file.

Version 1.133
-32-bit aligning the addresses of ARStartDMA, this will fix the background music in megaman collection
-added a hardcoded fix for the too fast videos in megaman collection
-cleaned up FakeInterrupt

Version 1.132
-added 16 missing patches for billy hatcher, now it at least boots, you need to disable memory card emulation though for it to actually get into gameplay
-added avatar and P.N.03 onto the ARStartDMA exception list
-further optimized the emulated dk bongo values to be more precise

Version 1.131
-added a new function patch, "PADIsBarrel", this function is used to determine if bongos in donkey konga are connected
-heavly modified the pad read function in order to try to emulate the bongos if they are connected, this is not accurate and only works if you start the game and then reconnect the bongos
-slighly optimized some assembly functions

Version 1.130
Add SIInterruptHandler C. Thanks sabykos.
-Fixes The Simpsons Road Rage and Peach's castle Tech demo.

Version 1.129
-made the ARStartDMA crash solution more complex for need for speed hot pursuit 2 to hopefully get it more stable
-fixed a bug in ARStartDMA which used the wrong memory address base, that should fix some games like tony hawk pro skater
-increased HID controller reading, it now reads about 60 times a second
-added chronicles of narnia to the ARQPostRequest exception list

Version 1.128
-added custom ARStartDMA crash solutions for paper mario, mario superstar baseball, need for speed hot pursuit 2, viewtiful joe, mega man x command mission and animal crossing

Version 1.127
-heavly increased sd buffer from 2kb to 64kb which makes playing from slow sd cards actually enjoyable
-fixed two possible small patch bugs

Version 1.126
-set DI interrupts onto a timer just like the EXI, seems to be safer
-added DIOS-MIOS patches to disable audio streaming just to have those games work at all
-Nintendont loader will now also display size when loading games from sd, also the size is displayed more exact in general
-added code for games like collectors edition to properly react when pressing the reset button, they should now properly return to the main menu
-added all needed patterns for pokemon colosseum but they are still unpatched so saving will still not work

Version 1.125
-added new SIInit patch pattern for games like animal crossing ntscu
-added animal crossing ntscu to the list of ARQPostRequest exceptions to get it boot up

Version 1.124
Minor Dsp fix.

Version 1.123
-corrected a mistake in the dsp patch, thanks sabykos for pointing it out
-ignore the title case when sorting alphabetically to get correct results
-display ID6 to the right of the title, that makes it easier to identify games

Version 1.122
*Updated revision

Version 1.121
*Fixed a bug that non Triforce games were reading from Triforce hardware areas (Thanks to sabykos for finding the bug).
This should fix any game broken by r72 (i.e. Mario Party 7 EUR, Mario Power Tennis EUR, Harry Potter POA EUR, ... )

Version 1.120
-loader game list is now sorted alphabetically
-you can control the loader now by holding down the dpad/stick, you dont need to constantly press, if you press left/right you move even faster
-the classic controller analog stick now works in the loader
-the current position in the game list wont get reset anymore after entering the options

Version 1.119
-completely removed the device ipl rom code, it will now be directly taken from the console

Version 1.118
-the power button should now shutdown on wii and reset to menu on wiiu at all times instantly

Version 1.117
-further optimized and cleaned up the multidol tgc loader code

Version 1.116
Add Dspv14 Dspv15.
Attempt to speed up Dsp searching code.

Version 1.115
Add exceptions to ARStartDMA
-Mario Baseball
-Viewtiful Joe
Combine common shutdown code in PADReadGC.S
Add Dspv13.

Version 1.114
-check for valid tgc header before copying in our own apploader (fixes sonic gems collection)
-added animal crossing to the arstartdma exception list, lets animal crossing pal boot without any modifications for the first time via the new tgc apploader

Version 1.113
*Added shut down via power button

Version 1.112
-how about we upload the loader files as well svn

Version 1.111
-added a very simple multi-dol loader for games like zelda collectors edition

Version 1.110
Fix swapped widescreen/progressive options.

Version 1.109
More code cleanup.
-Menu code
-FuncPattern Groups
Added another PI_FIFO_WP function.
Added log to the config settings.

Version 1.108
-still use length 0 for most games in ARStartDMA
-only use count skip in megaman command mission and paper mario for now (we need to add exceptions over time)
-moved our kernel into the cache region and reduced the cache size so in the future we can easly set the kernel to every size now
-fixed a potential bug with the stack overwriting data from various things
-changed up the HID code a bit in the hopes to help PS3 controllers, untested

Version 1.107
Skip GC pad read on Wii U.

