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par Déconnecté Antonito le 22/07/09 à 13:43:41 (il y a 8 ans 48 semaines 2 jours 2 heures 31 minutes) 4 réponses, vu 1310 fois
Une nouvelle version de WiiMenu ( par rolyataylor2) proposant désormais le support des animations débarque sur la scène wii.

Quote :
Hi I'm back again made some progress with the menu, animations are working, albeit a little glitchy at the moment. I had folder views but had to take it out to get the animations working. BTW I don't know whether I should make a new thread or not when i update.

Animations for the channels
fixed zoomin/zoomout
Rearranged a bunch of code.
Check this out. I created a basic scripting engine for animations. Read the included readme.html to figure out how to program for it.

The animations are still in beta but the new versions that i make will be backwards compatible (so go ahead and make animations). I made a Super Mario Brothers 2 animation to test it out.
Download a Super Mario Brothers 3 Animation: Here
Extract it to the CHNL folder.
Transitions 5+ are not programmed yet, they will be on the next release.
To make images just appear just do a quick fade in. same to just disappear.
If you have the ability to take screen shots or video feel free to post it in this thread. It would be much appreciated.
To make new channels add a folder in the CHNL directory name it "0", "1", and so on. This naming of channels will not be permanent, when i figure out how to I will have the program scan the directory then store the channel positions in the menu in a file. That is my next step after animations.
Download V0.01b: Here

Please Help
I need help with the code that i have uploaded to google projects.
My Dol launcher code I havent tested it, but I hope to gain from it a basic function for loading DOL's and ELF's.
If anyone wants to help, if you can get it running, that will give this menu some functionality.
Everyone who helps will have there place in the credits

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