[MàJ2]Nintendont sd/usb v2.260 : Backups GameCube sur SD/USB - News

[MàJ2]Nintendont sd/usb v2.260 : Backups GameCube sur SD/USB

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Voici nintendont par crediar (et repris par d'autres personnes), un homebrew qui permet de lancer des backups de jeux gamecube depuis une carte SD ou clé USB.
Comme devolution, vous pourrez utiliser une manette GameCube, une Wiimote ou une autre manette USB (manette PS3) pour jouer.
Ca marche sur Wii et WiiU (mode Wii).

Le changement majeur depuis la version 2.210 est l'ajout d'une interface graphique un peu plus jolie. Attention, elle reste relativement simpliste, mais permet de supporter une fonte correcte, ce qui pourra servir à d'autres développeurs pour l’intégration de nitendon't. D'autres améliorations/corrections sont évidemment présente. Je vous laisse consulter le changelog ci dessous pour tous les détails.

[MàJ2]Depuis la version 2.238, de nombreuses nouveautés ont fait leur apparition. Je vous laisse découvrir le résumé (in french) réalisé par VinsCool (un grand merci ::)::) :
- Correction de l'audio streaming et de la lecture des disques. Fixe de nombreux problèmes de son et aussi corrige les sous-titres de starfox adventure, qui sont maintenant affiché au bon moment.
- Applique les patches dsp aussi souvent que demandé par certain jeux, corrige la plupart des problèmes de sons
- Nouveau patch écran large sur wiiU, permettant de mettre l'aspect ration en 4:3 centré
- Correction des patch accès au disc et utilisation des registres correspondant, fix plusieurs jeux qui ne se lançaient pas.
- Création des cartes mémoire préformatées, laissant les jeux les lire directement sans devoir formater.
- correction du code triforce, Mario kart aracde GP 1 et 2, F-Zero AX fonctionne parfaitement. seul les carte mémoire ne fonctionnent pas pour le moment.
- support des disques AGP Datel
- fixes du adapter gamecube sur WiiU, fonctionne parfaitement
- Support préliminaire des jeux format disque! Originaux et backup. Seulement sur les Wii avec lecteur compatible! les lecteurs inviolable et la wiiU ne sont pas compatible.

La liste complète des changements ci dessous :

Version 2.260
-cleaned up disc support for original wiis, for developers: to tell nintendont to load a disc just set the game path to "di"
-fixed a small mistake in PatchFuncInterface, that will fix various bugs such as games not booting or enemies are not killable in prince of persia warrior within

Version 2.259
-resetting wiiu widescreen setting after the game finished to make sure we are on the right one
-added some basic disc reading on wii which supports the most basic features, its the very first "game" for wii users and supports pretty much everything which is supported from normal sd and usb reading, its not quite finished yet
-updated all registers needed to not use the original disc drive registers anymore

Version 2.258
-added option for wiiu widescreen, if its off your wiiu will resize the picture to be 4:3 and if its on it'll stretch the picture to fullscreen

Version 2.257
-made the constantly refreshed HID messages part of the nintendont kernel memory instead of always newly allocating it to try help out stability

Version 2.256
-allow the DSP patch to get applied multiple times for games which have multiple DSP ROMs, this should fix broken audio in the remaining games with audio problems

Version 2.255
-missed .h file

Version 2.254
-added some code which will create pre-formatted memory cards for the memcard emu on file creation, that means you dont need to format it manually ingame anymore

Version 2.253
-added proper memory syncing in the jvsio code which might lower the chances of triforce games not having any coins or having other issues

Version 2.252
-added a patch for f-zero ax which replaces the motor init screen directly with the controller setup in order to greatly reduce the initial loading time
-made triforce game patching a bit more dynamic
-removed unused triforce code

Version 2.251
-Do not recenter axes when using Bongos with the WiiU Gamecube Adapter.
-Make Datel timer patching use a pattern instead of hard-coded offsets.

Version 2.250
-Fix Datel AGP to use the simpler DVD patching in r249.