Version 1.106
Code cleanup
-Combine GC and HID Pad functions
-Use enum for 0xdead function patterns.
-Minor ARStartDMA rearranging.

Version 1.105
In ARStartDMA, round down to zero for low value counts. Use the requested counts for larger values.
-Currently cut-off is set to 0x400. This might need to be adjusted.
-This might make the ARQPostRequest patch unnecessary.
-Fixes Paper Mario battles.
Added more PI_FIFO_WP functions.

Version 1.104
-explicitly saying gnu make that we are on windows when we use the Build.bat, otherwise it tries to execute the linux bin2h file

Version 1.103
-(hopefully) added all needed files and edited include paths to make nintendont compile properly on linux, just make sure you defined the variables DEVKITPRO, DEVKITPPC and DEVKITARM

Version 1.102
-some kernel cleanup to reduce the overall size

Version 1.101
-added the fatfs fastseek feature for ISO files which basically removes ingame loading times

Version 1.100
PI_FIFO_WP bit fix.
-Fixes F-Zero GX
Minor Zelda DSP clean up.
Disable _fwrite D patch. Doesn't appear to be the right function to patch.
Speed up hexdump.
-Perform 1 file write per line of text with a buffer instead of 35 without.

Version 1.99
-sorry, the previous revision will always clear the config because I messed up a simple value, fixed

Version 1.98
-nintendont now accepts args to autoboot games, other usb loader devs can look at wiiflow on howto implement it
-added ios 58.25.32 onto the supported wii ios list as suggested by the gbatemp member realromhunter

Version 1.97
-moved some more disc read code into the disc read thread, this should not change game behavior or compatibility

Version 1.96
-Fixed reference to old website (Thanks Naxil)

Version 1.95
Add Dsp v12 (Pikmin PAL).
Cleaned up Zelda Dsp patching code.

Version 1.94
-Fixed HUGE omission in the meta file.
It doesn't affect compatibility so no new dol.

Version 1.93
Corrected name for SIEnablePollingInterrupt (was SIReadHandler).
Fixed SIEnablePollingInterrupt.
-Mistakenly thought a patch was needed for an interrupt bit. It was actually the mask bit.
-Fixes Pokemon Colosseum.

Version 1.92
-some minor changes, logs now get closed and devices get properly unmounted

Version 1.91
-fixed the issue that after playing a japanese gc game with a console from a different region the other games get started as japanese games if you used the return to feature
-fixed the issue that non-japanese games on japanese consoles always get started like japanese games

Version 1.90
Add SIInit C patch for SSBM.
Add new function patch.
-Unsure of the name, but the function performs SIHandleRead for SSBM.

Version 1.89

Version 1.88
Clear SI interrupt in SIInterruptHandler, not FakeInterrupt. Same for EXI.
-Might require finding more versions of SIInterruptHandler.
Send additional PPC interrupt if cleared without handling the requested SI or EXI interrupt.
Clean up some interrupt code.

Version 1.87
Change method to protect interrupt variables by separating interfaces to different locations.

Version 1.86
Protect Fake Interrupt values.
-Don't overwrite 0x80000014 if in use
DI doesn't use Fake Interrupt. Remove reference.
Turn off log in official build.
-It can slow down games during launch which causes errors.
Moved specific patches from Mario Strikers to generic method.
-Probably need to find more variants. Found some for Luigi's Mansion
Minor SI tweaks.

Version 1.85
Clean up changes to SI.

Version 1.84
Improved SI interface.
-It's still not quite right. We shouldn't need to false report errors and the polling bits are never enabled.
Found a few more function patches for AI/SI.
-lwzu and stwu (already did lwz and stw)
Found a few functions related to SI in Mario Strikers that should be generalized. They currently aren't needed, but if we improve the SI interface further they will be. They're related to using memory instead of interrupts. We need to write 0s to clear memory, not 1s. For now only apply to Strikers.

Version 1.83
Fix ARStartDMA mem1 addressing.
-Fixes Star Wars Rogue Squadron

Version 1.82
Move patch_fwrite_GC to a .S file.
Combine patch_fwrite_Log/B into one S file and clean up.
Load config from memory in kernel if available.
Only write nincfg.bin in loader if settings were displayed.
-nincfg.bin is now optional.
-Still need a command line parser to use with loaders
Fix heap scope issue with DI queue.

