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Nintendont sd/usb v1.129: Backups GameCube sur SD/USB

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Voici nintendont par crediar (et repris par d'autres personnes), un homebrew qui permet de lancer des backups de jeux gamecube depuis une carte SD ou clé USB.
Comme devolution, vous pourrez utiliser une manette GameCube, une Wiimote ou une autre manette USB (manette PS3) pour jouer.
Ca marche sur Wii et WiiU (mode Wii).

Cherchez vous un (gros) café pour lire la liste des changements :

Version 1.129
-made the ARStartDMA crash solution more complex for need for speed hot pursuit 2 to hopefully get it more stable
-fixed a bug in ARStartDMA which used the wrong memory address base, that should fix some games like tony hawk pro skater
-increased HID controller reading, it now reads about 60 times a second
-added chronicles of narnia to the ARQPostRequest exception list

Version 1.128
-added custom ARStartDMA crash solutions for paper mario, mario superstar baseball, need for speed hot pursuit 2, viewtiful joe, mega man x command mission and animal crossing

Version 1.127
-heavly increased sd buffer from 2kb to 64kb which makes playing from slow sd cards actually enjoyable
-fixed two possible small patch bugs

Version 1.126
-set DI interrupts onto a timer just like the EXI, seems to be safer
-added DIOS-MIOS patches to disable audio streaming just to have those games work at all
-Nintendont loader will now also display size when loading games from sd, also the size is displayed more exact in general
-added code for games like collectors edition to properly react when pressing the reset button, they should now properly return to the main menu
-added all needed patterns for pokemon colosseum but they are still unpatched so saving will still not work

Version 1.125
-added new SIInit patch pattern for games like animal crossing ntscu
-added animal crossing ntscu to the list of ARQPostRequest exceptions to get it boot up

Version 1.124
Minor Dsp fix.

Version 1.123
-corrected a mistake in the dsp patch, thanks sabykos for pointing it out
-ignore the title case when sorting alphabetically to get correct results
-display ID6 to the right of the title, that makes it easier to identify games

Version 1.122
*Updated revision

Version 1.121
*Fixed a bug that non Triforce games were reading from Triforce hardware areas (Thanks to sabykos for finding the bug).
This should fix any game broken by r72 (i.e. Mario Party 7 EUR, Mario Power Tennis EUR, Harry Potter POA EUR, ... )

Version 1.120
-loader game list is now sorted alphabetically
-you can control the loader now by holding down the dpad/stick, you dont need to constantly press, if you press left/right you move even faster
-the classic controller analog stick now works in the loader
-the current position in the game list wont get reset anymore after entering the options

Version 1.119
-completely removed the device ipl rom code, it will now be directly taken from the console

Version 1.118
-the power button should now shutdown on wii and reset to menu on wiiu at all times instantly

Version 1.117
-further optimized and cleaned up the multidol tgc loader code

Version 1.116
Add Dspv14 Dspv15.
Attempt to speed up Dsp searching code.

Version 1.115
Add exceptions to ARStartDMA
-Mario Baseball
-Viewtiful Joe
Combine common shutdown code in PADReadGC.S
Add Dspv13.

Version 1.114
-check for valid tgc header before copying in our own apploader (fixes sonic gems collection)
-added animal crossing to the arstartdma exception list, lets animal crossing pal boot without any modifications for the first time via the new tgc apploader

Version 1.113
*Added shut down via power button

Version 1.112
-how about we upload the loader files as well svn

Version 1.111
-added a very simple multi-dol loader for games like zelda collectors edition

Version 1.110
Fix swapped widescreen/progressive options.

Version 1.109
More code cleanup.
-Menu code
-FuncPattern Groups
Added another PI_FIFO_WP function.
Added log to the config settings.

Version 1.108
-still use length 0 for most games in ARStartDMA
-only use count skip in megaman command mission and paper mario for now (we need to add exceptions over time)
-moved our kernel into the cache region and reduced the cache size so in the future we can easly set the kernel to every size now
-fixed a potential bug with the stack overwriting data from various things
-changed up the HID code a bit in the hopes to help PS3 controllers, untested

Version 1.107
Skip GC pad read on Wii U.

Version 1.106
Code cleanup
-Combine GC and HID Pad functions
-Use enum for 0xdead function patterns.
-Minor ARStartDMA rearranging.