Version 2.249
-removed most DVD patches except __DVDInterruptHandler and GCAMSendCommand and replaced it with a full register search, this update might break games, it needs quite some testing to be sure

Version 2.248
-further refined DVD function check in order to properly patch games, should fix things like disc switching again

Version 2.247
-Added Donkey Kong Bongo support to the gamecube adapter for wii u

Version 2.246
-Hack for 007 Nightfire for cache invalidation. Needs further investigation.

Version 2.245
-added security check to PatchFunc, should fix frogger ancient shadow

Version 2.244
-Skip Datel patches for non-Datel games.

Version 2.243
-added security checks for DVD patches and added DVDLowSeek patch instead of using DVDSeekAbsAsyncPrio patch

Version 2.242
-Remove second PSO memcard emu hack. This was also made unnecessary by r227.
-Add support for Datel AGP disc. This disc does not use the Nintendo SDK, so many functions are done in different ways are have different patterns. Currently only supports Native SI and MemcardEmu off. The actual hardware reading is not yet functional.

Version 2.241
-cleaned up and optimized audio streaming code, that made it possible to remove the AIInitDMA patch completely
-removed DVDInquiryAsync patch and replaced it with a proper low level one, this lets mario kart gp2 boot
-optimized triforce EXI interrupt code, helps mario kart gp2 to get a bit more stable, please note that it still freezes pretty often on the camera screen

Version 2.240
-reworked audio stream base to go through the actual disc interface code instead of a hacked one, that way starfox adventures should have enough time to properly enable its subtitles
-use the same fatfs settings as we did in the past
-minor cache sync corrections

Version 2.239
-Reworked part of how the update system works
-HID files are now saved to the drive with games, not the drive that Nintendont was launched from.
-You are now given a choice to redownload the latest version in case someone forgets to update NintendontVersion.h
-Changed the update menu to be scrollable.
-Menus use an actual arrow now instead of a greater/lesser than symbol.
-Got rid of the loader.h/loader.c files since they haven't been necessary for I don't know how long
-A little minor cleanup.

Version 2.238
-added a libfat version to the nintendont loader which supports ustealth and updated the kernel fatfs version to the latest 0.10c

Version 2.237
-added proper luigis mansion widescreen patch for all regions to solve random crashes with the default one

Version 2.236
-changed up HID reading to not rely on a timer anymore, this way it should run more precise

Version 2.235
-Fixed lack of responsiveness on HID controllers. This fixes the problem several of you were having trying to dash dance with the gamecube adapter for wii u

Version 2.234
-some general cleanup, changed the kernel build mode which makes it run a bit smoother overall

Version 2.233
-merged SD and USB kernel into a single one
-fixed a very small bug in both DI and SD code, probably a very few people will have a benefit from that
-removed loader.elf and boot.dol since everything only takes the loader.dol anyways, lets not waste any space
-general code cleanup

Version 2.232
-corrected iso reading and cache syncing to properly work with games which read alot of data with one call like luigis mansion

Version 2.231
-added timeouts to both USB and HID detection, this way init errors should be greatly reduced

Version 2.230
-reworked HID and USB drivers to fully use IOS58, thanks to all the original writers of usb.c and usbstorage.c, this version might completely changed compatibility and loading times and allow HID controllers to be used in the front ports on the wiiu
-made the HID readings use the main thread to gain stability
-added more delays between reads so the new HID and USB drivers have enough time to complete their jobs, this might lead to some audio clicks on some occasions

Version 2.229
-Fixed gamecube adapter for wii u wavebird support with gray cable unplugged
-Disabled rumble on gamecube adapter for wii u wavebird when the gray cable is unplugged
-Fixed boot status error message display
-Increased boot status error message display time before reboot
-Added boot status error "Gamecube adapter for Wii u init error"
-Added boot status message "Init HID devices... Using ONLY NATIVE Gamecube Ports"

Version 2.228
- added init code and rumble support for the wiiu gc adapter, thank you ToadKing for providing the magic numbers and GreyRogue for testing everything out

Version 2.227
- Fix Entry load cache invalidation. This was causing PSO 1&2P/III EXIImm issue, so removed the patch for that.
- Commented out 31A0 patch until we know of a case where it's needed.

