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ScummVM 1.3.1

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dhewg a mis en ligne une nouvelle version de l'émulateur ScummVM pour Wii.

Version 1.3.1
- Improved audio device detection and fallback.
There should be no more silent errors due to invalid audio devices.
Instead ScummVM should pick up a suitable alternative device.
- Added detection entries for more variants of some Living Books
- Fixed a regression that made Discworld uncompletable.
- Fixed a regression in Inherit the Earth's dragon walk code which
was causing crashes there.
- Fixed a regression causing various crashes in I Have No Mouth and
I Must Scream.
- Added detection entries for some Macintosh game versions.
- Audio settings are now stored correctly for the CD version of EcoQuest 1.
- Fixed graphics bug in FM-TOWNS versions of games on ARM devices
(Android, iPhone, etc.).

Nécessite :
- SD card
- Contrôleur gamecube ou Wiimote

Fonctionnalités (spécifiques au portage wii):
- Scaling hardware GX
- Utilisation du slot SD interne de la Wii

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