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Emulateur GameCube / Wii : Dolphin v3.5-185

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Voici Dolphin, l'émulateur pour pc de GameCube et Wii le plus avancé.
Chose étonnante, il fait mieux tourner les jeux officiels que les Homebrew, même si certains marchent aussi dessus.

Note: La version fournie est la version Windows 32bits. Si vous voulez la version Linux, Mac OS X ou Windows 64bits, allez voir sur le site officiel.

Pour consulter les changements, rendez vous à cette adresse :

Version 3.5-185
Redundant line of code in VertexShaderManager::Dirty()

Also cleaned it up.

Version 3.5-184
Revert "Very tiny cleanup of ChunkFile.h." int/size_t change without updating the rev# caused crash on Dolphin start

This reverts commit cf942450e0aec50ce815e086a9dc277b59b18bae.

Version 3.5-183
Merge branch 'linux-wiimote-crash-fix'

Version 3.5-178
Very tiny cleanup of ChunkFile.h.

Also changed the size parameter from DoVoid to size_t. As far as I know, that should never be negative.

Also changed the the count parameter of DoArray to size_t, this also should never be negative.

Got rid of some typecasts.

Version 3.5-177
Automatically set focus on game list window.

Fixes issue 5880.

Version 3.5-176
Game ini updates for de Blob.

Version 3.5-175
Retain scroll position after refreshing game list.

Fixes issue 5878.

Version 3.5-174
Disable the OpenAL and Pulseaudio audio backends

They are currently broken and cause sound issues which are not present in other

* OpenAL plays music 2x too fast in Zelda UCode games with HLE
* Pulse backend uses a lot of CPU power and slows down emulation significantly

Both backends are currently being re-implemented in separate branches of
Dolphin, so this should be a temporary removal.

Version 3.5-173
FifoPlayer: Support recording texture preloads

Version 3.5-172
VideoCommon: Implement proper RGBA8 texture loading from tmem.

Version 3.5-171
Video_Software: Implement proper RGBA8 texture loading from tmem.

For RGBA8 textures, AR and GB tiles are stored in separate tmem banks. TextureDecoder did not support that previously.

Version 3.5-170
Fixed the random static audio that would sometimes occur in DSP HLE and DSP LLE.

Version 3.5-169
Change theme selection to wxChoice.

Version 3.5-168
Merge branch 'controller-profiles'

Version 3.5-163
Resize the KDE theme's "Open" icon from 24x24px to 22x22px to match the rest of the icons.

Version 3.5-162
Don't hardcode left-shift to disabe keyboard input on linux. Left-shift can be used for gamepad input now. Fixes issue 4968.

Version 3.5-161
Display error messages when failing to compress/decompress games. Fixes issue 4681.

Version 3.5-160
Actually export 0-sized files. Fixes issue 5177.

Version 3.5-159
Fix an issue where an iterator would become invalidated in TextureCache::ClearRenderTargets()

Version 3.5-158
Fix a currently unused unique_lock function. Thanks to Lioncash.

Version 3.5-157
Fix incorrect iterator usage in BreakPoints::Clear

Version 3.5-156
Merge branch 'master' of https://code.google.com/p/dolphin-emu

Version 3.5-155
Clean up FifoPlayerDlg::OnBeginSearch a bit

Version 3.5-154
Fix reference to deleted object bug. This should fix channels not loading from sysmenu anymore.

Version 3.5-153
Fix a potential memleak in FifoPlayerDlg

Version 3.5-152
Add some TODOs.

Version 3.5-151
Fix an assert that had been wrong for ages, apparently.

Version 3.5-150
PixelShaderGen: Shader uid maintenance

Version 3.5-149
Disable color writing when alpha test always fails.

Version 3.5-148
Move alpha pretest to BPMemory.h and rename a bunch of alpha testing related stuff

Version 3.5-147
Reword a comment about early_ztest a bit.

Version 3.5-145
PixelShaderGen: Don't disable depth texture emulation if z writing is disabled (this is what VideoSoftware is doing).

Version 3.5-144
DX11: Fix a small mistake.

Remove some incorrect and/or confusing comments.

Fixes issue 5251. Thanks to limburgerite :)

Version 3.5-143
X11: Disable OSD hotkeys when the corresponding option is disabled.

Version 3.5-142
Fix clearing of render targets. We were skipping every other one.

Version 3.5-141
Merge branch 'linux-desktop-file'

Version 3.5-138
Disable swapping cmp with instructions potentially raising interrupts

Workaround for issue 5864 disabling parts of an optimization in the JIT. This
is not the best solution to fix this issue, but at least it does not crash.

Version 3.5-137
Revert 30dd9c2 e9d00bf db5f4c8 and bff0fae

Version 3.5-136
Fixed the infinite rumble problem caused by r4d6056f14625.

Version 3.5-135
Fix some warnings. Changes suggested by nerzhultheking.

Version 3.5-134
Added GC Steering Wheel emulation.

To set it up, change the Port 1 controller to "Steering Wheel" under the GameCube tab. This will tell the game that you have a force feedback steering wheel connected.
In the Gamecube Pad Settings, change the Rumble Motor to "Constant".
Configure the controls:

Main Stick Left/Right = Steer Left/Right
Main Stick Up = Accelerate
Main Stick Down = Brake

Thanks to ulao for the device communications info.

Version 3.5-129
Make sure the null character is not included in the string.

Version 3.5-128
Fix the name and description truncation issue in a cleaner way.

Version 3.5-127
Remove unused progressive scan option from iso properties, and disable audio settings while a game is running.

Version 3.5-126
Fix truncated names and descriptions in the game list on linux.

Version 3.5-125
Move widescreen hack to enhancements tab.

Version 3.5-124
Save git hash to .dtm header.

Version 3.5-123
Last warning for me on Linux.

Voici une petite vidéo :

http://code.google.com/p/dolphin-emu/ Site officiel : http://code.google.com/p/dolphin-emu/
http://dolphin-emu.org Site officiel : http://dolphin-emu.org
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