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Posté par Attila le le 25/02/14 à 18:56:01
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Owen nous livre Newo Asteroids, un jeu du style "Asteroids". Vous devez détruire des astéroides du système solaire pour ramener la paix dans la galaxie.


Version 2.8 - February 24, 2014
Added loading screen
Added Auto Update
Fixed Http bug which caused leaderboard to load slowly
Leaderboard statistics now has its own website
Updated engine libraries, fixed animation bugs, updated menus Site officiel :
télécharger Télécharger Newo Asteroids v2.8: Shoot spatial

Posté par orwel le le 09/02/14 à 13:09:16
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Voici un outil made by JoostinOnline et stfour. Settings Editor permet de modifier divers options du système de la console.


Permet de modifier:
- la résolution de l'écran
- l'aspect ratio
- la position de la sensor bar
- le mode sonore
- la vibration de la wiimote
- le mode d'arrêt
- la sensibilité de la wiimote
- le Wii connect 24
- les paramètres d'internet (pour ainsi booter dessus)
Note: Vous ne pourrez pas changer ces paramètres si vous ne les avez pas changés au moins une fois dans les Options Wii


Version 2.0
- You can now define settings in ploader/present.cfg and quick-load them. This is paticularly useful on the Wii U, because it resets some of your settings on boot. You can also set what channel to exit to.
- Updated some of the postLoader code.
- Changed license to GPL v3.0.
- Greatly improved the speed of debug logging.
- Fixed the bug where the wrong resolution was displayed on the Wii U.
- Improved method for detecting the Wii U (thanks crediar).
- Updated libruntimeiospatch.
- Video mode is no longer hidden on the vWii, as it can be used to enable Progressive Scan on Devolution. Source : Site officiel :
télécharger Télécharger Settings Editor GUI v2.0

Posté par orwel le le 09/02/14 à 12:57:43
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GCN MemCard Recover est une application compatible Windows et Linux servant à récupérer des données de cartes mémoires GameCube corrompues ou formatées.

Le programme marche avec des dumps de carte mémoire fait avec GCMM.

Glissez et déposez votre dump de sauvegarde sur l'application et vous aurez une liste de jeux dessus. En faisant scanner, vous aurez une liste des sauvegardes corrompues ou formatées que vous pourrez restaurer avec le bouton save qui exporte une sauvegarde en GCI.

Version 0.2
Stability has been improved. In particular, the custom model for the QTreeView now handles all required signals correctly.
Some parts of the program now utilize C++ 2011 functionality. A compatibility header has been included for older compilers.
The toolbar that was formerly located in the "Memory Card" view is now a window toolbar, and contains additional items, such as the "Preferred Region" selection.
Added preliminary support for displaying scanning progress in the taskbar. Currently, only the D-Bus DockManager protocol is supported. Support for Ubuntu's Unity and Windows 7 will be added later.
GcImage and Checksum functions have been split out into their own library, libgctools. This library depends on libpng but does not depend on Qt.
Added support for the Qt translation system. Currently, translations for en_US, en_GB, es_CL, and "1337" are included.
Fixed some corner cases with full memory card images and certain save files.
Support for Japanese save files is improved.
Added preliminary support for compiling with Microsoft Visual C++. The primary distributions will still be compiled with gcc/MinGW.
Banners and icons can now be exported as image files. Banners and non-animated icons are always exported as PNG. Icons can be exported as APNG, PNG (file per frame), PNG (vertical strip), and PNG (horizontal strip).
Added "Preferred Region" support. Some games don't have any way to determine the region by simply looking at the description, and in some cases, might be identical in every way other than the region code in the game ID. "Preferred Region" allows you to specify which region you want to prefer in the case that multiple save files in different regions are detected.
Added support for multiple database files. The included databases are now split by region, e.g. USA, JPN, etc. Homebrew and Unlicensed titles are also contained in their own databases.
Added a new utility "gcbanner". This utility can extract banner images and icons from GameCube BNR1 and BNR2 opening.bnr files as well as Wii save files (both raw banner.bin and encrypted save files). Animated icons can be extracted to the same formats supported by GCN MemCard Recover's icon extraction function. Banners and static icons are always extracted in PNG format.
The current directory and block tables can now be switched on the fly. This may allow for easier recovery of files that were deleted in the GameCube file manager, as long as no other files have been saved or updated in the meantime.
Added a "top-secret" easter egg. :)

