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Wire3D v1.2

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Wire3D par antibyte est un outil permettant de développer des plates-formes pour homebrew en 3D, pour la Wii et Windows. Nécessite donc d'être soi-même développeur, afin de pouvoir utiliser cet outil.
Codé en C++.

Version 1.2

added Input System
added support for multiple vertex streams per mesh
added layer masks to nodes, lights and cameras
seperated Image (i.e. buffer) from Texture (i.e. properties)
seperated handling of vertex declarations from vertex buffers
added usage type STATIC_DISCARD_ON_BIND for textures
removed VisibleObject in favour of RenderObject
removed scene graph dependency from Renderer
improved drawcall batching of static (sub)meshes
improved performance of drawing submeshes on PCs with software vertex processing
added camera node
added light attenuation
added blending mode 'BM_ADD' to Material
(Wii) added support for submeshes to displaylist handling
(Wii) fixed vertex cache issue
(Wii) fixed a bug in handling lights
(DX9) added support for HLSL shaders
(DX9) added support for multiple render targets

Importer/Unity3D exporter:

added import/export of collision shapes, rigid bodies and character controller
added import/export of skybox
added import/export of submeshes
added option to combine static meshes
added option to export vertex colors as 32bit
exporting lights
exporting camera
exporting fog from RenderSettings
added disk and memory statistics summary after export
using default values for undefined transformation parameters
fixed overwritten default color values in render state
fixed incorrect calculation of font texture size
fixed text exceeding specified maximum length divided by 6
fixed wrong filter mode being used when texture has no mipmaps
fixed Importer header files polluting global namespace
fixed memory leaks


added Sample11 to show how to use the input system
added Game sample to demonstrate new features
rewrote Sample10 to better demonstrate batching

http://code.google.com/p/wire3d/ Site officiel : http://code.google.com/p/wire3d/
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