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Voici nintendont par crediar (et repris par d'autres personnes), un homebrew qui permet de lancer des backups de jeux gamecube depuis une carte SD ou clé USB.
Comme devolution, vous pourrez utiliser une manette GameCube, une Wiimote ou une autre manette USB (manette PS3) pour jouer.
Ca marche sur Wii et WiiU (mode Wii).

De nombreuses améliorations ont été apportées depuis la dernière mise à jour de la version disponible sur wii-info. Je vous laisse parcourir le changelog si dessous pour la description exhaustive. Le point le plus notable est le support du bluetooth ! Vous pourrez ainsi utiliser vos manettes wiiu pro, classic et classic pro avec Nintendon't !! Pour fonctionner, il faudra bien entendu les synchroniser dans le system menu avant de les utiliser dans l'homebrew.

[MàJ2] Nintendon't dispose désormais d'une fonction de mise à jour depuis l'homebrew. Un autre changement est la mise en place d'une base de données avec les titres de jeux. Pour l'utiliser, il faut placer le fichier titles.txt sur votre SD, dans le répertoire de nintendont (présent dans l'archive).

[MàJ3] Nintendon't est maintenant capable de détecter automatiquement la manette utilisée. Pour celà, décompressez le dossier controlleurs.zip à la racine de votre carte SD. Diverse amélioration sont également présentes depuis la 2.188. Voir le changelog pour la description complète.

Version 2.210
- (binary please)

Version 2.209
- added __CARDUnlock patch to fix original nintendo memory card support, thanks tueidj for pointing at it
- only set a progressive video mode on game boot if force progressive is enabled, should fix some PAL games to start normally on wiiu
- removed old include which doesnt exist anymore to fix compiling errors

Version 2.208
- Fixed loaders inability to set video modes introduced in 2.204 The first time you start this version If you are starting it from the homebrew channel set the video mode. This should fix black screens people were seeing in 2.204 - 2.207 that didn't occur in 2.03

Version 2.207
- controllers.zip can now be downloaded and extracted in-app

Version 2.206
- Changed up game loading in order to make the loader dol size much more expandable

Version 2.205
- Added Nvidia Shield controller.ini (Thanks bobmcjr)

Version 2.204
- correct force video mode setting in the loader menu, it should now navigate properly
- added a security patch reset when the game is about to reset itself, fixes sonic cd exit
- added a better GXInit search, should fix virtua striker 3
- added disney hide and sneak ARStartDMA exception

Version 2.203
- heavly optimized patching system, depending on the game the bootup time can be more than twice as fast now

Version 2.202
- Fixed the update system (still don't know why it wasn't working for some people)
- Updated controllers.zip

Version 2.201
Two PSO MemCardEmu hacks. Both of these work, but need more investigation:
- If Emulating MemCards, one of the calls to EXIImm is not working correctly. The hack copies the patch for EXIImm to the 0x80001800 patch scratch area and calls it from there. This should be identical behavior to skipping this hack, but it only works from the scratch area. This needs further investigation.
- Immediately before the PSO fake entry patch, a function call that looks like its doing Initialization stuff (DSP, SI, etc.) is called. For emulated MemCards, this causes a hang-up. Further investigation is needed rather than just skipping the whole thing like this hack does.

Version 2.200
- added an option to enable/disable video deflicker when using force video mode, basically disabling deflickering will make a sharper image but might not work properly on your tv and enabling deflickering will be a bit more blurry but should be smooth on all tvs

Version 2.199
- Added CronusMax Xbox360 Adapter controller.ini (Thanks Khar00f)
- Added Microsoft Sidewinder Precision 2 Joystick controller.ini

Version 2.198
- added a different approach to fix ARStartDMA issues for certain games, check the Patch.c diff to see which games are affected

Version 2.197
- Most of the update system has been rewritten. On the surface, the only change is that you can now download titles.txt in-app

Version 2.196
- Add hack for PacMan World 2 to force the SiInit true.

Version 2.195
- Made PSO hacks more generic (work for PSO III).
- Added new PatchBuffer code for PSO III.

Version 2.194
- Fixes for PSO 1&2 Plus
- Move access from 0x80001800 to 0x931C0000
- Apply dol entry mod after switch.prs extraction to dol
- Don't mod psov3.dol entry point. Used after DVD load. Patch entry hack.

Version 2.193
- Added Trust Predator Gamepad controller.ini(Thanks L0r3n20)

Version 2.192
- The controller files now use the VID and PID.

