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Wiiflow 3.0 Alpha (rev426/mod r315)

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Wiiflow est un USB/SD Loader pour lire les backups de jeux Wii sur disque dur USB, clé USB ou carte SD ainsi que le formatage WBFS/NTFS/FAT32. L'interface est basé sur un "coverflow" affichant les pochettes des jeux.

L'instigateur original du projet wiiflow, Hibernatus, souhaitant prendre du recul par rapport au projet, c'est donc r-win,Miigotu, Hulkhodn et OverjoY qui ont repris la direction du développement de cet USB Loader. Il continue ainsi, avec son équipe, a faire évoluer cet homebrew. Ce n'est donc pas un nouvel homebrew, mais la continuité de l'évolution de Wiiflow.


- Support des backups Wii sur USB ou SD/SDHC formaté en WBFS/NTFS/FAT32.
- Support des backups GameCube si vous avez DML.
- Compatibilité quasiment à 100% avec les cIOS d2x, même ceux appelés "IOS Reload".
- Mise en cache compréhensible de la liste des jeux, pour permettre une très large liste de de plusieurs milliers de jeux en 2 ou 3 secondes.
- Support de thèmes étendu.
- Possibilité de jouer le format THP des animations d'intro de chaque jeu.
- Traduit complètement dans plus de 22 langues.
- Possibilité de définir une image personnalisée pour chaque jeu.
- Possibilité de jouer plusieurs fichiers audio incluant le mp3, wad, bns, mod, s3m et ogg.
- Support complet de l'émulation de NAND pour les chaines, WiiWare et VC.
- Possibilité de rediriger les sauvegardes de jeux Wii vers l'USB à partir des révisions 416.

Voir tous les changements ici.

-updated danish.ini (thanks nibb)
-updated dutch.ini (thanks etheboss)
-converted language files to UTF8 LF

-because some people started whining about the fact the last
change returns to health screen instead of system menu I changed
that now just for them

-fixed broken return to system menu (thanks libogc for such
a huge failcommand)

-fixed missing translatable words in menu_categories and
-fixed more spelling mistakes in menu_nandemu, menu_config
and menu_config_game
-updated english.ini
-updated german.ini

-set up limits of fmt to prevent some missing words
-corrected a few spelling mistakes in menu_nandemu
-removed unneeded std:: from menu and menu_game

-replaced all safe_vectors by regular vectors, there is no
need of it anymore, also removed miigotus wrapper

Created wiki page through web user interface.

-fixed background music (zomg the first menu which is not
defined in the menu.hpp itself)

-added plugin selection menu in global settings, if in
plugin coverflow it will replace the nand emu button,
in this memu you can select which plugin should be displayed,
it will work no matter which sort is set, you can select more
than one emulator at the time of course
-background music is missing

-set up cover size limit to 1090 pixel instead of 1024

- categories menu 'B' back button fix

-changed plugin code, also fixed a bug in it

-something went wrong with the hq cover thing, now its
tested and working :P

-fixed problem that covers were not loading properly with
only a few games in a coverflow view
-added new option to wiiflow.ini GENERAL section,
"cover_use_hq", if you set it to yes all your covers
will be displayed in HQ again, but will also slowdown
the loading and wiiflow in general

- re-enabled '1' and '2' buttons for emuflow and brewflow
- updated default.ini to include layouts for emuflow and brewflow

-updated chinese_s.ini (thanks kavid)

-removed alot of unneeded .c_str()
-replaced alot of sfmt with fmt
-replaced a few sprintf with snprintf

* Make remove Wii games safe again for ppl that don't have their games in
* Close disc after installing a game

-changed small thing about the help file reading
-WOW r300 already

-reverted overjoys change about gc audio streaming because
it broke it
I tested the place where it was well enough, I tried to move
it but you can't, you need to set it directly if you want or not,
install plain mios v10 and you'll see there is no other way

- Merged common menu code

- The main settings menu will now only update the coverflow if needed. This
means pages 3-6 will return instantly.

- fixed typo in NAND saves text (exCisting). You may have to delete or fix
"cfgne26" in your english language file to see the change.