image Site officiel :
télécharger Télécharger GCN MemCard Recover 0.2

Posté par Attila le le 29/01/14 à 02:22:41
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Voici CTGP Revolution, un pack de custom tracks pour mario kart, crée par MrBean35000vr and Chadderz. Une bonne centaine de circuits personnalisés vous sont offerts ici, de quoi passer de bons moments devant la console.


Version 1.03
[add] Homebrew Application to launch
[add] CTGP-R Channel
Cup/Course Organiser
Lap Count & Speed Modification
Automatic Updates
Automatic BRSAR Patching
[add] Cheat Protection
[add] 64 new tracks
[add] Character Changer
[fix] Random Selection bugs
[fix] Old track bugs
[remove] 32 outdated tracks
[remove] Riivolution support

Version 1.02
[delete] Nintendo tracks in CTWW
[add] 56 new tracks
[add] Draggable Blue Shell
[add] Wi-Fi Timer
[add] Speedometer
[add] Random Selection
[fix] Demo Videos
[fix] Multiplayer bug Site officiel :
télécharger Télécharger CTGP Revolution v1.03

Posté par Attila le le 29/01/14 à 02:16:54
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Wiimms ISO Tools et Wiimms WBFS Tool est un ensemble d'utilitaires réalisé par Wiimm. Ils vous permet de manipuler les Images ISO de jeu Wii et les containers WBFS. Les deux utilitaires principaux sont nommés wit (Wiimms ISO Tool) et wwt (Wiimms WBFS Tool, le WBFS manager). Il s'agit de la solution la plus complète à l'heure actuelle en terme de manipulation d'ISO. Tous les formats sont supporté (de fichier comme de format de partition), il est possible de faire des transferts par lot, de réparer des partitions ou des fichiers WBFS, etc, etc...

wit v2.26a r4863 - 2014-01-22
- Bug fix: Because of a bug after implementing the auto split detection,
reading source images failed, if using stdin for parameters.

- Support for Dolphins file format GCZ (GameCube Zip):
- All commands detect and accept GCZ files as input file.
- Creating of GCZ files is also supported, but EXPERIMENTAL until final
tests have been done.
- New option --gcz force GCZ output.
- Patching of GCZ files is not possible, because the GCZ file structure
doesn't allow modifications (size of compressed data must not change).
- Composing an image to a GCZ file is not possible, because it needs
patching checksums and header after writing the complete image.
The GCZ support is very new, so please use it only with backups of your
images and don't be anger, if it destroy something.

(Image de qtwitgui) Site officiel : Site officiel :
télécharger Télécharger WIT: Wiimms ISO & WBFS Tools v2.26a 4863

Posté par Attila le le 29/01/14 à 01:19:57
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De l'eau à coulé sous les ponts depuis la dernière version stable de ScummVM pour Wii. En effet, la version Wii est en 1.5.0 alors que la dernière stable pour les autres plates formes est en 1.6.0.

Mais voici la toute dernière version bêta de la future version, à savoir la 1.7.0.

Version 1.7.0 (????-??-??)
New Games:
- Added support for Return to Ringworld.
- Added support for The Neverhood.
- Added support for Mortville Manor.

- Updated Munt MT-32 emulation code to version 1.3.0.
- Switched from our custom JPEG and PNG decoders to libjpeg(-turbo) and
libpng, which are faster and can handle more images.
(NOTE: The change to libpng was done in version 1.6.0, but it was not
added to the NEWS file).

Broken Sword 1:
- Added back support for MPEG-2 videos.

Broken Sword 2:
- Added back support for MPEG-2 videos.

- Improved video quality in Urban Runner.