Version 1.81
Disable SI interrupts if disabled by game.
-Fixes 007 games.
Reset patch found variables when loading a new elf/dol.
-Fixes 007 games.
Use the log for patch_fwrite instead of UsbGecko.
-Shows OSReport strings in ndebug.log
-Should probably make this an option for one or the other, or always do both instead.

Version 1.80
-fixed a potential problem with ps3 controllers where the memory allocation for the rumble can interfere with the disc reading thread thanks the debug log provided by daxtsu

Version 1.79
-corrected cache for triforce games, now gp1 should run crashless

Version 1.78
-always skip SITransfer if its a normal gc game
-skip ARQPostRequest unless we are booting super mario sunshine
-use length 0 for ARStartDMA unless we boot mega man x command mission

Version 1.77
-skip SITransfer for mario strikers so it stays controllable
-use ARStartDMA length 0 for melee and kirby air ride so it doesnt freeze

Version 1.76
-some more tiny changes which should let metroid prime boot again, fix controls in gp1, maybe more

Version 1.75
Fix disc swapping.
-Also clears cache when swapping discs.
Use corrected ARStartDMA for all games for interrupt timing. (Original attempt missed an exchange for r6/r7).

Version 1.74
-changed up disc reading and other small stuff

Version 1.73
-added more patch exceptions to fix Dragon Drive, Odama and True Crime New York
-fixed wrong game save timestamp
-mario kart gp1 works now
-finished up the triforce controls code so it now returns to hbc and works with usb controllers

Version 1.72
*Increase code size in linker script and updated related code
*Added JVS-IO emulation
*Added Baseboard emulation
*Added DIMM board emulation

Version 1.71
*Updated code to allow larger section sizes

Version 1.70
-worked some more on the auto-cache, also fixed a little bug in it again

Version 1.69
-use the original ARStartDMA code, only patch it for megaman x command mission, fixes metroid prime 1 and 2
-fixed a small bug in the auto-cache
-changed the disc read thread code a bit

Version 1.68
-Added Generic USB Gamepad PID=0079 VID=0006 controller.ini This controller was sold under several brands and models.
-Fixed "flickering" problem some users were having with Genreic_USB_Gamepad_PID=0079_VID=0006

Version 1.67
-added alot of exceptions to fix Killer7, Cubivore, Frogger's Adventures, Two Towers, Chibi-Robo, Resident Evil 4, Hudson Selection Vol 2 and Kururin Squash
-if you dont give a cache.txt, nintendont will automatically cache files, thats not as efficient but should help improve loading times if you get to some area a second time for example

Version 1.66
Only use non-zero DMA interrupt size for Megaman X Command Mission.

Version 1.65
Correct branch offsets in Patch31A0.
-Fixes Pac-Man World 2.

Version 1.64
Dsp version does not control if ARQPostRequest is needed. Revert to lists.

Version 1.63
Use actual DMA length in ARStartDMA instead of 0 (assumes no actual data transfer occurs. Only affects timing.
-Fixes Mega Man X Command Mission.
Remove ARQPostRequest from all non-Zelda uCode games (Zelda=Dspv0,1,5,8,10,11).
-Fixes Mega Man X Command Mission.
Skip Dvd patching for all games (not just Harvest Moon MM) that load a dol or elf file after the first with no patchable segments.

Version 1.62
sorry for the wiiu crash in r61, recompiled...

Version 1.61
-leave in the ARQPostRequest patch, only skip it for games which really get problems otherwise
-made a few loader changes to try to fix some crashes on game startup

Version 1.60
Fix Harvest Moon Magical Melody.

Version 1.59
Remove ARQPostRequest patch for all games (Fixes Mario Golf). This might break things for some games.

Version 1.58
Remove ARQPostRequest patch from Metroid Prime 2.

Version 1.57
Don't patch ARQPostRequest for Metroid Prime.

Version 1.56
-Fixed reading <DeadZone> and<Radius> default values when their were "," in subsiquent commands in the controller.ini
The only controller in the svn this would affect controller_ps4.ini

Version 1.55
-you can now use gc and hid controller at the same time on a wii, if hid is enabled it will still check the gc ports if you are using a normal wii

Version 1.54
-Updated the Mayflash 3 in 1 Magic Joy Box controller.ini to work with v1.53
-Updated the memory map that I forgot to include with v1.53

Version 1.53
Added new parameters in controller.ini
<DeadZone> is a value in hex if the controller is up to that far from center nintendont will still send that the stick is center to the game. It has a default value of 0 which is correct for most controllers.It sholud only need to be changed it the stick appears to be pulling in one direction. Prior versions had this hardcoded to 1A.
<Radius> is a percent applied to the value coming from the stick. Prior versions had this hardcoded to 100. It has a default value of 80 which is correct for most sticks. Most sticks produce values ranging from 00 to ff, the camecube controller only produces values of only about 80% of that. It only needs to be changed if your controller dosent produce values ranging from 00 to ff.