Sorry, you need to redownload controllers.zip

Version 2.191
- Your controller will now be detected and the appropriate .ini file will be selected. Extract the contents of controllers.zip to a folder named controllers in the root of your FAT device (so you'll have FAT:\controllers\0001.ini).
- Added exceptions for Virtua Striker v4 2006 (GVSJ9P, GVS46J, GVS46E) in the title database. This doesn't include ISO's that, for some weird reason, have had the title ID modified to match the 2002 version.
- Removed "Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut (Preview) Prototype" entry because it was useless and conflicting with some custom titles.

Note: The old controller.ini method still works, so if you only use one controller you don't have to change anything.

Version 2.190
- Fix Native Control/PATCHSI backwards logic.

Version 2.189
- Make PATCHSI a menu selectable option (Native Control On means PATCHSI is disabled).

Version 2.188
-Added support for special (Triforce) games in database, which were previously identified incorrectly
-Removed some duplicates from titles.txt (you don't need to update your local copy)
-Updated the meta.xml file just so the online version has correct credits

Note: Thanks to Xenith and sonictopfan for testing

Version 2.187
-only apply Patch31A0 if the entry point is below that, fixes 007 from russia with love
-if PADInit cant be found use SIInit instead to start reading pad inputs, fixes alien hominid controls

Version 2.186
-Woops, forgot to remove a sleep command

Version 2.185
-Added database support for those unsightly game names. Copy the included titles.txt to your Nintendont directory
-The loader now updates the meta.xml file prior to checking for AHB access, so you don't have to fix the meta.xml file manually.

Note: To save space, the database doesn't care about region.

Version 2.184
-searching much more detailed for PADInit so we dont miss it
-reworked Patch31A0 to work with negative offsets too, fixes for example namco museum and midway arcade treasures 2

Version 2.183
-heavly changed the way games will get patched, this file will dynamically replace the game entry point to a custom loader instead of patching the game while reading it, this way games like the 007 series will no longer crash because of changing file locations
-wait for PADInit to be called before reporting data in PADRead, fixes games like ghost recon

Version 2.182
-making sure to clear the current stream position after the audio stream ends, fixes xg3 stream looping

Version 2.181
-added 8 new patch patterns for the debug sdk
-dynamically calulating the location of SIInterruptHandler instead of using patch patterns using SIInit, this should reduce false positive detections
-added a way for the FIFO patch to apply to the debug sdk functions and also fixed a bug in it
-added a hack for batman vengeance to skip old debugger code, this should fix it

Version 2.180
-Nintenont updater now shows what revision is being downloaded, and makes sure you don't already have the latest version
-Additional minor changes to the updater

Version 2.179
-added safety check for GCAMIdentify patch, fixes mario kart gp1
-other tiny optimizations

Version 2.178
-fixed tiny mistake in f-zero ax pad read function, messed up the dpad, also slighly reduced its pad updating to save some time

Version 2.177
-added a small patch security check to make sure we actually patch a game loader and not some random data, should fix games like resident evil
-added a few more hacks from quadforce for f-zero ax to make it bootable (thanks crediar)
-added pad read function patches for f-zero ax to make it controllable

Version 2.176
-moved resident evil 4 and sonic gems collection into the paper mario arstartdma exception list to fix their sound issues
-added yet another timer check, this time for the cpu speed, might help out more games

Version 2.175
-added a very general game timer patcher which should cover up most games which run too fast

Version 2.174
-Added in-app updater, accessible through Settings menu

Version 2.173
-added micro machines to the ARStartDMA exception list to help it stabilize
-assume on ELF loading that the header is already loaded in the buffer, fixes sonic cd

Version 2.172
-made the FIFO patching much more dynamic by actually using the pointer set by the game to find usage instead of hardcoded patterns
-general patching cleanup, especially the debug messages are easier to look through now
-split the triforce patches from the regular game patches since they will never be found in normal games anyways

Version 2.171
-did some more patchwork, now most of our required patches get applied dynamically, this should fix up some problems with games using the debug version of the sdk
-commented out the multidol loader code for now, with this update all those game should work properly on their own with the corrected patches

Version 2.170
-added a security check for the EXIDMA callback value, this fixes billy hatcher memcard emulation waiting forever because of a wrong value
-did some small memcard emu patch cleanup
-added memcard patch for the japanese version of pokemon colosseum