Version 1.105
In ARStartDMA, round down to zero for low value counts. Use the requested counts for larger values.
-Currently cut-off is set to 0x400. This might need to be adjusted.
-This might make the ARQPostRequest patch unnecessary.
-Fixes Paper Mario battles.
Added more PI_FIFO_WP functions.

Version 1.104
-explicitly saying gnu make that we are on windows when we use the Build.bat, otherwise it tries to execute the linux bin2h file

Version 1.103
-(hopefully) added all needed files and edited include paths to make nintendont compile properly on linux, just make sure you defined the variables DEVKITPRO, DEVKITPPC and DEVKITARM

Version 1.102
-some kernel cleanup to reduce the overall size

Version 1.101
-added the fatfs fastseek feature for ISO files which basically removes ingame loading times

Version 1.100
PI_FIFO_WP bit fix.
-Fixes F-Zero GX
Minor Zelda DSP clean up.
Disable _fwrite D patch. Doesn't appear to be the right function to patch.
Speed up hexdump.
-Perform 1 file write per line of text with a buffer instead of 35 without.

Version 1.99
-sorry, the previous revision will always clear the config because I messed up a simple value, fixed

Version 1.98
-nintendont now accepts args to autoboot games, other usb loader devs can look at wiiflow on howto implement it
-added ios 58.25.32 onto the supported wii ios list as suggested by the gbatemp member realromhunter

Version 1.97
-moved some more disc read code into the disc read thread, this should not change game behavior or compatibility

Version 1.96
-Fixed reference to old website (Thanks Naxil)

Version 1.95
Add Dsp v12 (Pikmin PAL).
Cleaned up Zelda Dsp patching code.

Version 1.94
-Fixed HUGE omission in the meta file.
It doesn't affect compatibility so no new dol.

Version 1.93
Corrected name for SIEnablePollingInterrupt (was SIReadHandler).
Fixed SIEnablePollingInterrupt.
-Mistakenly thought a patch was needed for an interrupt bit. It was actually the mask bit.
-Fixes Pokemon Colosseum.

Version 1.92
-some minor changes, logs now get closed and devices get properly unmounted

Version 1.91
-fixed the issue that after playing a japanese gc game with a console from a different region the other games get started as japanese games if you used the return to feature
-fixed the issue that non-japanese games on japanese consoles always get started like japanese games

Version 1.90
Add SIInit C patch for SSBM.
Add new function patch.
-Unsure of the name, but the function performs SIHandleRead for SSBM.

Version 1.89

Version 1.88
Clear SI interrupt in SIInterruptHandler, not FakeInterrupt. Same for EXI.
-Might require finding more versions of SIInterruptHandler.
Send additional PPC interrupt if cleared without handling the requested SI or EXI interrupt.
Clean up some interrupt code.

Version 1.87
Change method to protect interrupt variables by separating interfaces to different locations.

Version 1.86
Protect Fake Interrupt values.
-Don't overwrite 0x80000014 if in use
DI doesn't use Fake Interrupt. Remove reference.
Turn off log in official build.
-It can slow down games during launch which causes errors.
Moved specific patches from Mario Strikers to generic method.
-Probably need to find more variants. Found some for Luigi's Mansion
Minor SI tweaks.

Version 1.85
Clean up changes to SI.

Version 1.84
Improved SI interface.
-It's still not quite right. We shouldn't need to false report errors and the polling bits are never enabled.
Found a few more function patches for AI/SI.
-lwzu and stwu (already did lwz and stw)
Found a few functions related to SI in Mario Strikers that should be generalized. They currently aren't needed, but if we improve the SI interface further they will be. They're related to using memory instead of interrupts. We need to write 0s to clear memory, not 1s. For now only apply to Strikers.

Version 1.83
Fix ARStartDMA mem1 addressing.
-Fixes Star Wars Rogue Squadron

Version 1.82
Move patch_fwrite_GC to a .S file.
Combine patch_fwrite_Log/B into one S file and clean up.
Load config from memory in kernel if available.
Only write nincfg.bin in loader if settings were displayed.
-nincfg.bin is now optional.
-Still need a command line parser to use with loaders
Fix heap scope issue with DI queue.

Version 1.81
Disable SI interrupts if disabled by game.
-Fixes 007 games.
Reset patch found variables when loading a new elf/dol.
-Fixes 007 games.
Use the log for patch_fwrite instead of UsbGecko.
-Shows OSReport strings in ndebug.log
-Should probably make this an option for one or the other, or always do both instead.

