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Configurable USB Loader v70 mod r65

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oggzee nous présente son USB/SD loader basé sur celui de waninkoko mais ayant la particularité d'être entièrement configurable.

v70 mod r65
Fixed searching for hdd when only sd is used (issue 110)
Added neek2o plugin (thx Maxternal)
Fixed installing the second disk of multi disk gamecube games
Fixed the size of multi disk gamecube games
Added error messages for read errors when installing a gamecube game
Added new command gui_button_jump to theme.txt so the jump button can be used within themes
Added battery level display to Home Menu
Fixed covers failing to load after scrolling through a lot of them
Fixed installing game cube disk to NTFS drive
Fixed delays caused by trying to access channels & gamecube files as wbfs files
Fixed jump when starting on Okami
Fixed Home Menu button size when the home key is set to priiloader
Added banner sounds for gamecube and channels to console menu
Fixed tennis genre
Fixed Home Menu, priiloader and home brew channel not displaying as disabled when disable_options = 1
Fixed DML copying from NTFS to sd Estimated time remaining and size
Improved time for copying gamecube games from ntfs to sd by 29% for DML
Fixed Crash when selecting skip wbfs mounting
Fixed downloading covers with "N" as the region code
Improved channel loading into the game list time by 50%
Fixed crash when downloading covers and getting a network error
Added Channel delete
Fixed Channel size display
Fixed Filters working within favorites
Added Channel banner sound
Added display of Channel Req ios
Added auto ios selection for channels. Auto used to always select ios 249 that may work better.
Changed installing a game to display the cover if downloaded
Changed installing a game to return to the game just installed
Fixed crash after filtering to no games then switching favorites, switching profiles, unlocking admin or installing a game
Added reading names out of channel files
Fixed loading channels not closing directories properly
Fixed loading an empty entry in the game list for each channel
Fixed reading game options for id4
Fixed 3 channels being loaded on the channel list that shouldnt
Added filter by Game Type
Moved filter wii, gamecube & channel into filter by Game Type
Added download of channel info in wiitdb
Added sort by Game ID
Added sort by duplicate ID3 (console mode only)
Fixed starting a channel wasnt updating playstats.txt
Fixed reading playstats.txt when game id is ID4
Fixed startup going to previous channel
Added genres to game info Display
Change the way channels are loaded
Added Jump Feature (updated to better handle titles with multibyte first characters)
Added more Genre filters
Fixed RPG genre
Fixed console menues for filter by genre, controler and online (when wii, gamecube & channel options were added the menu sizes werent updated which made a mess)
Fixed missing begin end brackets when adding controllers to the filter by controller console menu
Moved console mode filter by online players from the filter by genre menu to the filter by online menu
Fixed back option getting overwritten on graphic filter menu when channels were added

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image image

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^ Déconnecté safirion
#1, posté le 26/08/13 à 21:46:12
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Ben dit donc, y en a des correction dans cette version ::surprised:: - Humour image
^ Déconnecté pims59
#2, posté le 22/07/14 à 13:46:12
8 messages
Petit nouveau
bonjour pourquoi je arrive pas a l installer ca me dit erreur boot......
actuellement j ai la v70 r45 j aimerais mettre cette version svp ! merci
^ Déconnecté djedjelyon8
#3, posté le 08/01/15 à 10:47:11
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Petit nouveau
Bonjour , existe il un wad cfg usb loader pour wiiU? J'ai installer celui présent dans le dossier à l'aide de pimp my wii résultat écran noir lors du lancement de la chaîne...

Dernière édition le 08/01/15 à 10:50:20 par djedjelyon8.

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