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Gecko OS continué par brkirch

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[Nuke] l'auteur original de Gecko OS ayant arrêté le développement de Gecko OS, brkirch à décidé de continuer lui même cet homebrew pour lui ajouter les modifications voulues.

Les changements sont entre autre le support des Wii 4.0, du preloader, des sauvegardes des configurations et des fond d'écran customisés.
Le code source ne sera pas disponible ::(::.

Quote :
As some of you may know, Nuke, the former creator of Gecko OS, USB Gecko, and SD Gecko, has stopped developement on the popular Gecko OS for reasons unmentioned here...

Brkirch has decided to take over the Gecko OS project, since Gecko 2.0 will never be released, and there are quite a few changes since the last build (1.07b). Since this is only a preview NO download link will be provided EVER from me. You'll have to wait from brkirch himself. I will not leak it.

Some changes in this version of Gecko OS include the following SO FAR:
- New Hooks have been added such as, GXFlush, GXDraw, OSSleepThread, and AXNExtFrame. (these should fix games that didn't work before)
- Rebooter now works on 3.3v2, 3.4, and 4.0 (just patch IOS 36 for safety)
- Rebooter now works with Preloader versions (before you would get code dump)
- New codetypes have been added that allow region free coding!
- Custom backgrounds are supported, just name it "background.png" in Root of SD card (PNG-24 only)
- Gecko OS now supports "gameconfig.txt" in root of SD card that allows various configurations to be manually added (booting from specific IOS and debugging functions)
- Game Patching via ".gpf" files (gecko patch file) that allows various things, like uploading textures to a game and long lists of codes.
- Bubble Support added
- Save Config added that allows you to constantly force Pal 60 if you please :D

Unfortunately, This will not be open source. Brkirch is against piracy and will not give out the source to anyone. That's part of the reason Nuke abandoned Gecko 2.0. Happy Easter :D. Source :

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#1, posté le 14/04/09 à 13:55:00
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Dieu des dieux
Super!Je suis vachement impatient!!!!!!!!!!::p::
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#2, posté le 14/04/09 à 18:16:27
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Oh, l'argument de merde!!!
Quote :
Unfortunately, This will not be open source. Brkirch is against piracy and will not give out the source to anyone. That's part of the reason Nuke abandoned Gecko 2.0. Happy Easter :D.
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#3, posté le 14/04/09 à 18:31:25
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Dieu des dieux
Je te l'avais dit
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#4, posté le 15/04/09 à 10:13:26
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La version 1.8 est sortie :

- Multidol games work through Gecko's game loader, rebooter is no longer required for them
- To ensure games are fully functional the game loader now uses the IOS requested by the game (as a result there is no 002 error, that error is due to game loaders booting a game with the wrong IOS)
- If a game requests an IOS that you don't have, the game's update partition will be searched for the IOS and the option to install the IOS will be given if it is found (if you have a modchip, turn off update blocking!)
- It is now possible to select not to load the debugger, which increases the number of code lines allowed by Ocarina
- New hooks have been added so that most (if not all) Wii games can be hooked
- Rebooter will use the hook selected on the config menu to hook games
- Rebooter is now compatible with preloader
- The menu interface has been improved, and you can load a custom background by creating a 640x480 PNG-24 file, naming it background.png, and putting it at the root of your SD card
- The menu configuration can be saved, and the saved configuration will be loaded automatically when Gecko starts
- A configuration file can be created for game specific settings like hook type
- New code types are supported by the code handler
- GPF (gecko patch file) support

Par contre, étant totalement nouveau sur la scène, j'aimerai comprendre ce qu'est ce "Gecko OS" par rapport au preloader par exemple, puisque ce dernier reprend finalement quasi tous les points du Gecko OShormis les cheats via ocarina.
J'ai bien compris que son intérêt majeur est l'utilisation via le Gecko USB pour le développement de homebrew, mais seul ?
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^ Déconnecté orwel
#5, posté le 15/04/09 à 12:41:49
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Dieu des dieux
pour te répondre, Gecko existait avant le preloader (ou même Starfall). Je pense qu'au départ, c'était plus un homebrew qui permettais de lancer des jeux imports, puis ensuite vinrent l'ocarina pour les codes, le rebooter, etc... Par rapport au preloader, disons qu'il est moins intrusif (et moins risqué) car il ne nécessite pas de modifier le system menu pour être utilisé !

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