- Added support for the more detailed RAVE lip syncing data in the Windows
version of King's Quest 6. Portraits should now be much more expressive
when talking.
- Added support for simultaneous speech and subtitles in the CD versions
of Laura Bow 2 and King's Quest 6 (toggled either in-game with the new
"Dual" audio state, or via the ScummVM audio options).
- Fixed music fading.
- Fixed several script bugs in Camelot, Crazy Nick's, Hoyle 3, QFG1VGA, KQ5,
KQ6, LB2, LSL2, LSL5, Pharkas, PQ1VGA, SQ4, SQ5.
- Improved the MIDI parser so that music event processing is done more

- Changed the saved game naming scheme of HE games to always contain
the target name.
- Fixed having multiple coaches in Backyard Football.

- Discworld 1 and 2 no longer crash on big-endian systems.

Version 1.6.0 (2013-05-31)
New Games:
- Added support for 3 Skulls of the Toltecs.
- Added support for Eye of the Beholder.
- Added support for Eye of the Beholder II: The Legend of Darkmoon.
- Added support for Hopkins FBI.
- Added support for Tony Tough and the Night of Roasted Moths.
- Added support for The Journeyman Project: Pegasus Prime.
- Added support for the Macintosh version of Discworld 1.

- Added a new save/load chooser based on a grid of thumbnails. This is only
supported for resolutions bigger than 640x400. The old chooser is still
available and used for games without thumbnail support. It is possible to
select the old one as default too.
- Rewrote VideoDecoder subsystem.
- Added Galician translation.
- Added Finnish translation.
- Added Belarusian translation.
- Using the mouse wheel on a slider widget now changes the value by the
smallest possible amount. This is more predictable than the old behaviour,
which was to change the value by "one pixel" which would sometimes not
change it at all.
- Updated MT-32 emulation code to latest munt project snapshot.
- Added FluidSynth settings dialog, mainly for reverb and chorus settings.
- Fixed crash on certain Smacker movies.

- Improved audio support for Amiga and AtariST versions of Future Wars.
Now music fades out slowly instead of stopping immediately. Sound
effects are now properly panned, when requested by the game.

- Soltys contains a puzzle requiring the ALT key to be pressed while clicking
on an object. This puzzle has been disabled on devices not using this key.

- Resolved multiple UI issues with the original save/load screen.
- Added advanced savegame functionality, including savegame timestamps and
thumbnails and the ability to load and delete savegames from the launcher.
It's now possible to use the ScummvM save/load dialogs.
- The F7 key (previously unmapped) now always shows the ScummVM load screen.
The F10 key displays either the original save/load screen, or the ScummVM
save screen, if the user has selected to use the ScummVM save/load

- Now that the game is freeware, there is a small extra help text showing
the available commands in the in-game terminals when the player uses the
'help' command. Previously, players needed to consult the manual for the
available commands. Since this reference to the manual is a form of copy
protection, this extra line can be toggled by the ScummVM copy protection
command line option.

- Simplified the movie speed options, and added a custom option for The 7th
Guest. Movie options are now "normal" and "fast", with the latter changing
the movie speed in T7G to match the faster movie speed of the iOS version.
The game entry might need to be readded in the launcher for the new setting
to appear.

- Added music support for the Macintosh version of I Have No Mouth and, I
Must Scream.

- Implemented Monkey Island 2 Macintosh's audio driver. Now we properly
support its sample based audio output. The same output is also used for
the m68k Macintosh version of Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis.
- Improved music support for the Macintosh version of Monkey Island 1. It
now uses the original instruments, rather than approximating them with
General MIDI instruments, and should sound a lot closer to the original.
- Added sound and music support for the Macintosh version of Loom.
- Handle double-clicking in the Macintosh version of Loom.
- Major bugfixes in INSANE (the Full Throttle bike fights).

- Added support for Enhanced Music by James Woodcock

image Site officiel :
télécharger Télécharger ScummVM 1.7.0 git 5208-g0756893

Posté par Attila le le 25/01/14 à 00:28:20
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J'aurais jamais pensé voir ça mais ... Une drogue du nom de Nintendo est en service en Belgique.
Cette drogue est basée sur l'ectasy et présente le logo de Nintendo sur le côté.


Quote :
While the drug has surfaced thanks to a program in Belgium where individuals can bring their substances in for a quality spot-check, the origin has not entirely been established, though reports suggest it could originate from China.