Version 2.226
-optimized ISO reading and caching code, might be a bit faster in certain situations
-removed cache.txt support because in most cases its slower anyways
-added super smash bros melee widescreen patch

Version 2.225

-Added support for Nintendo Wii U GameCube Controller Adapter (Thanks Adeka, Khar00f, Sakitoshi, joefz2) You currently need to enable the adapter in a game that supports it. Exit that game. Then start Nintendont without powering off for it to work.
-Added MultiIn=3 for multiple controllers from the same adapter all using the same message. When MultiIn=3 MultiInValue= needs to be set to how many bytes are for each controller.
-Added error message for missing kenobiwii.bin when it is required
-When cheats and cheat path are on. Booth are now turned off when you change games. (cheats were being applied to the wrong games)
-Added error message for missing file specified in cheat path when cheat path is used.
-Added error message for file specified in cheat path being to big when cheat path is used.

Version 2.224
- made nintendont compilable with the latest devkitARM r43

Version 2.223
- made it more simple to modify the memcard emu timings, added timing exceptions for starfox assault and luigis mansion in a simple way
- when you selected a device to load your games from nintendont will display a small loading message to confirm that it is loading the game list, this should hopefully help to avoid confusion if nintendont actually regonized the button press

Version 2.222
- further worked on the per-game widescreen patches, now also animal crossing and all mario party games have proper patches
- added code to hopefully help recent blackscreens with memcard emu enabled

Version 2.221
- Fixed previous status messages disappearing if there is an error
- Fixed the menu info appearing one frame after the games/options
- 251 blocks is now listed as recommended in the "Memcard Blocks" option
- Set the groundwork for a timeout if the drive doesn't respond. This doesn't work yet, and I can't finish it until I receive a drive that doesn't work (it's coming)
- Moved the options up 13 pixels for people who had the bottom cut off
- A few minor cleanups.

Version 2.220
- did some more work on the game specific widescreen hacks, making at least 7 different games (mkdd, super mario sunshine, crash bandicoot, nfs hp2, wind waker, twilight princess, paper mario) in all their regions get widescreen patched properly

Version 2.219
- make sure that for extremly slow hdds the bluetooth controller stays updated when reading a random sector every 10 seconds
- changed up the widescreen patches C_MTXPerspective and C_MTXLightPerspective, should fix weird patch bugs in games like pokemon xd and colosseum
- added a few selected game specific widescreen patches, credits for those go to Ralf from gc-forever for making the original ocarina codes

Version 2.218
- Fixed update menu and "Return to Loader" not always showing.

Version 2.217
- Reapplied the new UI with a truetype font
- Increased the number of games shown on one screen
- Increased the number of characters shown per-title
- Slowed down scrolling up/down and sped up left/right
- Fixed Nintendont not running without an SD card inserted
- Fixed a warning in Patch.c if DEBUG_PATCH was disabled

NOTE: Don't bother asking for a full GUI, coverflow, or anything else graphics related. This is as good as it's going to get. Use another loader if you want something nicer. The purpose was to make the text easier to read on small screens, and to add flexibility for the devs by making font size customizable.

Version 2.216
- make sure that SetInterruptMask from the debug sdk cant write to EXI Channel 2 when memcard emu is disabled (fixes batman vengeance from real memory card)

Version 2.215
- cut memcard emu access time in half since after testing it doesnt seem to cause any problems
- when playing from usb, let the drive read a random sector every 10 seconds to stay alive

Version 2.214
- Fixed Logitech RumblePad 2 and Rumble Gamepad F510 controller.ini Triggers
- Fixed Auto video mode for region I & removed region G (Thanks Cyan)

Version 2.213
- Fix game region detection when video mode set to Auto or None.

Version 2.212
- Great, now PAL games don't work. I'm reverting the UI until I can order a PAL game and test it out.

Version 2.211
- Gave Nintendont a nice polished interface. It now has a background and a truetype font (no more jaggies)
- You can now see more of the game title.
- Fixed a warning if DEBUG_PATCH is disabled.

