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Emulateur GameCube / Wii : Dolphin v3.5-336

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Voici Dolphin, l'émulateur pour pc de GameCube et Wii le plus avancé.
Chose étonnante, il fait mieux tourner les jeux officiels que les Homebrew, même si certains marchent aussi dessus.

Note: La version fournie est la version Windows 32bits. Si vous voulez la version Linux, Mac OS X ou Windows 64bits, allez voir sur le site officiel.

Pour consulter les changements, rendez vous à cette adresse :

Version 3.5-336
Gameini database update. Fixes issue 5135.

Version 3.5-335
Duplicate condition fix.

Thanks j4ck.fr0st

Version 3.5-334
Better implementation of revision 2cc1a97a66c2. Works with .gcz files now.

Version 3.5-333
Remove deprecated method for accessing a gtk widgets window. Fix a debug build compiler warning.

Version 3.5-332
Move the cmake option lines to the top of the Cmake file for easy viewing in vim.

Version 3.5-331
Do not automatically refresh the game list for games that have "Emulation issues" written in their gameini after we open/close the iso properties.

Fixes issue 5932.

Version 3.5-330
Properly sort multi-disc games by title.

Version 3.5-329
Removed the need for this temporary variable.

Version 3.5-328
Cleans up EGL. Removes printf output with INFO_LOG and ERROR_LOG

Version 3.5-327
Move swap control to the host specific GLInterface files.

Version 3.5-326
Fix a potential memory leak on non-windows systems.

Also added a FIXME to BPStructs.cpp and BPMemLoader.cpp

Version 3.5-325
change projection_type to u32

Fix issue 5740

thx @ erwan_taf for debuging all the week

Version 3.5-324
Revert "mem_fun -> mem_fn."

This reverts commit b7d32b0a3d810736b2e1151d6d8b9da85ebfbcf3.

OSX C++ std library in charge of holding back progress (as usual).

Version 3.5-323
mem_fun -> mem_fn.

mem_fun is deprecated in C++11. Also it does everything mem_fun can do, but more conveniently.

Version 3.5-322
Revert the fix for the random static audio that would sometimes occur in DSP HLE and DSP LLE. The fix caused the music in Fast - Racing League to play random sounds.

This reverts commit r7bf72a6c8476798ecbb9cdb13ec3a8f0b9858da6.

Fixes issue 5910.

Version 3.5-321
Fix AGL.cpp

Version 3.5-320
Revert "Ctrl+A support in the action replay code editing menu."

Guess it wasnt much of a solution as I'd hoped. (considering it seems to work on linux without this).

This reverts commit 0c1ea605d5008fabc8b23feeeac9708fef18fadf.

Version 3.5-319
Ctrl+A support in the action replay code editing menu.

Makes adding/editing codes less of a pain in the ass. You don't need to manually highlight everything anymore.

Version 3.5-318
Set the default memory card path as relative too.

Version 3.5-317
Save memory card paths relative to exe directory.

Version 3.5-316
Preset the HBeam and VBeam to 0 on boot. Fixes Densha de Go Shinkansen EX.

Fixes issue 4882.

Version 3.5-315
Added a game property to disable the clearing of the data cache. This is needed by one known game, "Rubik's Puzzle Galaxy: Rush".

Fixes Violin Paradise.

Version 3.5-314
Allow emulated wiimote to be tilted 180 degrees in each direction. (was 90) Fixes issue 3492.

Version 3.5-313
Remove lttc for lle on thread too.

Version 3.5-312
Fix a dumb regression from revision 4925a28f94d8.

Version 3.5-311
Revert my dual-core fix for FifoPlayer. Apparently it breaks more than it fixes.

This reverts commit bab9b5d3ce14c5b9cb55bd34da4851672e287467.

Version 3.5-310
Actually remove lttc.

Version 3.5-309
Typo fix.

Version 3.5-308
Misc movie fixes.

Fix setting memory cards on playback.

Fix saving revision to header.

Herpa derp lets open a file while it's still open in another function, and not even check if it fails to load.

Fix an assumption that wii games are using a wiimote.

Version 3.5-307
Implement 8 bit loads backpatching

Version 3.5-306
Implement backpatch support for 16 bit loads

Version 3.5-305
Fix switching from the different rasterizers

Version 3.5-304
Remove the dependency on rectangle textures in the software rasterizer. Also make it the be used by default in the software renderer like it was before.

Version 3.5-303
Fully fix that clear bug in aldlist.cpp. Seems I missed part. Corrected it.