* Fixed game installer for Wii games in issue: 48
* Fixed game installer for Wii games on partitions with sector size other than
* Fixed removing Wii games (issue: 41)
* Cleaned up some useless stuff

-replaced 3 snprintf in code with strncpy, saves a little
bit time maybe, main reason is that its a more proper way ;)

-updated chinese_t.ini (thanks nobody_tw)

Merged common game and channel IOS loading code.

Added Help file to the about info.
Max length is 4095
defaults to:

A basic help file is included. It does not contain all info yet.

- Add uDraw icons to game info screen
- Clear old game info so it does not show for games without any gameTDB info.
- Only allow Update to show if not in parental lock mode.

* Enabled nand extract features for full nand and game saves
* Made nand emulation kind of noob prove
* Wiiflow will search for a valid FAT32 partition if nand emu is enabled, but no
partition is selected
* Wiiflow will now offer to extract the nand if nand emu is enabled, and no nand
for nand emulation is available
* Wiiflow will now offer to extract a game save if nand emulation is enabled, a
save is found on real nand and no save is found on emu nand.cpp
* Illegal chars for FAT are now escaped the 'd2x' way in the nand file extractor


* Add nand extract functions to game config menu's
* Add feature to flash a save back to real nand

-100% better looking auto IOS selection code, also fixed
a small bug in it which might cause some error in wiiflow

-added force progressive patch to dml games, just set
the game to PAL480p/NTSC480p to enable it, only works
with dml v1.3 or newer.

-added possibility to select the cover folder in
emulator coverflow, for example in the fceugx.ini
set "coverFolder=fceugx", then wiiflow will look
into "wiiflow/boxcovers/fceugx" for covers instead
of "wiiflow/boxcovers", same goes for "wiiflow/covers"

-reverted changes of r282 again since categories working
now with emulator coverflow

- fixed categories for emu mode. backup categories.ini just in case.

- fixed categories page button
- changed d-pad left from homebrew to emu
- disabled categories for emu mode for now to keep categories.ini from getting
messed up

*Update libcustomntfs again to 2012.1.15 and fixed mtime bug

Wiiflow should now recoginize NTFS partitions on 3tb hdd's again

-updated sd card debug log writer, now should work fine
if wiiflow is on usb too

-added sort by plugin magic, just press b and plus to
change until you come to by plugin magic, then it should
be sorted by emulator if in emulator coverflow

-set back rumble to wiiflow.ini, just set the "rumble" option
to "no" in it for disable, "yes" to enable (enabled by default)

image image

http://code.google.com/p/wiiflow/ Site officiel : http://code.google.com/p/wiiflow/
http://www.wiiflowiki.com/ Wiki officiel : http://www.wiiflowiki.com/
http://gbatemp.net/topic/204106-wiiflow-an-open-source-gui-usb-loader/ Topic officiel US : http://gbatemp.net/topic/204106-wiiflow-an-open-source-gui-usb-loader/
http://code.google.com/p/open-wiiflow-mod/ Site du mod : http://code.google.com/p/open-wiiflow-mod/
télécharger Télécharger Wiiflow 3.0 Alpha (rev426/mod r315)

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#1, posté le 07/05/12 à 04:51:59
94 messages
Petit parleur
-fixed broken return to system menu (thanks libogc for such
a huge failcommand)

Tu à mis r315 tu t'est trompé dans le titre ou l'archive ?
iPhone info, tout le hack, jailbreak, désimlock iPhone iPad iPod
^ Déconnecté richardjouir
#2, posté le 07/05/12 à 12:59:34
7315 messages
Dieu des dieux
non c'est bien r315!
wiiflow n'est pas compilé à chaque rev et heureusement car faire des rev pour un rien, je ne comprends pas trop! ::huh::
donc la dernière rev compilée est bien la rev315 mais depuis d'autres rev sont déjà sorties (non compilées) dont la 316, la dernière étant la 318!
^ Déconnecté Itachijiraya
#3, posté le 07/05/12 à 16:52:13
天 Moderator 朱
4282 messages
Dieu des dieux
Voilà changelog jusqu'à la rev 318 et dans l'archive c'est bien la rev 315 :;)::

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