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Engine02 09/12/2010

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Engine 02 est un moteur de jeu multiplateformes 2D dirigé par des scripts codé par Stealth pour DOS, Windows, Linux, Intel/PPC MacOS, PSP et Wii.

La documentation est disponible pour créer les jeux sur PC et MAC.

Actuellement les jeux disponibles sont Sonic project METTRIX et Megaman Triple Thread

Version 09/12/2010
First of all, I apologize if anything turns out to be wrong with this update. I've been feeling very sick for the last couple of days, but I've wanted these things done for some time now, so I've done my best to prevent it from causing any more delay than necessary

This update begins with the new E02 version 10.12.09, which, in conjunction with a few bugfixes and a "Scanlines" render mode for Windows/Linux/Mac, features a new "Utilities" menu that is accessible from the main menu in builds that support editing. Accessible from this menu are interfaces for functionality that was previously only available by the command-line, including the "Level Ripper". The links provided in the previous sentence will explain usage for each of the utilities. Also, view the full "What's New" here

A brief look at the "Level Editor" and "Level Ripper" interfaces is available here:

This update also brings about the release of the "Sonic the Hedgehog" Game Template I had been promising. Unfortunately, the sheer amount of work involved in cleaning up and documenting my older scripts to the point that I had envisioned would have put any release off for far too long, so, I have decided to scale it back so that everyone isn't kept waiting. However, it is entirely sufficient to begin creating a "Sonic the Hedgehog" game, or to use in understanding how E02 can be used to create complex games. For more details on what exactly is in this template, you can view the ReadMe online. The template itself can be downloaded from E02's in-program downloads interface, under the section "Fangame Templates"

This video provides a glance at the Template in action, but there is more functionality to be found by playing around with it yourself, and viewing and modifying some of the Scripts:

Your patience with this issue is very much appreciated. Because this template is very much usable in its current state, it won't be seeing an update for quite some time due to the amount of remaining work, and because it does a fair job of exhibiting E02's features, I have decided to put off any "Megaman" template for a while, as it also requires a large amount of cleanup, and would also require significant additions so as to "fill it in" without using too much content from Triple Threat. This is because there are some other Organized Chaos projects that are in need of attention, including a new E02 project to be revealed at a later date. This certainly does not mean that I will be leaving E02 to collect dust, though. I will still be providing support, correcting bugs as necessary, and expanding functionality as inspiration strikes. There should also be some more basic examples of individual fields of E02 functionality cropping up eventually, so, keep a lookout for that

Finally, so far, I have received one donation, which was toward the purchase of a GP2X Wiz for E02 development. As I've stated, this money is reserved specifically for the fund it is donated to, so, please don't let this man's money rot away :P

As always- Enjoy!

Voici un exemple de jeu fait avec le moteur de jeu, des jeux basés sur Sonic et Megaman:
image image

http://www.nintendomax.com/viewtopic.php?p=34373#p34373 Source : http://www.nintendomax.com/viewtopic.php?p=34373#p34373
http://stealth.hapisan.com/E02/ Site officiel : http://stealth.hapisan.com/E02/
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