Version 1.52
-added some code to fix games like pal luigis mansion
-added a new bin2h, this one should be compilable for linux etc as well

Version 1.51
Generate .h files from .S files.
Generate .S files for DVDInquiryAsync and DVDSeekAbsAsyncPrio.
Remove built files from repository.
Simplify PadStub calling (use a global location for PadBuff).

Version 1.50
-changed up some things to hopefully help save crashes

Version 1.49
-Fixed reading controller.ini when lines are separated by only a <line feed>
=Added Logitech Cordless Rumblepad 2 controller.ini (Thanks BravaCentauri)
=Added PDP Afterglow AP.1 Controller for PS3 controller.ini (Thanks BravaCentauri)
=Added Gioteck SC-1 controller.ini (Thanks Rockohoward)

Version 1.48
-more memory card emu tweaks, now nintendont will wait at least 3 seconds before it actually saves a file to your drive, that way it should not freeze because of too early storing, also optimized the save timing a bit to improve stability

Version 1.47
-added missing parts for drive led to still work

Version 1.46
-some more work on the pad read code, now for example final fantasy crystal chronicles works again
-changed up some timings again to help making for example melee more stable

Version 1.45
-Added disk read activity led support
-Fixed dump that could occur when the last line on controller.ini didn't have a carriage return linefeed
-Added testing of file system on SD: to match testing on usb:
-Added message to loading patched kernel 8 indicating using gamecube ports

Version 1.44
-changed up some thread priorities

Version 1.43
-Fixed GC analog triggers on controllers 2, 3 and 4 controlling player 1

Version 1.42
-took out the disc read input check of r40 again, I dont know why it would break for some people but whatever...

Version 1.41
-Moved writing the version info into ndebug.log so it is always written first

Version 1.40
-read in fonts before staring the game (fixes a few games)
-do not check for new disc read inputs if we are still reading a file (fixes a few games)

Version 1.39
Added configuration file for Thrustmaster T-Wireless(Thanks ALSINJAN)
Fixed compile error on systems where caps make a difference

Version 1.38
-slightly increased wait delay again to help stabilize games like melee

Version 1.37
-Optimized for space so DEBUG can stay enabled with USB kernel
-Nintendont version is now shown in log
-Added a few missing carriage returns

Version 1.36
-creating cache before we enter the game now, this way too slow devices should not cause any error anymore

Version 1.35
-Set Patch.c dbgprintf code as a separate category so it can be disabled if necessary

Version 1.34
Only cache fonts section of ipl.bin. (Save 1.5MB)

Version 1.33
-further improved the disc read thread introduced with r31
-improved usability of the return to feature, it should be more reliable now
-caching the font file by default now

Version 1.32
Add support for japanese font.
-Use either ipl.bin or font_sjis.bin

Version 1.31
-made the disc read threaded, that should greatly reduce the random beeps in games if you go from one screen to another and also should improve control reaction times
-moved up most of the memory positions to make space for the cache

Version 1.30
-Made the cache code a little easier to read
-Added note about not enabling DEBUG and DEBUG_DI at the same time (looking into it, problem is in Patch.c)

Version 1.29
-Fixed a few warnings
-Can now be compiled with AUDIOSTREAM defined

Version 1.28
-used wrong devkit for r27, sorry

Version 1.27
-added a new controller patching method which seems to be required for some games to be controllable, its still not fully tested so I cant promise every game is controllable now

Version 1.26
Try to use font_ansi.bin if no ipl.bin file is found.

Version 1.25
*Added file caching
*Updated EXIDMA and EXIImm to prevent register corruption
*Updated DCInvalidateRange to handle smaller than 32 bytes reads (Triforce)
*Removed __OSReadROM patch
*Removed unused patches
*Optimised some code
*IPL reads are now done to MEM2 first and then copied to dst to prevent data corruption

Note: Certain games try to load the IPL font and crash or don't display any font at all when the sd:/ipl.bin or usb:/ipl.bin is missing!
(i.e. FZero-GX)

File caching:
Put a file called cache.txt into the same dir as the game.iso and put any filenames you want to cache in there.
There is currently a file limit of 220 entries.