Version 1.80
-fixed a potential problem with ps3 controllers where the memory allocation for the rumble can interfere with the disc reading thread thanks the debug log provided by daxtsu

Version 1.79
-corrected cache for triforce games, now gp1 should run crashless

Version 1.78
-always skip SITransfer if its a normal gc game
-skip ARQPostRequest unless we are booting super mario sunshine
-use length 0 for ARStartDMA unless we boot mega man x command mission

Version 1.77
-skip SITransfer for mario strikers so it stays controllable
-use ARStartDMA length 0 for melee and kirby air ride so it doesnt freeze

Version 1.76
-some more tiny changes which should let metroid prime boot again, fix controls in gp1, maybe more

Version 1.75
Fix disc swapping.
-Also clears cache when swapping discs.
Use corrected ARStartDMA for all games for interrupt timing. (Original attempt missed an exchange for r6/r7).

Version 1.74
-changed up disc reading and other small stuff

Version 1.73
-added more patch exceptions to fix Dragon Drive, Odama and True Crime New York
-fixed wrong game save timestamp
-mario kart gp1 works now
-finished up the triforce controls code so it now returns to hbc and works with usb controllers

Version 1.72
*Increase code size in linker script and updated related code
*Added JVS-IO emulation
*Added Baseboard emulation
*Added DIMM board emulation

Version 1.71
*Updated code to allow larger section sizes

Version 1.70
-worked some more on the auto-cache, also fixed a little bug in it again

Version 1.69
-use the original ARStartDMA code, only patch it for megaman x command mission, fixes metroid prime 1 and 2
-fixed a small bug in the auto-cache
-changed the disc read thread code a bit

Version 1.68
-Added Generic USB Gamepad PID=0079 VID=0006 controller.ini This controller was sold under several brands and models.
-Fixed "flickering" problem some users were having with Genreic_USB_Gamepad_PID=0079_VID=0006

Version 1.67
-added alot of exceptions to fix Killer7, Cubivore, Frogger's Adventures, Two Towers, Chibi-Robo, Resident Evil 4, Hudson Selection Vol 2 and Kururin Squash
-if you dont give a cache.txt, nintendont will automatically cache files, thats not as efficient but should help improve loading times if you get to some area a second time for example

Version 1.66
Only use non-zero DMA interrupt size for Megaman X Command Mission.

Version 1.65
Correct branch offsets in Patch31A0.
-Fixes Pac-Man World 2.

Version 1.64
Dsp version does not control if ARQPostRequest is needed. Revert to lists.

Version 1.63
Use actual DMA length in ARStartDMA instead of 0 (assumes no actual data transfer occurs. Only affects timing.
-Fixes Mega Man X Command Mission.
Remove ARQPostRequest from all non-Zelda uCode games (Zelda=Dspv0,1,5,8,10,11).
-Fixes Mega Man X Command Mission.
Skip Dvd patching for all games (not just Harvest Moon MM) that load a dol or elf file after the first with no patchable segments.

Version 1.62
sorry for the wiiu crash in r61, recompiled...

Version 1.61
-leave in the ARQPostRequest patch, only skip it for games which really get problems otherwise
-made a few loader changes to try to fix some crashes on game startup

Version 1.60
Fix Harvest Moon Magical Melody.

Version 1.59
Remove ARQPostRequest patch for all games (Fixes Mario Golf). This might break things for some games.

Version 1.58
Remove ARQPostRequest patch from Metroid Prime 2.

Version 1.57
Don't patch ARQPostRequest for Metroid Prime.

Version 1.56
-Fixed reading <DeadZone> and<Radius> default values when their were "," in subsiquent commands in the controller.ini
The only controller in the svn this would affect controller_ps4.ini

Version 1.55
-you can now use gc and hid controller at the same time on a wii, if hid is enabled it will still check the gc ports if you are using a normal wii

Version 1.54
-Updated the Mayflash 3 in 1 Magic Joy Box controller.ini to work with v1.53
-Updated the memory map that I forgot to include with v1.53

Version 1.53
Added new parameters in controller.ini
<DeadZone> is a value in hex if the controller is up to that far from center nintendont will still send that the stick is center to the game. It has a default value of 0 which is correct for most controllers.It sholud only need to be changed it the stick appears to be pulling in one direction. Prior versions had this hardcoded to 1A.
<Radius> is a percent applied to the value coming from the stick. Prior versions had this hardcoded to 100. It has a default value of 80 which is correct for most sticks. Most sticks produce values ranging from 00 to ff, the camecube controller only produces values of only about 80% of that. It only needs to be changed if your controller dosent produce values ranging from 00 to ff.

