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par Déconnecté yoyo34280 le 24/10/11 à 08:30:25 (il y a 6 ans 26 semaines 1 jour 20 heures 44 minutes) 1 réponses, vu 1678 fois

Mon loader préféré !!!

Une nouvelle mise à jour ::d::

C'est cool je test

Tag of version 2.3
- Added the possibility to use the internal Wii System Menu font (thanks to
giantpune and r-win).
- Added proper message to install progress bar to show when install is really
- Added a GUI option for Play count display.
- Added "Remember Unlock" option in parental control menu to set whether the
lock should always be enabled on launch if a password is set.
- Added Priiloader override on returning to Wii System Menu.
- Added different hooktype and wiird debugger (Thanks to GeckoOS for the
- Added NAND emulation to redirect Wii NAND access to SD or USB. Default NandEmu
path set to sd:/nand/ (Requires d2x cIOS v7 alpha or later).
* Partial emulation: Load and save the game saves to the NandEmu path instead
of the Wii internal memory.
The Mii, Wiimote configuration and Wii settings are
loaded from the real Wii.
* Full emulation: Load everything from the NandEmu path instead of the Wii
internal memory.
Attention: if you play on someone else's Wii, you'll need
to use your own Wiimote and network might not work.
- Added a NAND extract feature. You can extract everything or enter a path to a
directory or file which to extract.
- Added a save game extraction menu to extract all save games at once from real
NAND to NandEmu path.
- Added a per game save game extraction to NandEmu path.
- Added a per game NandEmu, Hooktype, WiirdDebugger setting.
- Added possibility for network re-init (Wifi-Button in Homebrew Launcher).

- Using new app_booter for homebrew booting (see WiiXplorer changelog).
- Reload back to entry IOS when starting homebrew instead of starting it in
- Removed limit of .csv and .txt game list creation.
- Entered characters for the password field are now hidden.
- Improved detection of not existing cheat txt files.
- Forwarder: Centered the background image and corrected the aspect ratio.

- Fixed META.XML format.
- Disabled try to mount of drive when no disc is inserted.
- Fixed issue with file browser not jumping back to first directory entry on
directory change.

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Dieu des dieux
Merci, je l'avais vu celui là, j'attendais juste d'avoir du temps pour le newser :;)::
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