Version 1.24
-Made some of the init code clearer
-Fixed some typo's
-Removed empty Debug folders.

Version 1.23
Actually implement the change meant for r22 (Fix UStealth).

Version 1.22
Fix UStealth. - Thanks airline38

Version 1.21
Fix zero length DMA behavior. Fixes Animal Crossing (others?).

Version 1.20
-Cleaned up all the #ifdef DEBUG in kernel and loader, as they are pointless
-gprintf can be disabled like dbgprintf
-Added carriage return \r to all log code so nl_debug.log and ndebug.log can be read properly with Windows Notepad

Version 1.19
Added elf file for analyzing code dumps.

Version 1.18
Forgot the .dol

Version 1.17
Fixed meta.xml not updating to the correct version

Version 1.16
Revert minor DSP change from r13.

Version 1.15
-attempted to fix crashes on autoboot, on return to homebrew channel and when using memory card emulation

Version 1.14
Fix black screen when using interlace with component cable.

Version 1.03
Attempt to fix reset hangups.
Speed up memory card writes.

Version 1.02
-added a small patch to fix up some japanese games on non-japanese consoles

Version 1.01
Added DSP fixes for v2, v3, v4, v6, and v9

Version 1.00
If your loader provides a return stub, the reset combination will now use it, if no loader was used, you will return to the system menu
Added Mayflash 3 in 1 Magic Joy Box support (Thanks Adeka & Fludit)
Added Thrustmaster Firestorm Dual Analog 2 support
Cleared message to plug in HID controller once it is plugged in
Added error message for "PS3 controller init error"
Added display of error codes for unknown HID init errors
Removed DSP patches

-The loader now updates the meta.xml file (thanks faku1810)

-Added a MCE exception for Melee until the issue is solved
-Moved another break that was for testing
-Made the Title ID check a little clearer.

-Hopefully improved MC emulation (thanks crediar)

Fixed game with a '.' in their directory name not showing up in the loaders game

Fix Tales of Symphonia always up when using GC Pad.

- Press B at launch to prevent autobooting
- Remove NYI text from settings

Added message during boot to plug in HID controller if needed.
Added display of revision on the top of the screen.
Added display of additional error information during boot

The change to the ESPatch breaks the shutdown function. This will load the
Hollywood21 patch only for Wiis that are v21.
Fix Shutdown for WiiU as well.

Add Language selection to Loader Menu.

Rev 50 à 53
- Correction de l'erreur kernel=-1 sur les nouvelles Wii

Le paramètre langue SRAM peut être contrôlé avec la config

Nettoyage des erreurs affichées au démarrage et indication de pourquoi le contrôleur USB ne marche pas.

Votre jeu doit être en iso à l'emplacement :
sd:/games/(ce que vous voulez)/game.iso

Les fichiers de configuration des manettes doivent être placés dans :


The usage of HID devices is controlled via the nintendont config but forced on Wii U.

When using HID a sd:/controller.ini must be present, a few samples are supplied.

Nintendont uses a config file which is stored at sd:/nincfg.bin see nincfg.h.

Loaders can use the auto boot flag in the config to directly boot games.

When using the PS3 controller you must press the PS button first.

When using the GC controller you can use R+Z+B+DPad-Down to shut down the console,
when using a HID controller you have to map the Power entry to use this feature.

On the first boot it will create a new memory card which takes some time.

Error codes:

When nintendont is loading a game you will see a running number unless it
reaches 7 something went wrong:

-1: Kernel failed to load
0: ES init failed
1: SD init failed
2: FAT init failed
3: CFG init failed
4: HID init failed
5: DI init failed
6: CARD init failed (It will wait here while creating a new memory card)

If SD or FAT fail your SD card is probably not compatible.

HID can fail if there are mistakes in the controller.ini or the controller isn't

DI fails if something is wrong with your game ISO.

ES has a rare chance of crashing just reset your Wii/Wii U.


Either copy the Nintendont folder into your apps folder or directly load
the .dol by any means.

When loaded directly Nintendont looks for games at:


HID Controller Config:

You need my tool called HIDTest to determinate the values.

Most entries should be obvious.

All values are in hex, do not use the 0x prefix.

Use 1 (so far only the PS3 controller needed 0)

Certain pads use bits for each DPad direction other use numbers going
form 0 to 7 for each direction.

