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Wii Backup Manager 0.3.8 Build 61

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Wii Backup Manager est un utilitaire développé par fig2k4. Il vous permet d'ajouter des jeux sur un disque formaté en wbfs, ou de modifier les images de vos jeux pour les convertir dans un autre format. C'est une alternative intéressante à wbfs Manager, car cet utilitaire est extrêmement complet.

0.3.8 build 61
|-Fixed: Sometimes the cover downloads would only download to the cache instead of the configured folders.
|-Changed: Default renderer is software again. Just in case there's any problems initialising OpenGL or Direct3D.
|-Changed: Export template code. Have a look at my example templates to see the changes and all the valid variables. Now supports multiple pages and covers etc.
|-Added: Option "Use cover cache". When disabled, WBM behaves just like the loaders, where you can download missing covers only. The display will only use covers that already exist too.
|-Added: When a cover can't be downloaded to the cache, the display uses whatever it can find in the cover folders.
|-Fixed: A weird problem on FAT32 when renaming or updating the storage convention. The "Ō" character was somehow classed as the same as "O". I'm still not sure why it happened because I can't reproduce it, but now the files and folders are moved in 2 steps. First to a temp location, then to the final location, which avoids any mix ups.
|-Fixed: The custom titles file was always saved to the app folder instead of the location in the settings.
|-Fixed: After selecting the custom-titles.txt location, the filename was set to titles.txt, instead of custom-titles.txt.
|-Fixed: The path to the disc.info file was wrong when using a custom folder.
|-Fixed: Problems with NPOT textures on systems that don't support it.
|-Added: New variables to use in the paths %APPDRIVE% (eg. "F:") and %LOCALTEMP% (eg. "C:\Users\fig\AppData\Local\Temp")
|-Fixed: When the WiiFlow config was selected, front covers weren't downloaded to the cache (For display) when the full cover exists.


http://www.wii-addict.fr/forum/Wii-Backup-Manager-038-build-61-t23729.html Source : http://www.wii-addict.fr/forum/Wii-Backup-Manager-038-build-61-t23729.html
http://gbatemp.net/index.php?showtopic=188295 Site officiel : http://gbatemp.net/index.php?showtopic=188295
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Apprenti parleur

Peut-on avec cet outil récupérer un ISO directement d'un DVD original ou non ?

En fait, j'ai réussi à le faire (à partir d'un back-up), mais l'ISO ainsi récupéré sur le DD de mon ordi est exploitable ou non ?

Merci !
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^ Déconnecté Attila
#2, posté le 10/04/11 à 12:21:56
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Dieu des dieux
bah ouvre le avec wiiscrubber tu verra s'il le lit

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