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gcmm (memory card manager) 1.4

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GCMM (GameCube/Wii Memory Manager) par suloku permet de gérer vos sauvegarde GameCube.


- Sauvegarde et restaure les sauvegardes au format GCI
- Supprime les sauvegardes du slot mémoire B
- Support de la Wiimote et controlleur GameCube
- Support du bouton power
- Support du port sd de façade et du SDGecko (gc)
- Jolie interface
- Open source

Version 1.4
* Animated icon alongside several (minor) graphical improvements
* Ability to select SD Gecko slot in GameCube mode (just like Wii mode SD/USB prompt)
* Moved "Backup All" to Backup Mode (press R/1 when in Backup Mode)
* Added an analog "Restore All" in Restore Mode (overwriting is supported)
* Shows filename when prompted to overwrite (also in "Restore All")
* Savegame permisions are shown in a more explicit and user friendly way
* Shows memory card freeblocks
* Page number display in file selector
* Left and right now scroll 5 file entries at once
* Scrolling of file entries can be done holding the button (up/down/left/right)
* Added security checks to Raw Restore Mode
* Added some special characters to the font (needed for savegame comments)
* Minor code tweaks

http://code.google.com/p/gcmm/ Site officiel : http://code.google.com/p/gcmm/
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