An easy test for this is if one direction doesn't change any bits then
use 1 and fill in all 8 values for the DPAD otherwise use 0 and just fill
in the four values. (see examples)

The rest uses [Button]=[offset],[mask] offset starts at 0.

https://github.com/FIX94/Nintendont Site officiel : https://github.com/FIX94/Nintendont

Télécharger Télécharger Nintendont sd/usb v5.485 : Backups GameCube sur SD/USB
Les fichiers avec l'extension 7z se décompressent avec winrar ou 7zip.

148 commentaires
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^ Déconnecté tonyM31
#31, posté le 03/06/14 à 02:06:10
66 messages
Petit parleur
nintendont v 1.75 chaine enabled merci a info wii et au devolepeur bravo crediardjonstineonligne

Dernière édition le 03/06/14 à 02:56:15 par tonyM31.
Choisir un Film : La meilleure solution quand on ne sait pas quel film regarder
^ Déconnecté sebas7ien
#32, posté le 03/06/14 à 11:55:57
1 messages
Petit nouveau
Bonjour à tous,

Voilà j'ai quelque souci sur wii U ::'(::, je n'arrive pas à faire fonctionner une manette wii U pro avec nintendont, j'utilise le fichier nintendont_wiiuprousb.ini récupéré ici : https://github.com/Nanolx/nintendont-controller que je renomme controller.ini et que que met dans SD:/controller.ini.

Je branche ma manette en usb en façade, je lance le loader, je sélectionne mon jeux à la wiimote car à la manette je n'ai rien qui bouge et blocage une erreur s'affiche me disant en gros que le fichier controller.ini n'est pas reconnu ::wtf::.

Que puis-je faire ??

D'avance merçi
^ Déconnecté jim750
#33, posté le 03/06/14 à 16:12:47
125 messages
Apprenti parleur
Toujours pareil : le programme m'annonce un message d'erreur du genre "No FAt device found..." et se ferme.
^ Déconnecté Attila
#34, posté le 03/06/14 à 17:14:21
23125 messages
Dieu des dieux
est ce que y'a qu'une seule partition et est elle fat 32 également ?

edit: j'ai mit la 1.77
et effectivement il manquait le .dol je sais pas pourquoi mais il y est maintenant

Dernière édition le 03/06/14 à 17:16:30 par Attila.
^ Déconnecté jim750
#35, posté le 03/06/14 à 20:51:12
125 messages
Apprenti parleur
Alors, j'ai testé et toujours le même message. Donc, je sature.
Je me rabats sur USB Loader GX qui fonctionne. ::(::

Donc, je donne la solution : n'utilisez pas n'importe quel disque dur externe, achetez les Western Digital 2.5. Voilà.

Juste pour info, y aurait-il la liste de compatibilité des jeux Gamecube ?

Pour ma part, Rayman 3 H arrive jusqu'au menu du choix de langue et les contrôles devienennt indisponibles et Super Mario Sunshine bug au bout de quelques cinématiques.
Reste à savoir si ça vient de mo,n matériel, de mon formatage ou de la stabilité du logiciel.
J'attends impatiemment les mises à jour.

Dernière édition le 03/06/14 à 22:55:25 par jim750.
^ Déconnecté tonyM31
#36, posté le 05/06/14 à 00:15:13
66 messages
Petit parleur
bonsoir moi j me serre de la version r3 ou de v1.70 chaine fonctionel aucun bug mise a jour effectuer wii et wiiU
^ Déconnecté jim750
#37, posté le 05/06/14 à 19:16:03
125 messages
Apprenti parleur

Bonsoir, tu as testé la compatibilité des jeux stp ?

Tout fonctionne bien ?

^ Déconnecté tonyM31
#38, posté le 05/06/14 à 20:23:32
66 messages
Petit parleur
je teste la version 1.80 aussi le 1.3 marche fait fonctioner les jeux mario double dash mario shunshine zelda wind hitman2 et d'autre ect.... met jai tester les version apres sur Eternal Darkness - Sanity's Requiem (PAL) apres et sa fonctioner il y avait de amèlioriation par a port au news version version 1.80
lien wii et vwii application
+chaine sait ki la fait j vs la met a disposition
lien wii chaine wad
lien vwii chaine wad