Version 2.169
-added hardcoded patches for pokemon colosseum pal and ntsc which will report the memory card is always inserted with memcard emu enabled, this way you can actually save and load

Version 2.168
-added a bit of code to actually allow usage of a real memory card on wii when memory card emulation is turned off
-added a small compiler option in global.h, PATCHSI, if you comment out this option and recompile nintendont it will use the original gamecube pad ports
instead of emulating them, allowing accessories like gba and bongos but will remove things like hid, bluetooth and return to loader

Version 2.167
-added new PI_FIFO_WP patch pattern for pokemon xd and changed up ARStartDMA reading, this makes xd fully work for the first time
-moved atv quad power racing 2 and pn03 into the paper mario ARStartDMA exception list to get them stable

Version 2.166
-added a new ARStartDMA patch which hooks itself into the original nintendo code instead of completely replacing it, this patch will be used by burnout 2, viewtiful joe, animal crossing and megaman x command mission

Version 2.165
-greatly increased controller read updates for interrupt read based games, this should help people with slow controls
-changed up patching system a bit, made the debug prints more unified and added a safety check for EXIUnlock to make sure we write to the right function, this fixes music in both collectors edition menu and twilight princess
-added a small debugging option which makes it possible to compile nintendont with a very small amount of patches, note that this will only help developers to understand certain problems better

Version 2.164
-moved most audio streaming and interrupt relevant info into unused hardware registers
-skipping SIGetType patch for sonic adventure dx to fix its double presses
-started adding more patterns and patches for games using the debug sdk, none of them work yet though, alot needs to be done still

Version 2.163
-Fixed HID controller analog triggers being broken since v2.158

Version 2.162
-sending interrupt messages through unused EXI device 2 hardware registers
instead of main memory, saves some time and space
-added starfox assault ntsc save exception and commented out baten kaitos save
-made all gc relevant patches static, this might fix a bunch of games

Version 2.161
-Fixed Bluetooth TR remotes requiring an expansion controller needing to be
disconnected and then reconnected to sync.
-updated Thrustmaster Dual Analog 4 controller.ini to support ZL button (Thanks

Version 2.160
-added libwupc, now you can use the wiiu pro controller in the loader and not
just ingame

Version 2.159
-Fixed wii classic controller analog triggers getting stuck slightly in when
connecting using bluetooth

Version 2.158
-Added new controller.ini button LZ
it adds the same functionality the bluetooth controllers have when DigitalLR=1
for half pressed AnalogR and AnalogR triggers when L or R are pressed at the
same time as the LZ button.
-Changed game selection menu Dpad Left and Right buttons to advance a screen at
a time
-Updated Logitech Thrustmaster Firestorm Dual Analog 2 controller.ini to support
the LZ button

Version 2.157
-calibrating the bluetooth controller analog sticks now when you sync the
controller, the first value it reads will be taken as the analog stick middle,
to recalibrate just reconnect the controller
-if you press "-" on your wiimote it will enable/disable rumble
-if you press "-" on your classic controller/wiiu pro controller, it will change
the control scheme to be rotated a quarter clockwise or to the original control
-if you hold "L" on your classic controller/wiiu pro controller, your inputs on
ZL/ZR will be used as half pressed L and R buttons ingame

Version 2.156
-Enhanced Internal game menu to default to the most recently selected game
-Increased internal game menus ability to handle up to 500 games
-Added new boot status messages for what controllers are enabled
-Enhanced to allow gamecube and hid controllers to be turned off at the same
-Fixed Multiplayer using MultiIn=2 again. (bluetooth changes keep breaking it)

Version 2.155
-changed up interrupt message reading a bit, fixes startup of luigis mansion
-changed SI error message when no controller is connected, fixes burnout 2 and
pandora tomorrow
-added army men and cel damage to the multidol exception list, cel damage still
doesnt work though, state of that game is unknown
-increased rumble of the wiiu pro controller
-improved the calculation accuracy of the wiiu pro controller analog sticks

Version 2.154
-Added shutdown combination (B,Z,R,PAD_BUTTON_DOWN) to bluetooth controllers
-Fixed Multi controller adapters using MultiIn=2 working in conjunction with
blutooth controllers
-Added Hori Real Arcade Pro 3 SA controller.ini (Thanks galneon)