Version 1.52
-added some code to fix games like pal luigis mansion
-added a new bin2h, this one should be compilable for linux etc as well

Version 1.51
Generate .h files from .S files.
Generate .S files for DVDInquiryAsync and DVDSeekAbsAsyncPrio.
Remove built files from repository.
Simplify PadStub calling (use a global location for PadBuff).

Version 1.50
-changed up some things to hopefully help save crashes

Version 1.49
-Fixed reading controller.ini when lines are separated by only a <line feed>
=Added Logitech Cordless Rumblepad 2 controller.ini (Thanks BravaCentauri)
=Added PDP Afterglow AP.1 Controller for PS3 controller.ini (Thanks BravaCentauri)
=Added Gioteck SC-1 controller.ini (Thanks Rockohoward)

Version 1.48
-more memory card emu tweaks, now nintendont will wait at least 3 seconds before it actually saves a file to your drive, that way it should not freeze because of too early storing, also optimized the save timing a bit to improve stability

Version 1.47
-added missing parts for drive led to still work

Version 1.46
-some more work on the pad read code, now for example final fantasy crystal chronicles works again
-changed up some timings again to help making for example melee more stable

Version 1.45
-Added disk read activity led support
-Fixed dump that could occur when the last line on controller.ini didn't have a carriage return linefeed
-Added testing of file system on SD: to match testing on usb:
-Added message to loading patched kernel 8 indicating using gamecube ports

Version 1.44
-changed up some thread priorities

Version 1.43
-Fixed GC analog triggers on controllers 2, 3 and 4 controlling player 1

Version 1.42
-took out the disc read input check of r40 again, I dont know why it would break for some people but whatever...

Version 1.41
-Moved writing the version info into ndebug.log so it is always written first

Version 1.40
-read in fonts before staring the game (fixes a few games)
-do not check for new disc read inputs if we are still reading a file (fixes a few games)

Version 1.39
Added configuration file for Thrustmaster T-Wireless(Thanks ALSINJAN)
Fixed compile error on systems where caps make a difference

Version 1.38
-slightly increased wait delay again to help stabilize games like melee

Version 1.37
-Optimized for space so DEBUG can stay enabled with USB kernel
-Nintendont version is now shown in log
-Added a few missing carriage returns

Version 1.36
-creating cache before we enter the game now, this way too slow devices should not cause any error anymore

Version 1.35
-Set Patch.c dbgprintf code as a separate category so it can be disabled if necessary

Version 1.34
Only cache fonts section of ipl.bin. (Save 1.5MB)

Version 1.33
-further improved the disc read thread introduced with r31
-improved usability of the return to feature, it should be more reliable now
-caching the font file by default now

Version 1.32
Add support for japanese font.
-Use either ipl.bin or font_sjis.bin

Version 1.31
-made the disc read threaded, that should greatly reduce the random beeps in games if you go from one screen to another and also should improve control reaction times
-moved up most of the memory positions to make space for the cache

Version 1.30
-Made the cache code a little easier to read
-Added note about not enabling DEBUG and DEBUG_DI at the same time (looking into it, problem is in Patch.c)

Version 1.29
-Fixed a few warnings
-Can now be compiled with AUDIOSTREAM defined

Version 1.28
-used wrong devkit for r27, sorry

Version 1.27
-added a new controller patching method which seems to be required for some games to be controllable, its still not fully tested so I cant promise every game is controllable now

Version 1.26
Try to use font_ansi.bin if no ipl.bin file is found.

Version 1.25
*Added file caching
*Updated EXIDMA and EXIImm to prevent register corruption
*Updated DCInvalidateRange to handle smaller than 32 bytes reads (Triforce)
*Removed __OSReadROM patch
*Removed unused patches
*Optimised some code
*IPL reads are now done to MEM2 first and then copied to dst to prevent data corruption

Note: Certain games try to load the IPL font and crash or don't display any font at all when the sd:/ipl.bin or usb:/ipl.bin is missing!
(i.e. FZero-GX)

File caching:
Put a file called cache.txt into the same dir as the game.iso and put any filenames you want to cache in there.
There is currently a file limit of 220 entries.