Version 3.5-302
Fix emulated turntable crossfade slider. (DJ Hero controller) Fixes issue 4504.

Version 3.5-301
Add support for the mouse cursor and mouse clicking events on OS X.

Version 3.5-300
Fix emulated wiimote shaking in Wario Land: Shake It, and probably others. Fixes issue 5295. (probably issue 5017 and issue 5578 too)

Version 3.5-299
Improve "Enable Hotkeys" description. Fixes issue 4607.

Version 3.5-298
Fix typo.

Version 3.5-297
Mention middle mouse button in "Free Look" description. Fixes issue 5581.

Version 3.5-296
Merge branch 'full-analog-surface' Fixes issue 5010.

Version 3.5-293
Merge branch 'gameinistuff'

Version 3.5-291
Copypaste fail.

Version 3.5-290
Fix initial theme selection.

Version 3.5-289
Actually use the screenshot icon.

Version 3.5-288
Update title/status bar when pausing emulation.

Version 3.5-287
Fix translations for the recent spelling error correction. Also update the pot file while we are at it.

Version 3.5-286
Change GetCmdForHotkey to use a switch. Cuts down on if-statement spam.

Also fixed a typo in ConfigMain.

Version 3.5-285
Fix theme loading on non-Windows.

Version 3.5-284
Move DSP settings to dolphin.ini

Version 3.5-283
Merge branch 'external-theme'

Version 3.5-270
Revert "Made several variables/parameters unsigned in the DX9, DX11 and OGL plugins. They make more sense like this (given their names)."

Turns out I was wrong in my previous commit. My bad.

This reverts commit 87431666639c7036ea0f5b0d499df639cefb3d51.

Version 3.5-269
Made several variables/parameters unsigned in the DX9, DX11 and OGL plugins. They make more sense like this (given their names).

This also gets rid of some more typecasts in some cases.

Version 3.5-268
Merge branch 'ES_LAUNCH'

Games that are now playable:

Back to the Future: The Game
CSI - Hard Evidence
CSI - Deadly Intent
CSI - Fatal Conspiracy
Red Steel
Metroid Prime: Trilogy
Wii Sports + Wii Sports Resort pack
Sam & Max: Season One
Sam & Max: Beyond Time and Space
Kirby's Dream Collection: Classic Collection
Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings: Fate of Atlantis

Fixed SSBB from starting at the mini-games screen.
Build fix
Corrected a state bug where newly loaded dols did not have their patches applied.
Changed the HLE system to allow it to hook the beginning, the end or replace the entire function without changing the GC memory. Fixes Kirby's Return to Dreamland. Added a way to categorise the type of HLE function. Currently, there are debug, floating point, memory and generic functions. Added a HLE function for OSGetResetCode (Warm reset). Fixes the CSI games. Added a switch to disable all of the HLE functions if the idle skipping option is disabled.
Added some IOS version checks and code to clear memory before loading the dol.
Added support for Reset (from menu). Fixes Sam & Max.
Added an IOS check as games which use IOS older than IOS30 do not need to be HLE'd. Added some stubs for Reset to Menu and SSBB's load from disc partition. Fixed loading Fate of Atlantis from the Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings game.
Added argument detection and passing to the loaded dol. This fixes the Wii Sports+Wii Sports Resort bundle pack.
Added preliminary support for ES_LAUNCH (Wii Multi-boot games) by using HLE to hijack the OSBootDol function.


Version 3.5-258
Merge branch 'unix-fastmem'

Version 3.5-256
Fix two unsigned/signed mismatch warnings.

Version 3.5-255
Change audio latency setting to a wxSpinCtrl, fixes layout problem on linux.

Version 3.5-254
- Made GenRandomCode's 'size' parameter unsigned. Doesn't make sense to have the capability of being able to be negative.

- Made CodesToHeader's 'numCodes' unsigned for the same reason.

- Removed some type-casts from other functions.

Version 3.5-253
Real fix for Linux Wiimote disconnect hanging. Fixes issue 5903.

Version 3.5-252
Fix a clear bug in aldlist.cpp.

Properly clears itself now.

Version 3.5-251
Get rid of unused iterators in JitCache.

Version 3.5-250
OSX build fix

Version 3.5-249
Added backwards compatibility with old OpenAL drivers.

Version 3.5-248
Fix a gcc initialization order warning.

Version 3.5-247
Readd the OpenAL option.

The OpenAL backend requires OpenAL Soft to be installed: http://kcat.strangesoft.net/openal.html

You may need to rename soft_oal.dll to OpenAL32.dll in the Dolphin folder.