A user reports that the pills contain "approximately 200mg of MDMA" and that within an hour of eating half a Nintendo, the effects were extremely noticeable:

* 11:15pm - my friend is literally rolling around the floor and i'm complaining that nothing is happening.

* 11:30pm - it starts to kick in for me and i start smiling and touching things, we're both feeling very euphoric and a little empathetic with each other, we realised this was going to be fun

* 12pm - both rolling hard, i'm guessing because it's our first time its real strong for us, we're rolling everywhere, staring at my lampshade and laughing for ages, saying how pretty the walls and lights are!

* 1am - from this point on everything is a bit of a blur, the other half kicked in hard and i felt on top of the world, we were both so euphoric and empathetic we spent one second dancing and the next minute cuddling saying we loved each other

The comments at corroborate the strength of Nintendo, but there's also a ton of misspelled words and typos so take those with a grain of salt.

Bien entendu, nous ne cautionnons pas l'achat de drogue. Source :

Posté par Attila le le 23/01/14 à 22:56:58
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Nintendo a tenté d'empêcher une entreprise italienne de fournir des services de hack de consoles (Wii/Wii U/DS/3DS).

Les arguments de la boite italienne sont qu'ils ne font que permettre l'accès à des lecteurs de vidéos ou de MP3 tout en n'allant pas à l'encontre de copyright.

Nintendo peut seulement se protéger d'actes non autorisés de reproduction, communication ou d'offre publique de contenu soumis à copyright.

Hors ici, ça n'interdit pas l'utilisation d'équipement de hack. Ils ne peuvent donc qu'interdire l'utilisation de jeux piratés.

RAPPEL : Vous comprendrez donc pourquoi il est totalement interdit de parler sur le site de jeux obtenus illégalement. Source :

Posté par Attila le le 12/01/14 à 23:42:10
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UAE Wii par Simon Kagstrom et Fabio Olimpieri (Oibaf) est un portage du célèbre émulateur amiga UAE.


Version 10
Added Gamecube controller support
Added graphic virtual keyboard with IR Wiimote pointer called by "+" button
Added Wiiflow support
Added new menus to save and load 5 configuration files
Added audio menu with new options
Path of last selected file remembered in the menu
Added Picasso96 memory configuration
Added number of floppies configuration
Added refresh rate option
Added blitter exact cycle option
Added 24/32 bit cpu address space option
Chip memory up to 8MB
Consistency check of configuration options with gui messages
Automatic reset emulator after memory or kickrom change
Removed noise entering the GUI
Fixed bug in blitter exact and adreess space configuration
Fixed bug in sound floppy configuration
Fixed bug in page up/down
Patch to increase rendering speed in double buffer mode
Case insensitive file order in the file menu Site officiel :
télécharger Télécharger Emulateur Amiga : UAE Wii v10

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RetroArch se met déjà à jour pour corriger des bugs présents dans la dernière version.


Fix audio float overflow bugs – fixes Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire, Star Wars: Episode 1 Racer, Tsumi to Batsu/Sin and Punishment (on PC)
(iOS) Added hack to assem_arm.c’s “verify_dirty” return function to make GoldenEye work
Alternate controls work differently now – you start with Original controls – press ‘Select’ to toggle ‘Alternate Controls’
(Core) Added MusyX ucode for RSP HLE – fixes sound in these games – affects games like Hydro Thunder, Gauntlet Legends, Biohazard 2/Resident Evil 2, etc. Graphics in Resident Evil 2 still messed up though with RSP HLE – change to CXD4 RSP for now to render the graphics accurately.
(Core) Other incidental changes.
(Core) Some preliminary work on getting graphics to show up in Conker’s Bad Fur Day for glN64

Memory leaks and other bugfixes courtesy of Alcaro

Input changes courtesy of Jacobeian – MIGHT finally fix long-standing input bugs
FBA Full should work again
New Input Settings option – Analog to D-pad mapping Site officiel : Site officiel :
télécharger Télécharger RetroArch v1.0.0.1 : Emulateur Multi Plates formes

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