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ModMii v4.4.0

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X-Flak nous présente son utilitaire plutôt simple d'utilisation et en mode console.
En effet, il suffit de répondre à des questions simples (en anglais) comme le firmware que vous voulez installer, il téléchargera automatiquement les fichiers nécessaires et les placera dans un dossier approprié que vous n'aurez plus qu'à copier sur votre carte SD. Ensuite, vous pourrez installer les fichiers grâce à I/S Wad ou encore Pimp My Wii.

Version 4.4.0
- ModMii is able to create Custom System Menu Themes (*.csm files) which can be installed using MyMenuify. Alternatively, ModMii can bundle themes into System Menu WADs for easy installation using a WAD Manager. The Dark Wii Red Theme by the Wii Theme Team is the only supported theme on 4.1/4.2/4.3 firmwares of all regions. When using the ModMii Wizard or the NAND Builder, users will be asked if they want to install a theme or not.
- Added offline support to ModMii. A temp folder saves a copy of all downloads (except Auto-Updating Downloads) so that ModMii will never need to download the same file twice. The Save Zip option has been replaced by ModMii's offline support.
- ModMii Wizard now recommends users beginning on a 4.3 System Menu remain on 4.3. ModMii Guides now instruct users to install a patched IOS236 using either IOS236 Installer or Simple IOS Patcher. Recommended cIOSs now include cIOS250v20[57] instead of cIOS250v20[38].
- The USB-Loader Set Up guide offers Users the choice to download Configurable USB-Loader, wiiFlow or both. The latest Official/Full release of Configurable USB-Loader is now downloaded instead of the latest beta release. WiiBackupManager is now used to format drives instead of FAT32 GUI Formatter.
- NAND Builder now includes IOS41,43,45,46,48, BC and a Dark Wii Red Theme option.
- "ModMii Updater 1.0" updated to "ModMii Installer v2.0" Can perform local installations including shortcuts on desktop\start menu) and it still offers the traditional portable installation option. This will be the only download link listed on the ModMii webpage from now on.
- Updated NusFileGrabber to v1.3 in order to download various files listed below.

New Downloads
+Simple IOS Patcher v1.11
+WiiFlow 2.2beta (249)
+000000**.app MyMenuify files for 4.3U/E/J/K, 4.2K and 4.1K for people who want to build their own DIOS MIOS enabled SNEEK
+WiiBackupManager (WBM) updated to 0.3.6 beta 1
-Removed FAT32 GUI Formatter since WBM can format drives as FAT32/NTFS and WBFS

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télécharger Télécharger ModMii v4.4.0 (anciennement NUS Auto Downloader)

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Oui tellement qu'on ne peut plus télécharger sneek avec cette version::surprised::
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[MAJ] rev 4.4.1 dispo
correction de bug

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