Windows users may also need to update their OpenAL drivers by downloading them from


Version 3.5-246
Merge branch 'OpenAL'

* OpenAL:
Changed SoundTouch to use float samples, allowing SSE to be used. Made the DPL2 decoder disabled by default. Re-added the audio hack used by the Accurate VBeam emulation option.
Added a latency setting to the audio settings. Removed the Sample Rate setting. It is now hardcoded to 48000hz (accurate audio timing).
Skipped timestretching if the emulator is running below 10% speed to prevent buffer overflows.
Removed the synchronisation between the CPU thread and the audio thread. Added code to detect and resume from buffer underruns. Disabled the ability to change the DPL2 option after the game has started. Fixed a memory leak that occurred in the DPL2 decoder. Fixed the OSX build.
Build fix
Added a Dolby Pro Logic II (DPL2) decoder in the OpenAL backend. DPL2 audio is decoded to 5.1. Code adapted from ffdshow. Added an option in the DSP settings to disable the DPL2 decoder in case Dolphin incorrectly detects a 5.1 audio system. Updated the OpenAL files to OpenAL Soft 1.15.1 in the Windows build.
Removed the system timing hack which was activated when the Accurate VBeam option was enabled.
Fixed the include directories in Audio Common for the Windows 32bit build.
Fixed the include directories in Audio Common for the Windows build.
Messed up the static include line
Fix include paths and compiling in Linux. Externals soundtouch is 1.7.1, while Ubuntu 12.10 is 1.6.x. Externals soundtouch is compiled with integer samples, while ubuntu is compiled with float samples. Float samples is probably the more common route. If you're going to use soundtouch, you should probably use SAMPLETYPE instead of explicitly choosing short. This probably breaks the windows build since its includes aren't setup.
OSX: typedef signed char BOOL
OSX build fix
Build fix
Added audio time stretching by using the SoundTouch library.
Implemented correct audio timing.
OpenAL for Windows initial commit

Version 3.5-228
Fix bug: reuse after free. static should not have been used here.

Version 3.5-227
Improve an error message.

Version 3.5-226
Fix hang on Linux Dolphin close when wiimotes are connected.

Version 3.5-225
Make IsValidBluetoothName just check for "Nintendo RVL-" rather than having a bunch of hardcoded names.

Version 3.5-224
GetTextureBGRA()'s 'width' and 'height' parameters should be unsigned.

Version 3.5-223
This changes Linux to control Wiimotes on the interrupt channel. Which in turn allows -TR wiimotes to work in Linux.

Version 3.5-222
This removes the Lock Thread to Core option. Please file your complaints appropriately.

Version 3.5-221
'width' and 'height' parameters of wxBitmapFromMemoryRGBA should be unsigned.

Not a big deal, but it's good to do it for the sake of maintaining practicalities.

Version 3.5-220
re-enable PulseAudio backend

Version 3.5-219
Merge branch 'pulseaudio-simple'

Version 3.5-215
Fix a small text overlapping issue in the MemcardManager.

Version 3.5-214
Gameini database update.

Version 3.5-213
Enhance an error message. Fix issue 5893.

Version 3.5-212
Fix two warnings.

Version 3.5-211
Merge branch 'wxw-bind'

Version 3.5-205
Real fix for memcard manager.

Version 3.5-204
Set focus on memcard manager after losing it.

Version 3.5-203
BPMemory: Expose more register descriptions for FifoPlayer

Version 3.5-202
Fix the signed/unsigned comparison warnings created by a recent commit.

Version 3.5-201
'count' parameter for AddStereoSamples and AddStereoSamplesBE in WaveFile should be unsigned. Doesn't make sense to have them signed.

Version 3.5-200
Fix two signed/unsigned mismatch warnings.

Also tidied up SDCardUtil - made the variables make more sense (typewise)

Version 3.5-199
Set focus on game list after stopping emulation.

Version 3.5-198
Merge branch 'flat-flags' Fixes issue 5837.

Version 3.5-188
Gave the "platform" icons a complete white background rather than a slightly-uglier white box. (apparently XPM only supports a 1-bit alpha channel) Centered the icons a bit better too.

Version 3.5-187
Convert relative paths to absolute when opening containing folder of an iso.

Fixes issue 5879.

Version 3.5-186
PixelShaderGen: Change error strings to be unique so that we can identify unexpected behavior more easily.

Voici une petite vidéo :

http://code.google.com/p/dolphin-emu/ Site officiel : http://code.google.com/p/dolphin-emu/
http://dolphin-emu.org Site officiel : http://dolphin-emu.org
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