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Wiiflow 4.0.1 (rev431) : USB/SD Loader

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Wiiflow est un USB/SD Loader pour lire les backups de jeux Wii sur disque dur USB, clé USB ou carte SD ainsi que le formatage WBFS/NTFS/FAT32. L'interface est basé sur un "coverflow" affichant les pochettes des jeux.

La version originale de Wiiflow étant mise à jour, elle remplace le mod qui était là précédemment.

Wiiflow 4.0.1 (r431)
Here is 4.0.1, its like a bugfix update, so lets list the fixes:
-fixed return to wiiflow in ios reloading wii games
-added support for 3 more 2 disc gamecube games for installing (thanks etheboss)
-improved wav banner sound loop support
-auto reload to cIOS on disc game boot for backup disc support
-fixed possible bug on usb remount if IOS got changed
-proper shutdown of devices on wiiflow end (boot game, exit to, etc)
-fixed fatal bug in usb mounting (broken timeout for slow hdds)
-fixed devolution usage with slow hdds
Also some more things changed:
-dont display the base in about in IOS58 mode (because IOS58 base IOS58 is kinda stupid to display :P)
-now you can have as many categories as you want.
-copied the idea of selected, hidden, and required categories from USB Loader GX. Thanks Cyan. Checkmark = selected, X = Hidden, and + = Required.
-redid categories.ini layout and renamed it categories_v4.ini so you can copy and paste settings from the old one to the new one. Each view (USB,DML,EMU,NAND,HOMEBREW) has it's own numcategories, category names, and category settings. All games are now seperated based on the view. Don't forget to add 1 to numcategories for the show All mode.
-Replaced All checkbox with CLEAR button which clears all checkboxes so no category is selected and all games will be shown.
-Added features to the Game Selected Categories Menu. Now the title is the title of the current game. You can now press plus(+) and minus(-) on wiimote to go to the next or previous games without going back to previous screen making it easier to setup categories for your games.
note: all changes will not be saved in categories_v4.ini unless you exit wiiflow or launch a game.
-language and help files updated (thanks to all translators)
-temporary disabled internal wiiflow update feature
That may be not much, but I'm sure it'll increase stability and usability for you guys.

image image

http://code.google.com/p/wiiflow/ Site officiel : http://code.google.com/p/wiiflow/
http://www.wiiflowiki.com/ Wiki officiel : http://www.wiiflowiki.com/
http://gbatemp.net/topic/204106-wiiflow-an-open-source-gui-usb-loader/ Topic officiel US : http://gbatemp.net/topic/204106-wiiflow-an-open-source-gui-usb-loader/
http://code.google.com/p/open-wiiflow-mod/ Site du mod : http://code.google.com/p/open-wiiflow-mod/
télécharger Télécharger Wiiflow 4.0.1 (rev431) : USB/SD Loader

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^ Déconnecté safirion
#1, posté le 05/09/12 à 11:12:50
335 messages
Fonctionne parfaitement ! Merci beaucoup :D
Juste une question, pour les jeux GBA, faut les nommer comment pour que leur jaquette soit téléchargé ?
PS3 infos, toutes les news et tutoriaux du hack / jailbreak PS3
^ Déconnecté richardjouir
#2, posté le 05/09/12 à 13:58:14
7315 messages
Dieu des dieux
essaies avec cette arborescence:
sd: wiiflow/boxcovers/gba et/ou sd: wiiflow/covers/gba

au cas où ça bloque encore:
Quote :
If you edit your wiiflow.ini file and change dir_box_covers and/or dir_flat_covers be sure to use those paths instead.
^ Déconnecté safirion
#3, posté le 07/09/12 à 21:08:17
335 messages
D'ac, donc y a pas de téléchargement automatique des cover grâce à l'id du jeu (dans le nom genre Pkmn machin [XXXXX].gba)...

Merci :)

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