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Wiimms, auteur des outils de manipulation de fichier image de jeu WIT/WWT, propose maintenant un utilitaire de traitement les fichiers SZS. Cet utilitaire fonctionne uniquement en ligne de commande. L’intérêt par rapport au autre outils de manipulation de ce type de fichier est la possibilité de faire des traitement par batch (traitement par lot). Bien entendu, Wiimms SZS Tools n'est pas un substitut à SZS Modifier, qui possède une interface graphique bien plus conviviale et interactive.

Consultez le site officiel pour voir la lite des opérations possible avec Wiimms SZS Tools

Cet outils peut fonctionner sous Windows/Linux/Mac os. La version présente sur wii-info est la version Windows. Rendez-vous sur le site officiel pour obtenir les autres versions.

Version 0.22a r3166
- The KMP encoder is now a 2 pass compiler and the whole source is scanned
twice. In pass 1 only names are defined and warnings are suppressed. In
pass 2 all objects are defined.
- KMP logging: The job info line is now printed before warnings.
- Some new CAME+POTI variables are defined automatically as help for
calculated parameters, e.g. came.time or viewpt.len.
- If decoding or encoding a KMP, a plausibility check is done. This should
help to find KMP errors. Option --no-check disables this check. You can
find a detailed list of all checks on the tools website:
* http://szs.wiimm.de/cmd/wkmpt/check#desc
- New command: wkmpt CHECK: Run a KMP check and return 'DIFFER' on exit
status if any KMP error found.
- New command: wkmpt OBJECTS: Search objects in the internal object database
using the entered keywords and print infos about each found object.
Options --brief and --long control the verbosity of output. A online query
is also available: http://szs.wiimm.de/cgi/mkw/object
- Internal object database updated.
- KMP compiler/POTI: New command '$COPY': Copy some or all points from
previous defined routes.
- KMP compiler/POTI: New commands @shift-route, @hrotate-route, @scale-route:
These commands transform all points of a route.

Version 0.21a r3142
- Windows version only: Update to Cygwin DLL 1.7.9-1
- Bug fix: If creating a TEX from multiple PNG files, sometimes not all
PNG sources were used.
- Bug fix: If extracting BRRES files, the informative file '.string-pool.txt'
was sometimes empty.
- The KMP/CAME text output contains now comments about camera, zoom and view
point durations. This helps to find out a good camera setup.
- KMP/CAME scanning: If zoom or view point speed is set to value -1, then the
value is calculated so that the time coincides with the camera running time.
- Internal object database updated.
- The following points improve the diagnostic and analysis features:
- New wszst command: ILIST (or IL): List all images of an archive. To view
all sub archives recursivley, set option --all. Command ILL and ILLL are
short cuts for 'ILIST --long' and 'ILIST --long --long'.
- New option for tool wszst: --sort (-S): Define a sorting method for the
output of commands LIST and ILIST.
- New wszst command: MEMORY: Print a (recursive) memory map of all sources.
- New option --cut for "wszst LIST" and "wszst MEMORY": Cut different non
archive files into peaces (headers, groups, sections, ...) and list these
peaces as single sub files for a more detailed analysis.
Supported file types: BMG, BREFT-IMG, KMP, TEX, TPL and BRRES sub files.

Version 0.21a.beta1 r3092
- New wszst commands: XDECODE (=XD) as short cut for "EXTRACT --decode" and
XALL (=XA) as short cut for "EXTRACT --all".
- KMP encoder: Support of names for route points (section POTI).
- Mipmap support improved:
- If reading a TEX or BREFT, all mipmaps are scanned and internal stored.
- If reading a TPL file, all images are scanned internal stored.
- If reading a PNG, the tools search mipmap files.
- If storing a PNG, one PNG file is created for each image.
- If saving a format, all images are saved. The mipmaps of TEX and BREFT
are resized to have the correct size (half of the previos image).
- Option --no-mipmaps disables mipmap support.
- Option --n-mipmaps=NUM force the number of mipmaps. If needed, the
missing mipmaps are created from the existing images.

http://wiki.tockdom.de/index.php?title=Wiimms_SZS_Tools Site officiel : http://wiki.tockdom.de/index.php?title=Wiimms_SZS_Tools
http://www.wii-homebrew.com/wii-homebrew/wiimms-szs-tools-v022a Source : http://www.wii-homebrew.com/wii-homebrew/wiimms-szs-tools-v022a
télécharger Télécharger Wiimms SZS Tools v0.22a

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