Version 2.153
-added bluetooth support, so far you can use the wiiu pro controller, classic
controller and classic controller pro, the controllers need to be synced with
the system menu to work just like it is with other homebrew applications,
credits to the original author of lwBT, the people behind the libogc port, the
creators of the wiimote wiki entry on wiibrew.org and to TeHaxor69 for the wiiu
pro controller documentation
-added raw rumble data support to controller.ini files, so far
controller_ps2.ini and controller_Genreic_USB_Gamepad_PID=0079_VID=0006.ini have
rumble support
IMPORTANT: The bluetooth code is very long so it is highly possible that they
are new bugs coming with this version, dont be surprised when you encounter new

Version 2.152
-Fixed auto boot from some loaders when maxpads is set to 0
-Fixed PS4 controller.ini digital triggers
-Fixed JPN and non JPN saves trying to use the same multi save file. If you were
saving JPN saves in a multi save file you need to rename ninmem.raw to
ninmemj.raw when upgrading to this version.

Version 2.151
-Added Multi player support for the following usb adapters (Thanks Coreyw)
Mayflash CCPro USB Adapter - PC045
MayFlash Wii CC USB Adapter - PC052
Mayflash WiiU Pro Controller Adapter - W009
To enable it in the controller.ini change MultiIn=1 to MultiIn=2
It wont work for anything that doesn't use the MultiIn command.
Special notes when using it on a wii
It is incompatible with a wavebird being plugged in.
If you have gamecube controllers plugged in once you have an empty gamecube
connector the next port must also be empty for the cc and cc pro adapters. the
wiiu pro adapter can not have any gamecube ports used after the first empty one.
some users reported setting maxpads to the number of actual gamecube
controllers plugged in gave better results
-Added Support for Microsoft Sidewinder Force Feedback 2 Joystick
=Fixed joystick sensitivity in the controller.ini for Mayflash CCPro USB Adapter
- PC045

Version 2.150
-fixed a small problem with audio streaming, this should remove most clicks and
pops in the decoded audio
-small asm and multidol loader changes, nothing really worth pointing out
-added a patch for PADControlAllMotors, this should get rumble working for most
games which didnt have rumble yet
-changed up the patching system to have critical patches always loaded up at the
same place, this should fix bootup of the 007 games
-heavly modified the video patching system to now work without complete video
modes, this should allow games to be patched which were not changeable before
-added a new FIFO and a new __CARDStat patch, didnt have any effect though on
pokemon xd, the problem of this game is still unknown
-added a timer fix for the japanese majoras mask version

Version 2.149
-Added support for Mayflash Classic controller Pro USB Adapter - PC045 This
requires updating nintendont and the controller.ini (THANKS CoreyW)
-Fixed Dpad=1 not allowing the dpad and some other control to be used at the
same time (Thanks CoreyW)
-Fixed MayFlash Wii CC USB Adapter - PC052 controller.ini triggers

https://code.google.com/p/nintendon-t/ Site officiel : https://code.google.com/p/nintendon-t/
télécharger Télécharger Nintendont sd/usb v2.210 : Backups GameCube sur SD/USB

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^ Déconnecté VinsCool
#31, posté le 10/11/14 à 17:02:21
358 messages
Bonjour, je reviens sur la version avec le UI. Même après nos tests, il s'avère qu'il y ait quelque bug critiques, faisant planter plusieurs les jeux devant un bel écran noir, l'autoboot ne fonctionne plus,et le video patching (qui était déjà pas totalement bien fonctionnel sur les jeux pal) est tout simplement foiré.

Nintendont a don été régressé temporairement le temps de fixer le problème ::^^:: désolé si vous ayez expérience d'écrans noir au lancement des jeux, ce sera évantuellement corrigé. Cyan et JooostinOnline travaillent là-dessus ::d::
LOLTube.fr - Humour image
^ Déconnecté payhen44
#32, posté le 10/11/14 à 18:08:20
3868 messages
Dieu des dieux
A ce jour, j'ai résolu le problème de ces deux backups GC extreme G3 et Star Fox Adventure..::^^::

Il s"avère qu'il s'était compresser lors de la conversion, pour cela qui ne fonctionnais plus (pour qu"elle raison aucune idée)..

Après avoir discuter en privé avec un des membres (GBAtemp) ou je pensais que le problème venait de Nintendont...::siffle::

Merci de m'avoir mis la puce à l'oreille...:;)::

Cependant, je reviens sur la version de nintendont, vous ajouter des versions comme étant la (2.211).
Pourtant en lançant la dernière version (2.211), le loader confirme que c'est la bien la 2.210..::huh::

Dernière édition le 10/11/14 à 18:11:29 par payhen44.

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