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Configurable USB Loader v55

dispo ici :


09-03-2010 cfg v55 (release)

* No change (version only, full package)

07-03-2010 cfg v55b3 (beta3)

* Fixed occasional hang when trying to start
games on FAT/NTFS with cios 249 rev19

07-03-2010 cfg v55b2 (beta2)

* Games on SD/SDHC FAT/NTFS with cios 249 rev19

06-03-2010 cfg v55b (beta)

* Fixed ios250 support
* Updated 249 r18 dip with disc check fix
* Print ios249 base ios (37,38,57,60) and mload version
* Rename cfg-fat to cfg-222
* Changed option default: hide_hddinfo=1 also for normal cfg.dol
* Fixed magic word actions for the GUI
* Changed intro
* Cleanups

06-03-2010 cfg v55a3 (alpha)

* 249 rev18 fat/ntfs other base than 38 fix
* Bug fixes for "nothing" and button remap actions

05-03-2010 cfg v55a2x (experimental)

* FAT/NTFS support for cios 249 rev18.
NOTE: it overrides the dip plugin which adds frag support
thanks to the mload capability in cios 249 rev18

04-03-2010 cfg v55a (alpha)

* Added new values to the home and button_* options:
priiloader - uses the Priiloader magic word "Daco" to go to Priiloader menu
wii_menu - uses the Priiloader magic word "Pune" to go to Wii Menu
Any other Priiloader magic word can be entered as text (no others exist yet)
Any channel ID can be entered, e.g., FDCL for pepxl's forwarder

Cool Usage Ideas:
To go to Wii Menu when using Priiloader:
home = wii_menu
home = Pune
To implement a restart function after updates:
home = FDCL #replace with your forwarder's ID
button_H = exit
# Because of the implementation of the options,
# This makes the home button restart Cfg when
# used in a menu like the global menu, and
# exit when used in the game list or GUI.
Implement multiple exit types and channel launchers:
button_B = FDCL # reboot via forwarder
button_1 = HATP # launch PAL Nintendo Channel
button_2 = etc.

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