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NUS Auto Downloader v4.1.8

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X-Flak nous présente son utilitaire plutôt simple d'utilisation et en mode console.
En effet, il suffit de répondre à des questions simples (en anglais) comme le firmware que vous voulez installer, il téléchargera automatiquement les fichiers nécessaires et les placera dans un dossier approprié que vous n'aurez plus qu'à copier sur votre carte SD. Ensuite, vous pourrez installer les fichiers grâce à I/S Wad ou encore Pimp My Wii.

Version 4.1.8
- Fixed bug where IOS15v1031 was saved only to the wad folder instead of the wad folder AND the root of the SD Card

Version 4.1.7
- Fixed bug where IOS15v527 was downloaded instead of v1031 when modding a virgin 4.3 Wii

Version 4.1.6
-Added Support to Modify Virgin 4.3U and 4.3E Wii's (Virgin 4.3J/K Wii's cannot yet be modified)
-Added "Advanced Custom Downloads" feature (and moved "User-Defined Custom Downloads" from the main menu to this page).
-This is for more advanced users, and is capable of patching IOSs, and changing the version/slot numbers of cIOSs/IOSs.
-I also improved a lot upon "User-Defined Custom Downloads".
-Added Support to Modify Wii's under System Menu Version 2.2
-Added a USB-Loader Forwarder Channel to extra brick protection (this will allow you to launch homebrew without using an exploit in the event of accidental update)
-Removed the option to download Stub IOSs from the download wizard
-Fixed bug in the download wizard where IOS30 was not downloaded when installing System Menu 3.2
-Fixed bug in MMM Configurator, now it writes "AutoloadIOS=" (instead of "ciosversion=", which is the term used in the Wad Manager config file)
-Due to popular demand, I've set up a PayPal account. If you want, you can send donations via PayPal to [email protected] (just think of what I could do if I had something better than notepad to program with!)
-If you do make a donation, PM me on gbatemp or send me an email (at the same email address), and as a way of saying thanks, I will reveal one of NUSAD's functional Easter Eggs to you.
-Added the following files to the Download Database:
--Twilight Hack
--Smash Stack
--Indiana Pwns
--LoadMii v0.3 (Twilight Version)
--Trucha Bug Restorer v1.13
--USB-Loader Forwarder Channel
--IOS41v3091 (on archived downloads page)
--Added a new Priiloader hacks.ini (to replace the previous 3) that has ALL the Priiloader hacks in it for all System Menu's
-Other minor changes.

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Super HB!:;):::;)::
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Un homebrew qui aide beaucooup de monde :)

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