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SaveGame Manager GX rev122

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dj_skual a publié SaveGame Manager GX, un gestionnaire de sauvegarde basé sur le Savegame Manager 1.5 de Waninkoko, le loader GX et le Wiixplorer.

Révision 122
* Fixed some navigation problems in manage windows ( Issue 154 )
* Fixed usb multipartition problem ( Issue 155 )
* Added USB Multipartition support in SelectBrowser
* Added ScrollWide effect to GuiText
* Added a warning message in manage window if the save you want to manage is not installed in the Wii
* Fixed a problem with EmuNand list count
* Changed filebrowser to don't detect saves installed on EmuNand as extracted saves

* Speed up the process

Révision 121
* Added Emulated Nand Browser. Only if the app is running under Real Nand. You can set your emulated nand path in the "custom path settings menu" and enabled/disabled the browser in the "features settings menu". At this stage, you can only browse your files, and not manage...
* Fixed problem to extract big files ( Issue 151 )
* Fixed HomebrewBrowser problem if meta.xml had no <app> tag, or if <long_description> tag is empty ( Issue 150 )
* Changed a bit the StartUp process ( Issue 152 )
* Changed NEEK running detection to v4

* Updated libntfs to 2012-1-15 (rev11)
* Updated libuneekfs to 1.0.7

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^ Déconnecté Kiara
#1, posté le 23/02/12 à 17:30:06
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C'est possible de le trouver en chaine disque ?
PS3 infos, toutes les news et tutoriaux du hack / jailbreak PS3
^ Déconnecté Itachijiraya
#2, posté le 23/02/12 à 18:31:55
天 Moderator 朱
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Dieu des dieux
Oui ici
^ Déconnecté Kiara
#3, posté le 24/02/12 à 18:38:13
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Oui mais c'est un Forwarder ! je pourrez pas me séparez de ma carte SD, je préférerais la chaine complète.

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