Dernière édition le 05/06/14 à 20:30:08 par tonyM31.
^ Déconnecté jim750
#39, posté le 06/06/14 à 11:00:16
125 messages
Apprenti parleur
OK,merci à toi.
^ Déconnecté tonyM31
#40, posté le 08/06/14 à 00:29:00
66 messages
Petit parleur
controller.ini vous prener le fichier ps3 de master controleur vous le changer ou renomer en controller.ini et pour finr dans usb ou dans la sd a la racine vous metter le fichier et votre manette ps3 fonctionne sur nintndont wii et vwii wiiU lien master controleur:https://github.com/Nanolx/nintendont-controller
-news version nintendont v1 101 r102

Dernière édition le 28/06/14 à 00:57:42 par tonyM31.
^ Déconnecté xtopher
#41, posté le 28/06/14 à 10:38:48
267 messages
Apprenti parleur
Y aurait-il un site "officiel" pour Nintendont; pour (à l'avenir) trouver la version la plus récente et les divers fichiers (pour chaque manette) controller.ini qui vont bien? Bref, un endroit où tout est centralisé, testé et à jour. ::)::

Dernière édition le 28/06/14 à 10:40:55 par xtopher.
^ Déconnecté payhen44
#42, posté le 28/06/14 à 11:15:43
3868 messages
Dieu des dieux
Renomme le fichier .dol en (boot.dol)..

Fichiers pour divers controller:

Dernière édition le 28/06/14 à 11:20:25 par payhen44.
^ Déconnecté tonyM31
#43, posté le 28/06/14 à 13:11:07
66 messages
Petit parleur
le r 102 nintendont fait fonctionner les jeux gc exemple: mario double dash - luigi manson -hitmant 2 -catewoman - zelda wind waker ect....

Dernière édition le 28/06/14 à 13:12:30 par tonyM31.
^ Déconnecté xtopher
#44, posté le 29/06/14 à 11:58:01
267 messages
Apprenti parleur
Merci pour les liens ::)::

Sur le site googlecode nintendont:
Le n° de version n'est inscrit nul part, je suppose que c'est r102 dont TonyM31 parle (la dernière version à ce jour)!?

Dans les fichiers cfg des manettes, aucune mention pour les Wiimotes !?
^ Déconnecté payhen44
#45, posté le 29/06/14 à 12:37:41
3868 messages
Dieu des dieux
Pas compatible... utilise un pad GameCube pour la wii.

Ps: Fait aussi fonctionner TimeSplitters 2 (pal), Mario sunshine (pal). Cependant F-Zero GX (pal) lui ne fonctionne toujours pas.

Dernière édition le 29/06/14 à 12:38:25 par payhen44.
^ Déconnecté tonyM31
#46, posté le 29/06/14 à 14:08:28
66 messages
Petit parleur
lien pour telecharger la nouvelle version et le r104 c le changement de project c qui bosse dessus en se moment et sa veut dire qui va avoir des nouvelle version met certain version fait marcher des jeux et d'autre version fait marcher d'autre jeux emple:version v1.70 fait marcher Eternal Darkness - Sanity's Requiem (PAL). la nouvelle version cette version il marche pas avec ce jeux faut ce referencer au gtemp site lien http://gbatemp.net/threads/nintendont-crediars-new-project.349258/ pour savoir quelle et quel version fait marcher les jeux Nintendont version v1 101 lien :http://wiidatabase.de/wii-u-vwii-downloads/hacks/nintendont-gamecube-spiele/

Dernière édition le 29/06/14 à 14:26:46 par tonyM31.
^ Déconnecté akj
#47, posté le 29/06/14 à 15:34:47
19 messages
Petit nouveau
est-ce que il existe un montage vidéo Sur wii merci de médé
^ Déconnecté tonyM31
#48, posté le 30/06/14 à 05:30:46
66 messages
Petit parleur
montage video de koi exemple si tu peux me dire jessaye de expliquer merci avance sur wii c parreille ke la wiiU sauf ke sa marche mieux sur wii tuto nintendont wii/wiiU tous y est expliquer en francais lien:http://gbatemp.net/threads/nintendont-crediars-new-project.349258/ vous ouvrez une autre page internet vs copier le lien http://ect... ke jai donner et vs le coller ds la barre adress de l'autre page ke vs avez ouvert et taper entre et le tuto affiche

Dernière édition le 30/06/14 à 05:40:32 par tonyM31.
^ Déconnecté VinsCool
#49, posté le 01/07/14 à 04:03:22
358 messages
Je vous recommanderai de mettre la version 1.108 en téléchargement, celle-ci semble être assez stable pour une bonne quantité de jeux :)
^ Déconnecté xtopher
#50, posté le 01/07/14 à 08:15:32
267 messages
Apprenti parleur
Quote payhen44:
Pas compatible... utilise un pad GameCube pour la wii.