Version 1.24
-Made some of the init code clearer
-Fixed some typo's
-Removed empty Debug folders.

Version 1.23
Actually implement the change meant for r22 (Fix UStealth).

Version 1.22
Fix UStealth. - Thanks airline38

Version 1.21
Fix zero length DMA behavior. Fixes Animal Crossing (others?).

Version 1.20
-Cleaned up all the #ifdef DEBUG in kernel and loader, as they are pointless
-gprintf can be disabled like dbgprintf
-Added carriage return \r to all log code so nl_debug.log and ndebug.log can be read properly with Windows Notepad

Version 1.19
Added elf file for analyzing code dumps.

Version 1.18
Forgot the .dol

Version 1.17
Fixed meta.xml not updating to the correct version

Version 1.16
Revert minor DSP change from r13.

Version 1.15
-attempted to fix crashes on autoboot, on return to homebrew channel and when using memory card emulation

Version 1.14
Fix black screen when using interlace with component cable.

Version 1.03
Attempt to fix reset hangups.
Speed up memory card writes.

Version 1.02
-added a small patch to fix up some japanese games on non-japanese consoles

Version 1.01
Added DSP fixes for v2, v3, v4, v6, and v9

Version 1.00
If your loader provides a return stub, the reset combination will now use it, if no loader was used, you will return to the system menu
Added Mayflash 3 in 1 Magic Joy Box support (Thanks Adeka & Fludit)
Added Thrustmaster Firestorm Dual Analog 2 support
Cleared message to plug in HID controller once it is plugged in
Added error message for "PS3 controller init error"
Added display of error codes for unknown HID init errors
Removed DSP patches

-The loader now updates the meta.xml file (thanks faku1810)

-Added a MCE exception for Melee until the issue is solved
-Moved another break that was for testing
-Made the Title ID check a little clearer.

-Hopefully improved MC emulation (thanks crediar)

Fixed game with a '.' in their directory name not showing up in the loaders game

Fix Tales of Symphonia always up when using GC Pad.

- Press B at launch to prevent autobooting
- Remove NYI text from settings

Added message during boot to plug in HID controller if needed.
Added display of revision on the top of the screen.
Added display of additional error information during boot

The change to the ESPatch breaks the shutdown function. This will load the
Hollywood21 patch only for Wiis that are v21.
Fix Shutdown for WiiU as well.

Add Language selection to Loader Menu.

Rev 50 à 53
- Correction de l'erreur kernel=-1 sur les nouvelles Wii

Le paramètre langue SRAM peut être contrôlé avec la config

Nettoyage des erreurs affichées au démarrage et indication de pourquoi le contrôleur USB ne marche pas. Site officiel :
télécharger Télécharger Nintendont sd/usb v1.129: Backups GameCube sur SD/USB

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Petit parleur
marche bien correction bug jeux need for peed hot poursuite 2 et jai vue aussi prince of persia warrior within
PS3 infos, toutes les news et tutoriaux du hack / jailbreak PS3
^ Déconnecté VinsCool
#2, posté le 27/07/14 à 06:16:34
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Veillez enlever svp "vous pourrez utiliser une manette GameCube, une Wiimote ou une autre manette USB (manette PS3) pour jouer." la wiimote N'EST PAS ENCORE SUPPORTÉE.
Sinon merci pour la news, ça faisais longtemps une maj était dû ;)(de votre côté) ::siffle::
^ Déconnecté richardjouir
#3, posté le 27/07/14 à 13:28:36
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Dieu des dieux
Quote VinsCool:
..... Sinon merci pour la news, ça faisais longtemps une maj était dû ;)(de votre côté) ::siffle::

Nintendont a tellement de mises à jour qu'on passerait notre temps à newser donc soit on attend un peu car ce sont des màj mineures, soit on news pour ne pas avoir à éditer un changelog pendant 2 heures ! :;)::
^ Déconnecté safirion
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La version 2 est disponible :;):: - Humour image
^ Déconnecté tonyM31
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Petit parleur
news v2 R148 de nintendont marche tres bien fait fonctioner batman begin marche aussi avec cfg loader mod 75
tool gamecube lien:
ajouter le games.iso l'extraire les 2 format et mettre ds son disque dur ou sd :/games:les titre des jeux/games.iso fichier sys (system)et root (demarage) ds votre disque dur ou sd il doit avoir games.iso le fichier sys et fichier root

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