Thanks to ccfman2004, VinsCool, and Shiranui-san for the valuable input they've provided on this release

https://code.google.com/p/nintendon-t/ Site officiel : https://code.google.com/p/nintendon-t/
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^ Déconnecté MeteK
#1, posté le 24/11/14 à 00:51:31
4 messages
Petit nouveau
2.226 out :)

Dernière édition le 24/11/14 à 00:52:50 par MeteK.
PS3 infos, toutes les news et tutoriaux du hack / jailbreak PS3
^ Déconnecté VinsCool
#2, posté le 24/11/14 à 06:37:09
358 messages
Compatible avec l'adapteur gc sur wiiu depuis la version 2.225 ::d::
^ Déconnecté orwel
#3, posté le 06/12/14 à 19:29:22
8985 messages
Dieu des dieux
Mise à jour en 2.238 ::)::
^ Déconnecté VinsCool
#4, posté le 07/12/14 à 05:24:33
358 messages
hehehe vous voulez rire ::xD:: ?
la revision 240, sortie peu après la màj de la new, corrige enfin le bug des sous-titres décalés du jeu starfox adventure ::siffle::
^ Déconnecté gibrilman
#5, posté le 07/12/14 à 18:14:50
16 messages
Petit nouveau
comment on l'installe et l'utilse
^ Déconnecté VinsCool
#6, posté le 08/12/14 à 03:39:48
358 messages
Une grosse quantité de patches et divers fix corrigent plusieurs jeux, et rend Mario Kart Arcade GP2 fonctionnel :)

la dernière version au moment où je vous écris est 2.246 :P
^ Déconnecté orwel
#7, posté le 21/12/14 à 10:50:07
8985 messages
Dieu des dieux
News à jour avec la v2.260.

@VinsCool : je me suis permis de prendre ta liste de changelog que tu avais posté ici. Merci ::)::
^ Déconnecté VinsCool
#8, posté le 21/12/14 à 20:32:06
358 messages
Merci pour la màj ::)::
^ Déconnecté Schneitizel
#9, posté le 22/12/14 à 06:27:34
145 messages
Apprenti parleur
A quand une maj pour corriger le probleme des Sims : Permis de sortir ? :(
^ Déconnecté VinsCool
#10, posté le 23/12/14 à 05:08:11
358 messages
Apparemment le jeu fonctionne. sois bien sûr que ton .iso est bon.
réessaie avec la dernière version activant "log" et "osreport" dans les options.

le dernier log que tu as publié est basé sur une très ancienne version de nintendont, selon fix94 ;)

nintendont 2.262 est en ligne, ajoute le support du combo wiimote-nunchuck en tant que manettes compatible :)

Dernière édition le 23/12/14 à 05:10:19 par VinsCool.
^ Déconnecté Syl191
#11, posté le 23/12/14 à 18:26:56
6 messages
Petit nouveau
Salut,j'ai voulu tester nintendont mais le problème c'est qu'en essayent de lancer super smash Bros mêlée (Version NTSC) bah le loader reste bloqué sur Initing Devices... Le statut du patched kernel est 2

Ma clef est bien formaté en FAT32 avec 32ko de cluster d'allocation

Merci de la reponse :)
^ Déconnecté Schneitizel
#12, posté le 23/12/14 à 20:40:02
145 messages
Apprenti parleur
Quote VinsCool:
Apparemment le jeu fonctionne. sois bien sûr que ton .iso est bon.
réessaie avec la dernière version activant "log" et "osreport" dans les options.

le dernier log que tu as publié est basé sur une très ancienne version de nintendont, selon fix94 ;)

nintendont 2.262 est en ligne, ajoute le support du combo wiimote-nunchuck en tant que manettes compatible :)

Je pense que mon .iso était corrompu, j'ai refait mon backup sur un autre PC et il n'y plus de bug!
Et concernant le nunchuk comme manette compatible, c'est super pour des jeux simples comme Pokemon Colosseum/XD etc... Mais pour les sims, dont les boutons R/L sont vitaux, une bonne vieille manette est obligatoire
En tout cas, merci a toute l'equipe de Nintendont pour cet homebrew parfait ! :)
iPhone info, tout le hack, jailbreak, désimlock iPhone iPad iPod
^ Déconnecté VinsCool
#13, posté le 24/12/14 à 02:47:22
358 messages
Pour plus de détails sur comment configurer la wiimote+nunchuck, regarde ici (en anglais)


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