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QRevPAK r2: Quake World, 1, 2 et Threewave Capture The Flag

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QRevPAK est un homebrew regroupant QWRev, Q1Rev et Q2Rev, permettant ainsi de jouer à Quake World, 1, 2 et Threewave Capture The Flag dans un seul et même homebrew Wii.

Version release 2
CD music track playback is now available! Copy your Ogg Vorbis-encoded tracks from your original Quake & Quake II CDs into a *\cdtracks* folder inside both your *\ID1* and *\baseq2* folders to enjoy the original CD soundtrack of your favorite games. NOTE: Please ensure that the tracks can be sorted by name. Also, there is no need for a fake Track 1; the engine won't look for it.
Key aliases are finally out of beta! With the new "keyalias" command, accessible from the console, and remembered in config.cfg, you can map every single key in your controller(s) to any other one, so you can configure your controller to suit your needs.
Quake Rev PAK will now remember the last game you launched, and will take you to that entry upon start.
A few bugs have been corrected, including one where Quake II and related games won't operate correctly with the Wiimote-Nunchuk combo control.
Minor stability adjustments to the engines, so they use less memory, and crash a little less often. NOTE: the Quake II and related game engines still have a few issues, but they are less noticeable now.
If your game crashes, and there is a chance that the engine finds out what happened, it will now create a _QRevPAK.err_ file in your media card, containing the date/time the crash happened, and the error message explaining what happened.
The On-Screen Keyboard now appears, in the Quake II and related game engines, only if you press the associated key for less than 0.5 seconds. Makes playing Quake II a lot easier in areas where you need to crouch.

QRevPAK permet de jouer aux jeux suivants (il faut que vous copiez les données dans les dossiers spécifiques) :
Quake (utilisant Q1Rev engine)
QuakeWorld (utilisant QWRev engine)
Quake II (utilisant Q2Rev engine)
Quake II Threewave Capture The Flag (utilisant Q2CTFRev engine)

http://wiibrew.org/wiki/QRevPAK Site officiel : http://wiibrew.org/wiki/QRevPAK
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