J'espère que cette fonction arrivera (car le fil des manette GC sont un peu courts :;):: ).
::wtf:: bref, je serai encore sous dios mios pour un petit temps alors...
@+ xt.
^ Déconnecté tonyM31
#51, posté le 02/07/14 à 16:53:24
66 messages
Petit parleur
manette gc marche pas il que adatateur mayflash et la manette de ps3 qui marche nouvelle version nintendont v1 112 ki fait marche zelda colletion edition

Dernière édition le 02/07/14 à 23:29:21 par tonyM31.
^ Déconnecté payhen44
#52, posté le 02/07/14 à 19:42:45
3868 messages
Dieu des dieux
Si, ça fonctionne avec une manette Gc via la wii..::siffle::

@ xtopher,
Pas pour maintenant et peut-être jamais via le bluetooth..

Dernière édition le 02/07/14 à 19:46:24 par payhen44.
^ Déconnecté tonyM31
#53, posté le 02/07/14 à 23:28:32
66 messages
Petit parleur
oui sur la wii sa marche si ta les port sur les cotè tu peux jouer meme a plusieur manette gc news version nintendon v1 115 ki fait marche viewtiful joe et mario basball

Dernière édition le 03/07/14 à 10:30:30 par tonyM31.
^ Déconnecté VinsCool
#54, posté le 04/07/14 à 20:42:33
358 messages
le bluetooth est en préparation, pas encore prêt mais ça viendra.
^ Déconnecté payhen44
#55, posté le 08/07/14 à 13:11:01
3868 messages
Dieu des dieux
Dernière version ajouter (v1.125)..
Spoiler : :
^ Déconnecté VinsCool
#56, posté le 09/07/14 à 03:50:21
358 messages
Et voici la version 1.126 qui pour le moment bloque l'audio streaming, ce qui devrait faire fonctionner plus de jeux ! https://code.google.com/p/nintendon-t/source/detail?r=126
^ Déconnecté tonyM31
#57, posté le 11/07/14 à 02:26:52
66 messages
Petit parleur
nintendont v1 .127 fait marcher des jeux ki ne marcher plus bien les news le R127 lien:https://code.google.com/p/nintendon-t/source/detail?r=127
telecharger le loader.elf et le loader.dol met sa a la racine de la sd et du disque dur renomer loader.dol en boot.dol mettrer le ds un fichier nommer Nintendont et mettre le ds apps ds le disque dur et ds la sd
^ Déconnecté VinsCool
#58, posté le 12/07/14 à 01:33:34
358 messages
Quote tonyM31:
nintendont v1 .127 fait marcher des jeux ki ne marcher plus bien les news le R127 lien: https://code.google.com/p/nintendon-t/source/detail?r=127
telecharger le loader.elf et le loader.dol met sa a la racine de la sd et du disque dur renomer loader.dol en boot.dol mettrer le ds un fichier nommer Nintendont et mettre le ds apps ds le disque dur et ds la sd

En fait la révision 127 n'est utile que pour les utilisateurs de carte SD, sinon rien n'a changé au niveau compatibilité depuis la r126.
^ Déconnecté vavan
#59, posté le 15/07/14 à 19:40:50
4 messages
Petit nouveau
Salut, j'ai lancez Nintendont, tout est niquel sauf 2 choses : Super Mario Sunshine est au ralenti ? Mario Kart Double Dash me sors une erreur

et la manette de PS3 se deconnecte au lancement du jeux et ne veut plus se rallumer :(
PS3 infos, toutes les news et tutoriaux du hack / jailbreak PS3
^ Déconnecté VinsCool
#60, posté le 16/07/14 à 02:16:43
358 messages
Quote vavan:
Salut, j'ai lancez Nintendont, tout est niquel sauf 2 choses : Super Mario Sunshine est au ralenti ? Mario Kart Double Dash me sors une erreur

et la manette de PS3 se deconnecte au lancement du jeux et ne veut plus se rallumer :(

Bonsoir, utilise la dernière version de nintendont -> https://nintendon-t.googlecode.com/svn-history/r128/trunk/loader/loader.dol ces jeux sont fonctionnels à 100 % :;)::
copie et colle le fichier loader.dol dans le dossier de nintendont du téléchargement de wii-info sur ta carte sd, remplace le fichier boot.dol par celui-ci (renommé en boot.dol) Bon jeu ! ::^^::

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