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Emulateur GameCube / Wii : Dolphin v3.0.799

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Voici Dolphin, l'émulateur pour pc de GameCube et Wii le plus avancé.
Chose étonnante, il fait mieux tourner les jeux officiels que les Homebrew, même si certains marchent aussi dessus.

Note: La version fournie est la version Windows 32bits. Si vous voulez la version Linux, Mac OS X ou Windows 64bits, allez voir sur le site officiel.

Pour consulter les changements, rendez vous à cette adresse :

Version 3.0-799
- Added a new wilcard for importing savegames, which basically shows all saves (gci, gcs and sav). This is set as default (I really got frustrated of having to change the type every single time when making tests for GCMM, and I think it makes more sense at user level to just show all saves regardless the format)

- In icon retrieving I removed the "format check" as it shouldn't really matter to have mixed icon formats. Also removed the "Time splitters hack" as there's no reason for it since we are only checking the last 3 bits and I'm pretty sure having bits 1 and 2 set is the same as having them unset.
- Icon retrieving uses AnimSpeed as stop signal (every icon must have an speed set, the first speed that is 0 means there are no more icons)
- Also, in icon retrieving I added support for "blank frames"(Luigi's Mansion and Pikmin that I know of). With this the base for icon animation is complete.
- Fixed PSOIII savegame patch which was wrong before.

Signed-off-by: LPFaint99

Version 3.0-797
Test the audio loop with aligned addresses. Fixes the high pitched squeal in Muramasa.

Version 3.0-796
Merge branch 'Capcom-Music-Loop'

* Capcom-Music-Loop:
Removed the fake DMA wait time as it is no longer needed after the aram-dma-fixes branch is merged. This fixes the Resident Evil 2/3 cutscene audio in DSP LLE mode. Fixes issue 2723.
Changed the loop end address detection to an exact match with the current address for ADPCM audio. Fixes the non-looping music in PN03.

Version 3.0-793
i'm still not using a branch to fix the name of a variable

Version 3.0-792
Readd memory card detection for movie code. I deleted this before, intending to move it elsewhere, but never did

Version 3.0-791
Fix Snow Leopard compatibility

Checking for clang in Xcode bundle seems pointless, command line tools should be installed.
Setting the path explicity to avoid fink/macports/homebrew prevents use of locally installed packages like clang and wxwidgets.
Realistically using opencl means the minimum OSX version targetable is 10.6.
Correct TARGET_SYSROOT check, add required -mmacosx-version-min to linker flags.
Also using wxwidgets gl component.

Version 3.0-790
Some code cleaning for my last commit.
The amount and size of the buffer is now changed to "new hardware" frienly values and will fall back to the right values if hardware does not support them.
My next commit will be to a branch, with my ogl work.

Version 3.0-789
FifoPlayer: Copy selected object commands to clipboard when pressing ctrl+c

Version 3.0-788
More movie cleanup. Removes the remaining globals that didn't need to be global, rearranges some code to make more sense, and removes some redundant code.

Version 3.0-787
Misc movie cleanup and fixes

Version 3.0-786
Keeping padding right is so hard

Version 3.0-785
Save disc changes to .dtm, and load the full movie header every time it's loaded.

Voici une petite vidéo :

http://code.google.com/p/dolphin-emu/ Site officiel : http://code.google.com/p/dolphin-emu/
http://dolphin-emu.org Site officiel : http://dolphin-emu.org
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